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How does the ordinary citizen fight Islam ? contd..

Reader comment on item: When Conservatives Argue about Islam
in response to reader comment: Indian Question - Recommended Approach

Submitted by Steven Sehgal (India), Jul 18, 2007 at 05:55


7. Fundamentally, Islamist thought and therefore most Muslim societies are uncomfortable with the thought that the human being can have control of the universe. They would prefer that Allah be in charge and direct all of them. This makes Islamist culture fatalistic, submissive and incapable of rational debate.

8. The Islamist believes that he / she is superior to the rest of the world. Even the non-radical looking suited regular Muslim guys you would have met in office believe in some corner of their hearts that they are superior. They can't help it – that's what they have been taught from childhood.

9. Islam is the only religion which overtly mandates every follower to spread the religion and make converts. It's almost like an Amway model of religious dividends. The more you convert the more points you score with the one up there and the points all add up at the end of your life. You will therefore find that even that regular looking Muslim guy in the corner cubicle will take some time out to tell you about how Islam could change your life.

10 Muslims cannot distinguish between personal and religious choices. It is possible for a Protestant Christian, a Hindu or a Buddhist to say " life is precious, but for the greater good of humanity, abortion is a good thing" even though their religious beliefs may direct them in a different way. It is possible for them to vote for a president who maybe a staunch Catholic but whose economic policies will benefit them. The Muslim has only one yardstick " Is this view in line with what the Koran has to say ? " . In other words the Muslim is incapable of secular thought.

Now on to solutions…

1. The problem with liberal democracies is that they expect human behavious to be consistent across cultures. It is usual for Western journalists / commentators and even regular people to be aghast at the thought that "one of us" could turn against us. The person they thought was "one of us" turns out to be "one of them'. This is because the average Joe in the West assumes that the same drivers drive all of us . Money, fame, beautiful / handsome partners , success, material wealth, good health – aren't we all driven by the same things ? Apparently not. The average Muslim immigrant to the West is there to MAKE MONEY. That much is common. However, he is pained at the thought of having to assimilate with the West . He will wear suits, go for ball games, have an occasional beer but will burn on the inside at the "compromises " he has to make.

2. Succesful societies are built by people who think alike and have the same cultural goals. Successful societies ARE NOT ALWAYS BUILT by people with ONLY identical economic goals. When the West opens it's arms to Third World immigrants ( and Muslims in particular) the people who made these decisions assumed that once any immigrant reaches American shores the collective impetus of economic prosperity, freedom of speech , equality and democracy will wash away all the "Third Worldness" from the immigrant and tumble dry him or her into a First World citizen who will be eternally grateful for the these blessings. Big mistake. None of these values ( except the money part) are aligned with the cultural moorings of Islamic societies. The Muslim then becomes an alienated island of frustration in the ocean of prosperity.

What then is the solution ?

1. Realize all ye, in the West that you are the greatest thing that has happened to humanity. The only wrong thing you have done in history is to use more resources than necessary and bring the world to the brink of ecological disaster ( that is another story). Do not be apologetic about democracy, interventions in Korea, Guinea, Iraq, what have you…The collective socialist / liberal / NGO / Islamist consciousness has made villains of America and all Western European nations. I can openly say that had it not been for the French revolution, the European Renaissance, the Industrial revolution, American Civil war, the great democratic experiments of Western societies and the technological leaps that all these brought about , my nation India would have been a fragmented Third World begging bowl collection run by military despots. We are glad we chose democracy and I doff my hat to the US and others for showing the way - we will overcome, come what may. YOU are not responsible for the world's failings and definitely not for Islamist violence.

2. Once you have shaken off your apologetic stance, please realize that you have an obligation to change the world, by virtue of being the most prosperous nations in the world and the guardians of democracy. Do not feel apologetic about intervening in Afghanistan or Iraq. The commitment an Islamist fanatic shows in taking Islam to every corner of the world should be replied with an even more fanatic commitment to taking democracy to the far corners of the world.

3. Realize that the Muslims in your midst need help. They need you to reach out and tell them to come over to your side, and if required, abandon Islam. They maybe initially offended and may even become violent but will eventually come over. DO NOT be politically correct and avoid the question. If you have a Muslim friend ask him openly if he needs a change of religion or help in dealing with extremists in his community.

4. Muslim and Third World immigration to the West has to stop. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. If you do not stop it now it will grow like a cancer and bring everything down with it. Who will stop it ? Certainly not the politicians. They are too busy winning elections and making money to be bothered with issues that threaten the very fabric of your nations. True, there will be the odd whitewash legislation. They will convince you that they are doing there jobs. They will also try to convince you that if immigration is stopped your nation will collapse. Nothing is further from the truth. If you remove 7 million Muslims from the US today , the US economy will not blink an eyelid. On the contrary, more jobs will be created for genuine Americans.

5. Adopt a Muslim. If 7 million US citizens adopt the responsibility of converting 1 Musim each out of Islam ( into anything else ) , the battle will be won. Adopt the task of approaching a Muslim today with the intention of converting him. Do not give up till they relent and do not be ashamed of the method or be intimidated by threats which may follow.

6. Muslims get comfort from the fact that they feel secure and free in a democracy. It is the same freedom they misuse when they abuse their adopted country while living there. Take them out of their comfort zone. Ask them bluntly why they do not return to their homelands. Talk to them constantly of returning to their homelands. Deny them civil liberties which they take for granted. Do not patronise their businesses or use their services and let them know it. Refuse to go to a Muslim doctor, or be taught by a Muslim professor and be bold about it. Do not give services or goods to Muslims. Ostracise them and make them feel unwelcome, because THEY ARE UNWELCOME.

7. Protest visibly in groups. Form resistance movements which will visibly protest against Muslim intentions / businesses / facilities. Organise a year long protest outside your local mosque to shut it down.

8. Men – approach Muslim women and take them from the Muslims. Women are the hidden weapon in Muslim societies. Their backwardness empowers the Muslim men to multiply. Taking the Muslim woman and liberating her is the best thing a Western man can offer the world. Take her out of her hijab and let her take a leap forward.

9. Acquire Muslim property. If there is a mosque make a bid to buy it. If a Muslim wants to buy a house, deny it. If a Muslim wants to sell one, buy it.

10. Stop renting out property to Muslims. Put up a board which says "Muslims not allowed" . This may get you into legal issues – face them.

11. Do not allow them in restaurants, theatres, public places. Stop them entering your shop.

12. Pay your Muslim employees less.



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