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"Occupation" & "Settlements" - Palestinian Doublespeak Buzz Words

Reader comment on item: Obama and Israel, Into the Abyss

Submitted by Ludvikus (United States), Aug 13, 2009 at 17:27

As usual you give us an informative article supportive of Jewish and Israeli interests. It is now not 1984, but 2009, not temporally far from 1945
(64 years to be exact) when Nazi dominated Europe failed in its efforts to exterminating the Jews during the "Holocaust that never was" (government of Iran).

I'm one of those Jews who voted for Obama believing, or rather hoping, that he would not do things grossly inconsistent with interests of Jews
wherever they happen to be on Earth.

You, Daniel Pipes, are among the relatively few recognizable and well-reasoned Jewish voices defending Jews and Israel.

I'm rather disappointed that we are at the moment loosing the advertising and propaganda war to the Palestinians and their Arab, Muslim, and European sympathizers.

We've permitted the Palestinian intelligencia pervert the meanings of "occupation" and "settlements." In the war of words, these two should not be theirs. Weren't Gaza and the West Bank "liberated" from Egypt and Jordan respectively in 1967?

Perhaps I've slept though it, having been born at the end of World War II, but when were the borders of Israel defined by the United Nations? When exactly did it happen - the international legal decision that says that Israel is anything but Gaza or the West Bank?

Since the borders of Israel have not yet been diplomaticallyand juridically, in accordance with international law, not yet been finally determined, it follows that there is no legal difference between Jews taking up residence in Tel Aviv, or Gaza, or the West Bank. The issue of Settlements is a sham - it is merely a political ploy of the "goym" (non-Jews) and their "court Jews" (such as David Axelrod) who somehow believe that this is an "injustice" to Palestinians which, if corrected - peace will come. "Yes, right." Keep dreaming.

In fact, what the world, and its misguided liberal Jewish allies hope for, is that the Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza and the West Bank of all Jews (100%)
will lead to the creation of a peaceful Palestinian state that's "Judenfrei" (Hitler's German word which literally means "free of Jews").

But if Israel has a roughly 20% Palestinian Arab population why must a future Palestinian state have 0% Jews? Is this not Racist?

But of course that's totally inconsistent with the true reality: when "occupation" and "settlements" are used to criticize Jews what the Palestinians really mean is that ALL of Israel is OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN LAND. They mean that Jewish Settlement belong in Holocaust Europe.
After all, the had nothing to do with the non-Holocaust. So why should they have to pay for it?

If Jews were really smart they would pressure Europe, East Asia, and North Africa, for the Right of Return - of Jews (so they could go back to where they came from). But no Jew need worry. No one wants the Jews back. But such a tactic might really scare the non-Palestinian "goym" (non-Jews)
into reality.

The other issue of Settlement is the fantasy that more than 4,000,000 Diaspora Palestinians (substantially in Lebanon) need not be considered regarding their re-settlement out of the Displaced Person camps were they currently are settled. Neither Israel nor Gaza and the West Bank may be able, physically, to absorb them as settlers.

So the real issue of Settlement requires that Arab, Muslim, and European countries open their borders, pass appropriate immigration laws,
and otherwise make room for Palestinian settlers. But who really loves the Palestinians?

Nevertheless, Israelis and Zionists may not like it, but they must acknowledge that the creation of Israel is directly related to the Holocaust and World War II. And if the Palestinians need someone to blame, it should be the Pogrom Russian Empire, the Dreyfus French Empire, Nazi Germany, and all the Nazi European collaborators. And we mustn't omit the Russian Federation which is the immediate successor of Soviet Union which from Stalin to Gorbatchov made it necessary for Jews to emigrate out, and often into Israel.

It is unfortunate that Jews and Israelis are so enraptured with their post-Holocaust image that they are unable to distribute the Blame and Reparations onto where it truly belongs - on mostly all, but Jews and Israelis.

It is incredible that the survivors of the Crematoria of Europe
did not do the same to the Palestinians.
Yet the Palestinians blame the Jews of Europe's Displaced Person camps
for their expulsion after the surrounding armies attacked Israel in 1948.
The fact that 4,000,000 Palestinians are alive
when 6,000,000 Jews perished
rather testifies to the nobility of the Israeli and Jewish peoples.

I'm disappointed, though, that my "smart" Jewish brothers and sisters
are not able to teach the world these historical and moral lessons.
The time-span is rather brief - beginning with the Pogroms after 1881.
But the complexity of the subsequent events in modern history
are not that difficult to unravel - and be used by AIPAC
- perhaps to re-educate DAVID AXELROD
who could easily convey the lesson to brilliant Obama,
who should be beginning to realize
that a few settlement expansions
are not the issue.
But perhaps the struggle might be
all over again: Netanyahu v. Clinton (but now the female).


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