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Rape jihad: Examples of a long bloody history of racist Arab sexual crimes targeting Jews, deemed nationalistic / racial

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Submitted by Raquel (United States), Oct 16, 2022 at 16:33

Examples of a long bloody history of racist Arab sexual crimes targeting Jews, deemed nationalistic / racial.

(In PC press, 'nationalistic' is often the more elegant term for Arab racism, just as minorities refers to Arabs).


Nir Dvori, 'The rape in "Gan Ha'ir" - an event with a nationalist background,' 03.12.15.


The Ministry of Defense recognized the rape of the young woman in Tel Aviv in 2012 as an act of hostility. The rapist, a Palestinian from Nablus, also forced the victim and her partner to have sex in front of him. The severity and brutality of the act led to the decision to recognize the victim as a victim of terrorism.

The rape that took place in the Gan Ha'ir parking lot in Tel Aviv about three years ago will be recognized as an act of hostility with a nationalist background, the Ministry of Defense decided this morning (Thursday). Following the decision of the "Approving Authority" in the Ministry, the rape victim will be recognized as a victim of a hostile act according to the Rewards Law and will even receive assistance from the National Insurance Institute.

The Ministry of Defense explained that the security background of the accused and the seriousness of the act are what led to the decision on the issue. We also noted that the defendant expressed himself several times on different occasions, from which it was implied that he had a nationalist motive for his actions.

Among other things, the "Approving Authority" in the Ministry of Defense found statements by the accused concerning the differences between the different nationalities and the Israeli-Arab conflict. In one of his police interrogations, for example, the accused spoke about the difference between "his respectable sister and the Jewish woman who walks the streets", and also about the fact that his Jewish interrogators are not natives of this land but "foreigners and that before 1948 there was no such thing called Israel".

"From the totality of the statements it appears that this is an act of violence aimed at harming a person due to his belonging to the Jewish nation," said attorney Yedidia (Didi) Oron, the senior deputy to the ombudsman for the defense system for claims and insurance, by virtue of his authority as the "certifying authority" in the defense ministry. "I hope that the victim of the horrific act will be able to rehabilitate herself and find relief for her pain."

"25 years in prison for the rapist"

The difficult case occurred in May 2012, when a young woman was brutally raped in the Gan Ha'ir parking lot in Tel Aviv in front of her partner, when the rapist even forced her and her partner to perform sexual acts in front of him. After a few months, the suspect was arrested, who was finally convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison - exceeding the punishment limit established by the rape law. The rapist, 23-year-old Ahmed Bani Jaber [احمد بني جابر], petitioned the Supreme Court - which decided about two years later to shorten his sentence to only 25 years.

The main point of Jaber's argument was that he cannot be given such a long prison sentence for only one act of rape. The panel of judges, headed by Judge Yoram Danziger, rejected the claim and agreed with the district court that recognized both the young woman and her partner as victims of the crime. Therefore, the judges decided that "in this case it is possible to impose on him a punishment that exceeds the maximum punishment fixed for the crime of rape, in view of the existence of two victims of the crime".

The judges emphasized that their decision was made "in view of the multitude of sexual offenses committed by Jaber and in view of the cruelty that accompanied their execution". Like the district court at the time, the supreme judges also agreed that "this is an extremely unusual case, which justifies a stricter punishment that exceeds 20 years of actual imprisonment." Despite all this, the judges decided to "reduce the punishment a little" and set Jaber's sentence at 25 years in actual prison, because according to them the punishment was too severe.

Attorney Roni Aloni Sadovnik, who represents the victim in the attack, said that since Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon took office, "a new wind is blowing both in the IDF and in the Ministry of Defense as far as the status of women is concerned. We are grateful for the open-mindedness and the willingness to examine the requests of rape victims with gender eyes, the recognition will completely change the life of the victim, who has just finished military service now and will be free to take care of herself, learn and restore the fragments of her life."

- - -


Avi Ashkenazi, 'Three Palestinians are suspected of a 20-year-old crippled rape', Walla! May 25, 2016.

First posting news: The police arrested two suspects residents of the territories who were allegedly raping a young mentally disabled woman in Tel Aviv, utlrinared on her and called out racist slurs. The case was hidden for fear of confrontations between Arabs and Jews, and hunting was underway for by the third suspect, Israeli citizen whose identification is known to the police.

Two Palestinian residents of the territories and an Israeli citizen are suspected of raping a 20-year-old disabled woman with a nationalist motive - this was allowed to be published today (Wednesday). Allegedly, the three were recorded raping the intellectually disabled young woman in a hostel in south Tel Aviv, pouring their water on her, spitting on her and chanting racist slogans during the act. The police hid the affair for ten days for fear of igniting clashes between Arabs and Jews, even though they held two suspects for nine days and are hunting for the third suspect, whose identity is known to the police.

One of the suspects, Emad Eldin Dragma (عماد الدين دراغما), a resident of the territories, apparently filmed the rape in order to spread the documentation. He was brought this morning for an extension of detention at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court. In the documentation allegedly filmed by Dragama, two of his friends, one of them a minor resident of the territories who was also arrested, are seen raping the young woman and humiliating her.

In the hearing on the extension of Dragama's detention, the judge emphasized the seriousness of the incident and the difficult situation of the complainant, who suffers from a disability and mental retardation. Apparently, the investigation of the complainant, who lives in south Tel Aviv, revealed a difficult picture of the acts, and in the hearing it was stated that since the incident she has been in a difficult mental state and needs treatment.

"This is an incident in which the suspect, together with others, committed serious sexual offenses against the complainant, who is intellectually disabled and suffers from a disability. It is suspected that these were sexual offenses committed along with racist comments and threats to harm the complainant's family, as well as other acts with the aim of influencing and harming her," the judge said at the end of the hearing.

- - -


Adv. Roni Aloni Sedovnik, 'Following the reports about the rape of the 7-year-old: it's time to talk about national rape,' ILH, June 19, 2019.


In the event that the published details turn out to be true, the case of the rape of the 7-year-old girl will join the case of the late 8-year-old Lipaz Himi who was raped and murdered, the rape in the city garden, the rape and murder of the late Uri Ansbacher and another series of horrific crimes of nationalist origin. How long will we continue to ignore this phenomenon?

The headlines of the journalists this morning herald the decision of the military prosecutor's office to file an indictment on suspicion of rape allegedly committed by a resident of the territories on a 7-year-old girl, and this in the presence of additional witnesses. Meanwhile, the accused denies everything. In such difficult cases, it is important to wait for the results of the legal investigation before the public gets angry, since there is more hidden than visible at this stage, as well as certain details in the story, in my opinion, deserve a deeper examination before the media's investigation. However, the new case calls for shining a light on the alarming phenomenon of daily wild incitement in the Palestinian media and the Palestinian education system, seeing Israelis as subhuman, and Israeli women as daughters without honor (that's what the rapist said in the Gan Ha'ir case to Medovev ["plant"] who was placed in his cell).

The incitement of the Palestinian Authority calls on a people who are not an organized fighting force to go out into the territories of Israel and destroy, destroy, kill and harm Israeli Jews in any way. Incitement that shows daily illustrations and cartoons in which IDF soldiers are seen sexually assaulting a female figure wearing the Al-Aqsa Mosque crown or a woman who symbolizes Palestine kneeling in front of soldiers who pull down their pants. The Palestinian Authority assimilates and encourages sexual crimes as a weapon against the Israeli enemy, and we have data from the security forces that prove that the incitement to sexual humiliation of Israeli women in the areas of the seam line is a widespread but silenced phenomenon on both sides.

In conversations with Palestinian representatives and security prisoners, I have been told many times that a Palestinian who rapes or commits a sexual offense tarnishes the struggle for the liberation of Palestine and they oppose it, but this is foolishness in its embodiment since the cocoon has risen - do not be surprised by the leadership of Fatah, Tanzim and the Palestinian Authority that so many terrorist attacks also include humiliating sexual offenses against girls, girls and women. When you release a crazed monster into the streets of a city after starving it in a cage, you cannot claim that you are not responsible for what it devoured. The incitement to hate Israelis long ago crossed the limits of the laws of war.

This week an international conference on war and justice is being held in Jerusalem, although 810 cases of sexual assault on a nationalistic background have already been counted just in the seam line - to date, the organizers of these conferences have not found a place to discuss these war crimes. Maybe our country believes that if they don't call it by name, it will disappear?

The UN Security Council states that a sexual assault committed by a citizen of one nationality against a citizen of another nationality, in a recognized area of ​​conflict between the two nations, will be considered a war crime. Nevertheless, it was very difficult for us to convince the Ministry of Defense that the rape of the late Lipaz Chimi at the age of 8, on Independence Day 2006, there was a nationalistic event. But a firm fight backed by evidence for a nationalist motive did its job, and especially the opinion of Chief Mani Itzhaki who stepped out of the square box and weighed my claims with rational feminist eyes, and chose to break the concept that dominated the Ministry of Defense. Thanks to the gender perspective that Superintendent Itzhaki introduced into his professional considerations, he decided to have a difficult debate with the Ministry of Defense, which for years resisted our request to see the late Lipaz hit by terrorism.

Since the recognition, which we see in our office as a historical legal precedent in the history of the struggle for women's rights, we have been able to bring such recognition to another 5 minors and women. Additional girls that I represent in other cases, who were also raped by Palestinians, insist that this was a hostile attack for all intents and purposes and was carried out against the background of the conflict between the nations. And they must be recognized as victims of hostilities due to nationalistic rape.

The rape in Gan-ha'Ir [City garden] was also recognized as a terrorist incident, the rape of the late Lipaz Himi was also recognized as an attack after a persistent legal battle that we waged, the rape in 'Gey Ben Hinom' of a student from Bezalel was also recognized as an attack only after a difficult legal battle, and the rape on Sironit Beach was also recognized as a nationalistic terrorist attack as well . Only after a long legal battle. The fruits of our struggle resulted in the fact that even in the case of the late Ori Ansbacher Z"L, the Shin Bet appeared at the scene of the crime immediately even though it was a sex offense before the murder. This should be the case in any case of nationalistic rape.

Rape has always been a humiliating weapon against the women of the enemy nation - the time has come for the authority to take responsibility and act actively to stop the incitement.

- - -


Exposed in 2021/2:
The pimping of female prison guards in Gilboa prison - took place between 2014-2017, during which the intelligence officer in Gilboa prison, Rani Basha, responded to the demands of terrorist prisoner Muhammad Atallah, that female prison guards, be assigned to shifts in his wing. During the shifts, on a large number of occasions, Atallah used to sexually harass the female guards, both verbally and physically. In addition to this, rapes were also occurred in 2015 by a terrorist prisoner.

(Rani Basha -
רני באשה [راني باشا]
Muhammad Atallah -
מוחמד עטאללה [محمد عطالله]
Bassem Kashkush (Qashqush) - באסם קשקוש [باسم قشقوش])


Matan Wasserman, 'The women's organizations turned to the ombudsman: "The affair of the pimping in the jails is a nationalistic terrorist event for all intents and purposes",' Maariv 07/10/2022.


The Chairman of the Council of Women's Organizations in Israel sent an urgent letter regarding the affair to the legal adviser to the government, attorney Gali Beharev Miara. She claimed: "The decision not to file an indictment will be a cry for generations and will create an unprecedented crisis of confidence."

Following the apparent decision not to press charges of rape against the security prisoner Mahmoud Attallah despite the claims made by one of the prison guards who served as a soldier in Gilboa prison, under the pretext of the lack of eyewitnesses or supporting evidence for her claims, yesterday the chairman of the Council of Women's Organizations in Israel Usherit Stabon sent an urgent letter on the matter to the adviser Attorney General Gali Beharev Miara.

In the letter signed by the women's organizations: Emunah, Benot Brit, Witzo, Na'amat, Hadassah Women, Ort Women, Academic Women and Soroptomist, it was written, among other things, to the Legal Adviser to the Government: "The very thought that there is any chance that the State of Israel will not act to bring justice for those female prison guards who were physically injured And in their souls, they hide sleep from the eyes of every citizen in the State of Israel, and in particular from parents who are supposed to send their daughters to the state service."

This is a nationalistic terrorist event for all intents and purposes, and a decision regarding not filing an indictment will be considered a cry for generations and will create an unprecedented crisis of confidence among the public. Would anyone think of demanding evidence from a soldier who was attacked by a terrorist without anyone in the area to support his version? Even to the extent that there are evidentiary difficulties, the victims should be allowed to speak in court and remember that the prosecution, especially in crimes of this type, has a role that is not only legal but also public in actually standing by the victims and supporting them without reservation."

In conclusion, they claim: "It is needless to say what tremendous mental strength is required from the victim to come to confrontations with those who harmed her and to agree to be exposed to the difficult cross-examinations in court, despite the wounds that have not yet healed, and we will return her face blank? What message will this send to all those victims and victims of sexual assault?"

The Legal Adviser to the Government stated: "The referral has been received and will be handled as usual."

- - -


Arieh King @arieh_king:

Feb 13, 2021.


The police arrested three Bedouins on suspicion that about a week ago they broke into a house in a settlement in the Negev, stole property worth thousands of shekels and raped a ten-year-old girl. According to the suspicion, the residents of Bir HaDaj, two 17-year-olds and one 21-year-old, entered the girl's room, woke her up and performed a sodomy act on her, with one of them covering her mouth so that she would not call her family. Where are the feminists?


Even I, who hears more every day in my work... - Roni Aloni Sadovnik | Facebook

February 10, 2021.


Even I who hears more and more difficult cases every day in my work and know how to contain them and handle them legally and analytically as it should be - I totally crashed this week.

A beloved and dear friend of mine, a man of the land and labo with his hands, a Zionist peasant who built his home in the desert, suffers like most farmers from violent and cruel daily terror of Bedouins who break into his territory, his home and steal everything possible.

Two weeks ago I read in the newspaper that Bedouins broke into a house in a settlement in the south at night and besides stealing property, they also raped a little girl who was sleeping in her room, I never imagined in my worst dreams that this was the daughter of my best friends.
I thought I died on the spot when my friend called me for advice in a trembling voice and told me what happened to the lovely girl I've known since she was a baby - I haven't been breathing for two days.
My heart is broken.

The Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli government have failed miserably in protecting the residents of the south and the north from the nationalistic internal terrorism that has been hitting us for years...

The popular Bedouin army that is rampaging in the areas borderline communities ... the Bedouin gangs that are rampaging in the south are not only rampaging for criminal reasons, they are committing pogroms motivated by hatred and nationalistic enmity - this is a conflict over land. Two peoples, one land.
The goal of the Bedouin gangs is to drive away the Jewish settlers, the rape of a Jewish girl who is sleeping in her own room in her house is a war crime according to the definition of the UN Security Council and it is time for the Chief of Staff who is busy shaping his path to politics to look down into the eyes of the girl, into the eyes of the mothers in the south, In the eyes of the farmers groaning under a nationalist pogrom from all directions, he will roll up his sleeves and put all the IDF forces into a real military operation to eliminate pogroms against Jews and their property, pogroms against women, children, and individual and group honor...

Attorney Roni Aloni Sedovnik - representation of victimized women.


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