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Special Interest to the Rescue

Reader comment on item: When Conservatives Argue about Islam

Submitted by SS (United States), Jul 17, 2007 at 03:05


Great website - I live in Canada and have for years thought that Islam - Muslims - are on a path to gradually change the politics of both Canada and the US. Fortunately their numbers are not very high right now - but that is changing quickly. Things in Europe are much worse than they are here - but we are moving in that direction.

Here is an idea. Why not get the socially motivated special interest groups in North America to start tearing into the Muslims moving us toward Shari‘a (Islamic law)

Any kind of women's group - women's lib etc. Also any Gay and/or Lesbian Group - as these will be the first groups that would be very dramatically effected by an Islamic State. Death for Example - I am quite sure Women's Groups and Gay and/or Lesbian Groups would not take to well to the death concept. Here is a better idea - find Islamic women and/or gays that have converted to Christianity or have become Jewish - and have them lead a charge down the special interest path.

I could go on and on about the overall treatment of women - just search Google for "Islamic Honor Killings of Women" or check out this web page http://www.answering-islam.org/Authors/Arlandson/women_top_ten.htm

As far as Gay and/or Lesbian Groups are concerned - that one is a no brainer - an Islamic State would simply Kill them All - as they consider them to be godless defective human beings.

Personally I cannot understand why these special interests groups have not gone to town on Islam. Perhaps it is because everyone is waiting for the next explosion - and missing the point.

For both of the references above (on women and gays) be sure to research established Islamic States - like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan - you cannot measure the conditions in the US - as they have not succeeded in creating an Islamic State yet - so Islam in the US (and Canada) will appear to be "playing by the rules"

Islam has a big weakness - and if it can be exposed to the public at large - it will make a huge difference. Their weakness is that their ideology is not just a religion as most people know the word - it is a COMPLETE way of life. This ideology, based on their religious book, the Qur'an and text from other materials like the Hadith - directly controls their laws (civil and criminal - no separation of church and state here) it applies to: all levels of government - personal lives - interaction with other religions - treatment of women/girls - development of their communities, workplace rules etc.

Basically they would like to live the way the world was 2000 years ago - only in an Islamic fashion. I would like to see America debate the pros and cons of Islam and its treatment of NON Muslims, women, young girls and gays - on MAINSTREAM PRIME TIME TV - not just conservative Radio/Cable TV channels - and debate Islamic Law as it is being lived in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan - not the watered down version that is in its infancy in the US and Canada. Also let the public at large see the hate of Jews and western countries that is being taught to children in Islamic countries - in schools - Mosques - on TV cartoons etc. Most other religions have had their "feet held to the fire" in North America - why not Islam?

The big problem that exists today is getting past the social political shield Islam has erected - and that is - if you say anything against them - you are a Racist or they are victims of Racial Profiling etc. If the KKK (which fortunately is Dead) was doing the same thing that Islam is doing today in the US and Canada- special interest groups would be all over them. We need to get around this social political shield and exposure what they (Islam - Muslims) are to the public at large - and have today's special interests groups start to eat them alive. If today's special interests groups - for whatever reason - wont do it. We need to create ones that will.

In an Islamic State the bottom line is - you are either a Muslim or you are not. If you are not - you are at best a second class citizen - and if you break their laws - which are very strict from a moral perspective (IE - if you are women and you sleep around on your husband) - you may be killed. Do not take my word for it - go and do research on the web. Check out how non muslims - or as they like to refer to us "non-believers" (Christians, Jews or members of religions other than Islam) are treated in places like Iran. If you are an atheist or communist - life will be even worse for you. Extreme example - become Muslim or Die. It is happening today - in many Islamic States in the world. For a more realistic view of life for non Muslims in an Islamic State check out this web page http://www.answering-islam.org/NonMuslims/rights.htm

Western style democracy's have evolved a great deal in the last 200 years or so. Freedom of Speech - Freedom of Religion - Freedom of Expression etc. Remember what happened when the cartoon of Muhammad came out - the whole Islamic world freaked out - Muslims went nuts - in certain parts of the world people died as a result. Imagine what would happen to you in an Islamic State - if you made a cartoon like that of Muhammad - you would be killed. If you publicly said anything significantly negative about Muhammad or Islam - you would be killed. Recently television programs have been made stating that Jesus Christ was not really who the Bible and Christians said he was - did you see Christians freaking out world wide - riots in the streets - threats of death? This is another clear sign that Islam (Muslims) are not reasonable peace loving people. Peace loving people have tolerance. Islam has none.

Many people out there will say........ya but not all Muslims are that way.......oh ya....then explain to me why the "Good Muslims" sit on the side lines quietly while 'Radical Islam" hi-jacks their religion and tears their image world wide to pieces? Where is the significant global Muslim outrage?! Explain to me why studies today (summer 2007) show that 35% of Muslims in England OPENLY state that they would like England to become an Islamic State - the 35% are the ones brave enough to say it in public - the real number is more likely to be in the 70% range or higher. Europe now has a serious problem with Islam (Muslims)

People of the FREE WORLD - WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

You are face to face with the greatest evil this world has ever known - and it is not only in Iraq - it is growing right here right now - in your own backyard. You not only have to contend with their terrorist threats - you will also be challenged by immigration - procreation - and conversion. (A significant number of African Americans are converting to Islam) Their is still time - make your voice heard - and do not be afraid. This is not a racist issue - Islam is making the rules so far - what they want is the whole world as one big Islamic State.

Consider this - America just elected its first Muslim Congressman - Keith Ellison (Minneapolis) - who compared George Bush to Hitler....This is happening. Canada also has Muslim elected officials. In a suburb of Toronto - Missisauga - A Muslim Hotbed - once elected - supporters of the elected member called for Shari‘a (Islamic law) - they were quickly silenced by their party - as it was probably too soon to make those statements in public.

Like I said - do your own research - be objective - you will find what I did. Islam (Muslims) must be serious contained in North America. Make our leaders listen. Curb or eliminate Muslim immigration - this is not what the founding fathers intended. Freedom of religion is one thing - but when your religion is essentially a totalitarian regime - that cloaks itself in lies and political correctness - that is something altogether different and must be stopped. If North Americans are guilty of anything, it is ignorance, open your eyes and see the evil that is coming at you head on.


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