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The "Special Interest" We Dont Know

Reader comment on item: When Conservatives Argue about Islam
in response to reader comment: The special interest groups are the problem not the solution

Submitted by SS (United States), Jul 23, 2007 at 20:12


Interesting comments, what you are describing is similar to what Donald Sensing was stating in an article I have posted below.

Donald Sensing on how the Western Left's ideological eschatology led it to romanticize Communism and Militant Islam and become the defender of fascism.

"The American Left, rejecting as a basic tenet of its faith the major features of Western societies, came to romanticize heavily non-Western, non-capitalist cultures, especially those of the Third World. The village society became idealized, always assumed to be populated by selfless, caring people whose spirits (never souls, which might need saving!) were uninfected by the crass materialism of capitalism. This was their Eden, the Ideal Time from humankind had sprung; Marxism-Leninism provided the framework for transforming Western societies into a New Jerusalem. Over time, and not a very long time, the Left idealized anyone who opposed the West, no matter how cruel, oppressive or personally repulsive he might be: Castro, Che, Mao, Saddam and others. And now Osama."

The romantic thrall much of the Left has today with Islamism is little different than its swoon over Stalin, and no more moral. The Left never had the chance to enjoy the benefits of Stalin's rule and so never really understood that he considered them "useful idiots" to be eliminated if the Soviets ever occupied their countries. Likewise today, the Left, convinced of its own moral purity, fails to understand that al Qaeda views them with contempt equal to Stalin's, and considers them nothing more than infidels to be dealt with when the time comes.


The bottom line with the women's groups and gay's is they are blindly attracted to the left on the subject of Islam. You may be right that it is not possible to separate them from the left on this issue - but there is no doubt that if they could be made to see that light - they could be of assistance.

I should point out that I mentioned in my original writings "If today's special interests groups - for whatever reason - won't do it. We need to create ones that will." The special interest in this case would take a position on the right - much like the Daniel Pipes website does - but - it cannot lead with right wing politics - it should be Human Rights driven - against Islam. If it appears partisan - it will not work.

When it comes to universities in the US - you are correct - leftist principals are exposed - but their is resistance. Hollywood is great at making movies - but most people view actors and others in Hollywood as just that - and do not generally care about their political ranting. If you want to get into the game of social influence in the west - you need to get elected - so you can help make law. If it wasn't for the war in Iraq - the Right would still be in the drivers seat with the public at large. Despite that fact the left in Congress did well in the last election - their current approval rating is lower than President Bush's ratings - which are very low right now - due specifically to the war - Americans have a short attention span - so do Canadians for that matter.

The leftist media is an interesting one. On the specialty cable tv type channels in the US the left lags behind FOX NEWS which is clearly on the Right. Network based TV has a poor following for NEWS as their ratings are not very good - seems people are more interested in Reality TV - than they are worldly affairs. While Conservative Radio is booming in the US Lefty Radio is dead - Air America (a lefty radio network) could not make it - not enough interest to keep it alive.

It is my view that the extremists on the left - currently - do not reflect what the large majority of Americans and Canadians want. Intellectuals - ideologs - and radicals of all kinds are in the minority in the west - most people in the west are focused on a more traditional capitalist lifestyle - including the lefty types like Rosie O'Donnel - they just do not realize it - as they fly across the country in their private jets.

I said it before - "If North Americans are guilty of anything, it is ignorance, open your eyes and see the evil that is coming at you head on." If we can help clear away the clouds from the average persons eyes - it just might work. It will not be accomplished with "Intellectual Fancy Speak" it needs to be entertainment oriented for the public at large - but it cannot appear to be coming from the right - must be non-partisan, based on human rights. Get info out to all media outlets in print, radio and TV. Make the content "Current Events" oriented - so it is not really a direct attack on Islam - but the slam against Islam is their, Similar to the way the US is indirectly slamming imports from CHINA right now - with all their "dangerously defective" exports of food and medicine.

Last Thought:

Initially use You-Tube to launch a clever socially political anit-Islamic cartoon series with a serious edge - using high tech Flash. Sort of South Park Like - only it hammers away at Islam in very obvious - yet funny ways. People should be able to download it at will for free - and post em as they like on their own sites or free web space. Kind of like the concept of the Terminator 3 Movie - it cannot be stopped - it is a Video Series in cyberspace - it has no central core - it is distributed on virtually thousands and thousands of personal computers around the world by supporters of the Human Rights cause. This campaign would likely seriously piss off the Radical Islamists (remember what happened with the Mohammed cartoon) - but that is good - when they get mad - they will makes mistakes - and public opinion will turn against them - worldwide. Outcome - USA and Canada decide to reduce or eliminate Muslim Immigration due to National Security. Job Done.

Another idea is for ALL in the west to stop buying OIL FROM THE MIDDLE EAST - but I do not think that is a likely scenario as the west is addicted to the black juice - and if we do not buy it - China and Europe will - OK forget that one.


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