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A real Muslim, a real American Soldier

Reader comment on item: Muslim Soldiers in the West, Criticized by their Communities

Submitted by Al Amreekee (United States), Jan 21, 2007 at 22:43

It is amazing to me the response to my post. It proves just what I said. You have Muslims who oppose me considering myself American, and Americans who appose me being Muslim. Both opposing me being military. So I am compelled to come to my own defense, to have a logical debate on the subject, for the truth is known (if only by God). And it stands on its own merit (you will find me standing next to it).

First. My family goes back to this country before it was British owned, I have relatives who lived here when this country was stile considered Spain, and further more who lived here when it was stile in the hands of those you call Native Americans. I could easily offer proofs but do to my job it would be to revealing. I can assure you though I never met a Muslim from another country who tried to play off his father and grandfather etc. where American. Even the ones who change there name from Mohamed (regrettably) to Moe.

I am as, if not more, American by heritage then the many ethnic groups that would make up the audience reading this blog. Most of whom ancestors came here less than 200 years ago. I was placing poppies on soldier's graves when I was 12, as a son of the American Legion. Almost every male in my family has at one time served in the Armed forces. Three of my family members serve in the Government. Five for the Postal service. I did 4 years ROTC in High school and joined the military before I even graduated. I served during every major conflict that has occurred during the last 12 years. I have even lived in Gettysburg Pa. for a short time and I assure any one reading this, Muslim or not, that I am 100 percent the Patriot. My family, are 100 percent the Patriot and have served in every major conflict since the American Indian War. That was for readers who simply think me to be an anomaly or Arab with an Identity conflict. And in case you are wondering I was a soldier before I became a Muslim.

Second. Though I serve in the Military, I am a devoted Muslim. 5 times a day, no eat pork, etc. No different then any one of my fellow citizens of Rome here being a devote Christian or Jew. Most of the readers who can not conceive this, are only blinded by there ambitions of believing some how that this is only there country, or more there country, or simply a Christian country. I am not in a religious military. I am in a military governed by a Secular Government. For all those who would try to Christianize ( MY ) Military, you are beating a dead horse. Esp. those who have never even served! And if you have served then you know I'm speaking the truth. Furthermore I prefer the Republican Party; their moral values tend to be closer to the values found in Islam (shocking I know).

Now for my attackers. Let's start with the Muslims. First there are those Muslims who say "you can not be Muslim and be American". This is a lie. The Profit Mohammad was from the Hijaz (now known as Saudi Arabia) and when the message of Islam came to him he did not renounce being an Arab. He did not command his Sahaba (followers) to renounce there Nationality. As a matter of fact he is reported to say (In Bukari) that an Arab himself is not someone who is just born in Arabia, but some one who speaks Arabic. So anyone can become Arab.

If you disagree with Bukari (a collection of sayings by Prophet Mohamed) you will also find it in the book of Imam Muslim. Also I say to you; what country that was originally non Muslim (and every country that is Muslim today, was at one time non Muslim), which one of these commanded its people to hate there country or there Nationality when the first of them converted? Or when all of them converted? Indonesia, Pakistan, Southern Philippines, Sudan, Yemen etc.? None of them, so this phenomenon with both Muslims outside of American and within saying that "once you are Muslim you are no longer American" is a modern phenomena and not from the religion of Islam. Mohamed is stile known as an Arab to the day as well as AL Quraishi .

If that is not enough then look at Salman Al Farsi. He was a convert, and a sahaba (follower) and Mohamed and the rest still called him "AL FARSI" (the Persian) after his conversion. Even though the Persians were considered a Kaffir (disbelieving) country. SO I am Muslim, and I am Amreeki (American) As Allah knows me to be. Next, there is this preconceived notion that some would have the western world to believe that Muslims are the devote enemies of the West. This is a lie.

Let me go farther, that Muslims are the devote enemies of Christians or Jews, let me go farther, that Muslims are the Mortal Enemies of anyone not Muslim! Good enough? This is a lie. I am not Modernist in any manner. I will not offer a "can't we all just get along" religiously baseless answer. Let me offer one that is purely Islamic. Any one who is not Muslim, according to the Koran is first an enemy of themselves. This is based on the Islamic proof that Religion is for the creator. He alone has the right to say what is right or what is wrong. The Koran calls this Wala wa Bara (love and hate). A Muslim can not hate a thing (in the religious sense) unless Allah himself hates it. And he can not love a thing (again only in the religious sense) unless Allah himself Loves it.

So All those who say Allah Hates the Jews, or Allah Hates the Americans or Allah hates this or that, must offer proof. What they (you) attempt to do is take the context of Allah (according to our book), "hates the Jewish people who religiously denied Jesus being the Messiah (which we believe)" and then you extend this to Allah Hates the Jewish people! You (they) combine the Acts with the identity or being itself and the Koran never does this. If this was true then where did the first Muslims in Arabia (Mohamed's time) come from? Behind EVERY Arab within there lineage you will find a Jew or Christian or Pagan worshiper who simply converted.

So It is a lie to think that Allah or the Koran blanket Hates anyone. Only, (like every other religions) certain Acts. Allah in the Koran Hates the Christian standpoint that Jesus was elevated to be God, or Son of God. The Koran teaches that this is a deviation, from true Islam (which is what the Koran teaches Jesus preached). The same way the Nation of Islam is a deviation from True Islam. No let me go one up, the way that Protestant teachings i.e.( Baptist, Jehovah whiteness, Methodist, etc.) are deviations from the Catholic Church. Of course Lutheran being of the first and most famous. Allah Hates that the followers of Jesus Deviated, nothing more. He does not hate that they are white, that they are European, that they believe in Jesus (as far as other moral standards he preached) or any of that. Allah Loves that one submits to his will (such as praying, giving alms, helping your neighbor etc.) The Muslims who say that Allah has no mercy on anything but Muslims are lying, ask them "then why do you say he is the most merciful in every prayer?" They are either speaking from there own opinion or just ignorant.

The prophet Mohamed made treaties with non-Muslims on a regular basis. The first people to give sanctuary to the Muslims when they were being persecuted where the Christians in Ethiopia! Then would the Muslims who are so against the Christian (as a person) say that they would not have defended Ethiopia if it were Attacked when the Sahaba (followers) were there themselves? OK I'm being speculative, let's take an actual event. When the Profit Mohamed was kicked out of Mecca (Just like the Mormons on the East Coast), Persecuted and sent across the desert, who took him in? It was the people of Medina! Mostly Jews and Christians (of course with the pagans included). Did not Mohamed live with them? Did he not take their protection and offer his as in allegiance?

Then where are the Muslims who say "Death to America?" When they know this is a land that is filled with Muslims! Furthermore, Medina was Attacked, worse then 911, it was surrounded by the people of Mecca (who followed Mohamed there). It was threaten to be overwhelmed and everyone who was collaborators with Mohamed killed, did they give him up? No. Did they say well you are not a Medinian and we are not Muslims so make your followers leave, No. They offered to even fight alongside the Prophet , and when it came to the battle that would ensue, who did the Profit Mohamed take advice from? He asked everyone to offer Ideas as to a defense, he had all of his followers and close companions right there, but yet he took advice from the same Persian "Salman" who came up with ingenious idea of building a ditch around the city that could not be penetrated. This is proof that you can collaborate, assist, and use as counselors these same people who some Muslims would have the ignorant believe are despised.

Next. There are those who say "well it is obvious that a Muslim is wrong, for they fight against the Muslims". This is almost too funny, but it's an inside joke so I'll stay on point. Is Iraq 100 percent Muslim? No of course not. Are there 100 percent Muslims that are 100 percent believers? No of course not. The Iraqi government was headed by the Bath Party which gets its roots from Nazi Germany and Communism. There are countless communist within Iraq and the Middle East region who do not believe in ANY kind of God what so ever. Secondly like any other country, you have countless people within Iraq who are quite frankly criminals and opportunist, they hid behind a "As salamu Alakum", but in truth do not even know how to say Al Fatiha (the first chapter in the Koran and the only one that must be repeated FIVE times a day!). The Zealots among the Muslim community see innocent women and children being killed and they go around trying to convince everyone and themselves that the men fighting are there righteous believing Husbands.

This is a deception, though of course you have men and women who believe they are fighting in the name of Allah (another topic for another time), Let me make it clear, the guys chopping off the heads and killing those same women and children (more then any of our stray bombs are doing) ARE NOT the friendly innocent neighbors of these people. They are criminals.

If any Muslim believes in Allah, then they would go under what ever Army they could to Help the Innocent people of Iraq, not beat there chest as to why the Be-headers need an extra guy to hold that journalist down! I say to you (Muslim and non) If any Muslim who thinks that Iraq is not a Muslim problem, but says they love there Muslim brother; then ask them, " would you not go to Saudi and defend her against people who were blowing up believing women in front of the Kaba? Or would you sit home and say as those who say "death to America" when the people who commit suicide as an organization say "death to these Muslims or those as well as America.

And You have never heard even George bush say "death to a single Muslim!" except those who Allah condemns himself (like Osama and his crimies). If they (you loved Islam) you could join the Saudi forces in Iraq, or the many other Muslim forces that your Nationality would permit. But how few do what is good, for the excuse of those who do wrong are ever more convent? And you have the Christians and Jews believing that it is from the deen (religion) to both blow-up the people who would save your sister and help the ones who would blow up your sister. Where is this example in Islam? Amongst the Profit? Amongst the companions? Even amongst their descendants?

I am a man of my country. That country happens to be America. America has the right of Islam. George Bush the leader of my country has every right to one day look into a television set and say "as shadu ila ilaha il allah, wa ashdu ana Mohamed dir Rasulullah) (in short become Muslim). The same way your great, great grand daddy did. And if you do not like it, you should leave the land of America, For it belongs to Allah (the creator) and he can do with it as he pleases.

Islam did spread by trade, and some times by exploration, and some times by the sword (through wars), but it has lasted everywhere it has graced by peace. If the people of Mecca would have never fought against the Muslims in Medina, they in turn would not have been defeated not by the sword, but by the truth. Again I stand on the side of the truth, and today so does Mecca. So for you Takfirees (those who say this person is a kafir and that person is a kafir even if they be Muslim), I say to you, you are not new. You are a deviation, the same as the deviants that said Jesus was not the Messiah. The same that said that Noah was a mad man, the same who said "let us make a golden calf and worship him" when Moses had only just left them for a little while. Now your mask are different, but you are not from us (the believers). You are with the one whom you have always been with (Shatan {satan}) and my proof is that you will not find your statements, your actions, or even your ideologies from amongst any of our Prophets.

Now...to my fellow citizens of Rome, from amongst the Christians and the Jews. And those who say that Islam is a religion of Intolerance and Hatred for the Jews and Christians. And for the ones who foolishly think that because of their belief in Allah (GOD) that this some how entitles you to what only he can possess (this country). If you have been following along then it goes without saying that, yes Islam does preach a type of specific hatred for opposing ideologies in purely a religious sense. But it is limited to only there.

You can not say that God (Jesus) does not Hate the sin, Even if you claim him to Love the Sinner. This is the truth of the often distorted actual view within Islam. We say " don't make that Golden Calf, only worship God alone". You say God IS the Golden Calf, Son, Holy Spirit, cow etc. and the Koran returns with "Allah is not pleased with that, Allah is not pleased with you because of that, Allah HATES your actions "of worshiping the calf" It is purely Religious in nature and ideology. Any Muslim who says different is Lying. There is no proof in the Koran or otherwise that Allah Hates a Noun. Only proofs that he dislikes and sometimes yes hates mankind's adjectives. All of which can be forgiven by any living being according to the Koran.

There is a war going on within the Muslim Community just like our President said. But I would ad that this war has been going on since the time of Adam. Some of the people disagreed and even hated Moses when he took away there idols, these were Hebrews just as he were (war within). They had there arguments and were willing to use violence. They were there with Jesus and were from amongst his people, they had there arguments and were willing to use violence, and they were there with Mohamed (EVEN AFTER they said they believed in what he preached!) They had there arguments and they were willing to use violence.

The Catholic church claimed to be followers of Jesus when they raped and pillaged (almost the entire known world) and they were convinced they were truer followers, they had there arguments and they were willing to use violence. We are no different from any of our religious ancestors. Because the devil has not changed "a good thing". It worked for Adam, and it works for our generation. Me, you even Osama are all just part of that play. Different actors, but the same play.

The one constant is that amongst all of these people there were at least a handful that stood on the side of Humanity, righteousness, decency, and brotherhood. They might have been known by different names to different people rather it be the Enceans, the Nazarenes, or the Mumins, they have always been there. Out numbered, with there arguments, and willing to use violence only as a last option. You as a Christian or a Jew (American or Not) have to really ask your self which role would you have played if you were there amongst those righteous men? Would you be jumping up and down saying "kill Moses, I want my Calf". Would you be saying " Kill Jesus, he's not the Messiah? Then why when the Mumin (believers) of Adam, and David, and Isaiah, and Elisa, and Job, and Zachariah, and Moses, and Aaron, and Abraham, and Isaac, and Ishmael, and Jacob, and John the Baptist, and Jesus, as well as Mohamed, say I believe in these men, and I believe in the God that they believed in (even if I say Allah for the Greek equivalent of God), And I say I am not from among those who would have scorned Noah, or persecuted my beloved Jesus, and I am of those who would have stood patiently at the foot of Mt. Sinai for my leader and Prophet Moses, awaiting what good news God had given him. When I say that in my language this unabated loyalty to these people and God alone makes me both a Muslim and a Mumin (submitter to God and a Believer in God) in my language. You then say "yes, but I am not with YOU"!

The believers always find themselves in few. So maybe you are right, maybe you are not with me. Maybe you are just Christian, like Osama is just Muslim. But I say to you, not every Muslim is a Believer. Though every Believer is a Muslim. And not every Christian is a believer, but every Believer follows Christ. And not every Jew is a believer, but every believer follows Judah. They belong to Us, they are from amongst Us. If you hate Us, then it is only that you hate them.

And these great men are far from you. no matter what mask you hide behind, (Muslim, Jewish, Christian). Moses was a Hebrew, and he fought for righteousness alongside the Hebrews. Jesus was a Jew (ethically) and he fought verbally, spiritually, and at time (in the synagogue) physically along side the Jews to obtain righteousness. Mohamed was an Arab, his only crime was that he said "I believe in the God of Abraham" and he fought next to the Arabs in order to let righteousness prevail.

I am an American, I will have no one tell me different. I fight next to Americans, and Jews, and Christians, and Muslims and any one else who whishes that righteousness should prevail over evil. I am not shaken by those who would disagree. Nor do I feel I have to display a banner on my head as to being a Muslim, just to be persecuted by the wicked. If I must hide in a basket while Peter lowers me over a wall then so be it, or if I have to float in a basket down the Nile until I am picked up by a loving heart, then so be it. That heart will be from me, and I from it.

We will win the war against Terror. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all say that good, at least for a time, will prevail over evil. Where will side? I can guess by your comments, but again neither I nor Allah (God Al Mighty) is surprised by the enemies of good. I say, my fellow countrymen learn about Islam before you judge. Learn and then make your opinions or arguments. It is easy to take the Red Neck, Good Ole Boy way out and just start blurting out baseless Hate. But even a fool believes in Heaven and Hell.

If you are on the right side of the crowd, then it should be easy to investigate what the True Mumins (believers) have to say. It will be easy to recognize them because they will not be intolerant and overall ignorant of things that (regardless of your religion), even your heart tells you are right or wrong. What would you have to loose to hear? Cassis Pilot at least gave ear "did he not?" and even being the leader of the Pagans himself, you found him not cursing the believers (Jesus), but saying I have nothing to do with this, that you people ask. Will you not at least have this much wisdom?

Lastly (and I know you bore of me so I'll make this short). Muslims and Jews are the same people. They both got there start from Abraham. For the Jews who say that there Brother Ishmael is not there true brother, then I dare any of you to say your Step brother or Step sister is not your true brother (to his/her face). The Devil has tricked the Jews (in religion) to believing only they are the believers. That the very word Jew is only by birth and that a believer is only born to Jewish parents. That the Goyeem (disbelievers or you and me as they call us) have no hope of salvation. This is not from David, or Jacob, and definitely not from Abraham. This is a type of Racism or at least Extreme Nationalism that is common amongst the middle east in general.

You want to know why Osama wants to Kill every American? Because he does not see you as a potential Muslim (not to say you have to be one mind you). It is the same foolishness that made the Nazis try to Exterminate the Jews. They "the Nazis" no longer saw them "the Jews" as Germans, then to a greater degree (unfortunately) even as humans. When people couple this type of blind Nationalism and religious overzealousness, and then in the name of that, project there will on the masses, you see the Hitler's and the Sadam Hussein's, the Osama's of the world.

Both Jews and Muslims believe in One God. They both believe in worshiping that One God in almost every aspect with the exception of believing that Jesus actually was the Messiah. Jews (except for the Jews for Jesus) believe he was an imposter and are still waiting, Muslims believe they missed the boat and they should accept him. This is literally the only difference in the people (who are both Semitic by the way). I have studied Hebrew and have been around plenty of Jews (them not knowing I'm Muslim of course) and they have the same blind racist hatred, as do allot (and I mean ALOT) of the Muslims I have ran across.

I have never read something in the Torah that said Hate Ishmael, or Arabs, or Muslims. Only in the Extremist views (ideologies and philosophies) like the Zionist and Ultra Orthodox Jews do you see this. And don't worry they hate you just as much as they hate those Arabs. As a matter of fact they even Hate the other Jews in the Diaspora (the magical rest of the world out side of Israel). As I am ashamed of allot of things Muslims privately believe (not religiously) Almost any Jew (who actually goes to a Synagogue on Sabbath, know I am telling the truth). They won't come out and say it. The same way a Pakistani won't just come out and say how really half his Masjid wishes you would die, that would be just unsociable. But we have to stop thinking that it's just one sided on any of these issues.

As Americans these Issues are new to us and we can not afford to be fooled by the Coptic Christians, the Zionist Jews, or the Takfiri (that's the actual word for extremist if any one would like to write it down) Muslims. We will then become puppets. Of course this does not mean that the Jewish religion on a whole, or the Jewish people God knows do not have a right to live. Of course they do. Any Muslim saying otherwise is a liar. Remember, Mohamed lived right next to Jews in Medina and except for the one who feed him poison meet (later she became Muslim so I'm not trying to make a pot shot) he never had any problems. And neither did they.

But As Americans we know that the Palestinians also have a right to live. NOT THE TERRORIST! The Palestinians as a people. If These countries United under there common Heritage, religious beliefs, and culture and made one country (Lets call it Abrahamia if you will) then they could fight against all enemies of non tolerance and criminal activities on both sides. Jerusalem would be as it always was for them, there mutual capital. The land of all three great religions. Is this not an easy thing for us to achieve? But first we must not allow the last apartheid system on earth to continue.

When the Mob moved into Chicago, we didn't divide the city in half. Nor did we kick out all the Italians! We fought for what was right. Why can we not do this in this region? Is it because the maniacs will fight back? Of course they will, so did the Mob. But that's why you have the brave men of the Armed Forces. Consolidate and Hamas will have nothing. Even if they held seats in the New Government, do we think that a majority Jew elective will some day vote in Osama bin Laden? Or that a majority Muslim Elective would vote in Sharon.

We learned this lesson in our Civil War. Our Country without being United would have always remained two separate people, with two separate ways of thinking. We are still a little backwards in the South, (lol) but we are One America. Why can't we teach this to Abrahamia?

I say to the Arabs your racism that I have constantly seen in the Masjid, at the restaurants in the streets, has no place in Islam and Mohamed does not know you. I say to the Jews both (in the Diaspora and at home) that your racism for Ishmael and the Arabs has no place in Judaism at all; and Judah, Moses, and David do not know you

. Need I say, to the Christian, that your blindness and hatred to the Jews and the Muslims can not be found any where in the Old testament, not the New testament (under anyone's version), it is not known in any of the Canons of the Catholic church, it is not anywhere in the book of Mormon, or the Pearl of Great Price, it is not found in even in the new Gospels that have been recently found, but only found on the lips of some of your preachers, pastors and ministers, your bishops and elders. Jesus does not know you. As he himself said that some will call upon me "Lord, Lord, but I will not know them".

I hope I have given the audience a little to talk about. Undoubtedly I will have my critics. I only ask that in the spirit of Intellectualism, that if you have some points against what I written, that you bring proofs and not conjecture. I will be leaving for a tour in Iraq soon, but I will try to check back on this site to read peoples comments.

I proudly serve all of you who stand beside the truth, in the shadows of righteousness

Al Amrikee (the American)


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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