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Reader comment on item: Britain's New Export: Islamist Carnage

Submitted by Tess McNamara (Australia), Aug 26, 2010 at 05:59

The Rise of Islamism, and the Implications to Women's Rights and to the Philosophy of Feminism, of the spread of Islamism in the Western World

By Tess McNamara

BA Women's Studies, PPS, BA Family Studies

In the past three decades the phenomenon of mass Islamic immigration into Europe has developed, of which previous, and successive Western Governments had largely un-anticipated, and appeared to ignore or be unable to reverse.

A possible reason for these phenomena could potentially have been in the interests of the failed policies of "Multi-Culturalism" throughout Europe. The policy of Multi-Culturalism was strongly promoted throughout Europe in the 1970 – 1990's. The "Darling" of the Multiculturalists policies, was the much touted city of Sarajevo, where both Christians and Muslims co inhabited. History has shown that this was an abject failure, resulting in mass murder and genocide of Christians, and outbreak of a vicious war between the Islamists and Christians, with the destruction of Sarajevo.

In Europe currently, there is a very high birth rate amongst immigrant Muslim populations, far higher demographically in numbers, than found amongst the Caucasians of European descent population throughout Western Europe. For the Western Europeans, of traditional European ancestry, their population demography is facing a phenomenal change away from a majority Caucasian and Western European population birth rates within the next thirty years, to one in which the Middle Eastern and African origin Muslim population will potentially dominate.

This has never before been seen in centuries, in Europe since the expulsion of the Muslims Moors, from Spain under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.

The Western Europeans are faced with the very serious, and frighteningly real potential implications from this change in the demographic make up of vast areas within Europe, of the potential in the future of being overtaken by the populations of the descendants from the Middle eastern and African Muslims, both politically and physically.

Should this very real demographic threat eventuate, then there is almost certainty, that there will be imposition of Shari'a Laws on Western European populations.

This is a very real possibility within fifty years, or one generation, and the highly likely outcome will result from a situation, which could see the election of a large number of Muslim's voted into Government power, by the Muslim dominant demographic population, and could bring into Government power, extremist Arabic and African descent Muslims, whom could potentially destroy the democratic laws and way of life enjoyed for centuries by the West.

This would revert Europe into a "Second Dark Ages" of gross injustice, anti-Semitic persecution of The Jews and the Christian Minority groups, which has happened throughout history, when Muslims have been the dominant population in any given nation.

This will bring about the destruction of Democracy, by religious Islamic groups, using the power of voting in elections, in order to remove the right to vote, from the entire European population, which ensured the rights and Freedoms such as what was fought for, in the French Revolution, and the Reformations, as well as the Secularization of Governments in Europe and the Separation of Church and State as taught by Montesquieu Doctrine of the Separation of Powers Treatise.

The brave European and other nations forebears, whom through history fought to liberate Europe from the tyranny of dictators and Theocratic or Ecclesiastic rule in Europe, as well as in World War One and Two, effectively will be defeated by the weapon most feared, which is the womb. The birth rate of natural European Westerners must either increase and compete for dominance, or face the likely outcome of ending up under Islamic domination and tyranny in the next thirty to forty years.

For women, this is particularly a frightening prospect, for it is under the 6th century tribal Arabian origins of Sharia Laws ( laws which are based upon the reported sayings or teachings of Muhammad, a man claimed as illiterate camel caravan trader originally, whom claimed to be a prophet and became later a self proclaimed prophet for Islam's God deity named Allah)that a woman fares dramatically worse than a man in front of the law, in what can only be seen as the worst least just system of so called Justice which is Patriarchal based, and highly misogynist. Under Shariah Laws, women in the age of the Second Millennium ( 2008) are still treated exactly as they were in sixth century A.D. Arabia by the Shariah.

Under the long established and cherished Western Democratic Laws, a woman has the right to the expectation of fair judgment, equality and equal access to competent legal representation, in all areas of civic life and all laws, and a woman enjoys the protection and the guaranteed equality before the law in absolutely every way in the Western laws.

Women are also able to be Lawyers and Judges under the Western Democratic Laws, and diametrically opposed to this freedom, they can never under the Islamic Sharia laws become Judges.

Indeed it is in the central need in courts of Jurisprudence for proof of a crime, in taking the witness stand to give witness that women are discriminated against within Islam, for under Shariah Laws, it takes the witness of two women to equal that of just one man.

In the online booklet , at the Al-Sunnah.com website, http://www.al-sunnah.com/pdf/womright.pdf

being a guide for women in Islam, it is quoted " And get two witnesses out of your own men. And if there are not two men(available), then a man and two women, such as you agree for witnesses, so that if one of them (two women) errs, the other can remind her." (V.2:282"

Why a witness whom saw something or witnessed an event should need coaching or influencing in such a tainting manner is likely to bring about injustice.

Such tainting of evidence would be completely unacceptable under Western Jurisprudence.

Muhammad indeed was claimed to have said, that women possess half the intellect of a man. Any woman alive today, in 2008, who is married to a man, can see clearly how ridiculous such a statement is.

Muhammad clearly had such a high opinion of women, in his reported messages from his worshipped Arabic Deity Allah, and indeed this haunts all Islamic women to his day, their prophet's low opinion of them, and seriously affects the accuracy and quality of jurisprudence within Shariah Courts in Islamic countries, as it effectively rules out fifty per cent of the population from individually being taken seriously or accurately as a witness.

This is a Patriarchal based idea that women are only half intelligent as a man, or that a woman alone cannot be relied upon for her testimony. This is absurd, nonsensical, and discriminates against all women currently, and indeed just as in Muhammad's day, this ridiculous gender reductionism and bias has not changed in 1400 years.

How any apologist for Islam can see this as equal treatment to men and women is certainly evidence for use of taqqiyeh by Islamic apologists.

It is indeed modern western women, whom have the most to lose of their hard won and fought for equality of rights, under established western democratic laws, which historically were based on inherited common laws, and parliamentary decrees and proclamation laws, based on the British Westminster System, should the demographic explosion of Muslim migration numbers bring such a change in the traditional laws in the west away from western common laws and democratic rule of law to the repressive, harsh and discriminatory bigoted Shariah Laws.

Feminist silence on Women's abuse within Islam, the theology and the dogma, and Shariah Laws relatively speaking, is alarming for any whom believe in the role of Feminism to champion women's rights world wide, and not just where it is safe to do so in the west.

All women must ask the post modernist Feminist Lobby, "what have you really achieved, in the past 50 years, if the only way that you can make a change is in the west, and not where the women are truly oppressed?".

Indeed where are this illusionary Feminist Academics and why have they not taken the plight of women in middle east and within Islamic societies to the U.N. or the various international Human Rights bodies. Why are feminists not taking to the streets in street protest marches reminiscent of the Suffragette Emily Pankhurst era?.

Islamic domination in demographics of Europe has largely been as a result of largely uncontrolled, steady mass immigration by those of Arabic Islamic heritage culture and religious practices and beliefs, which are incompatible with the rights and freedoms which are enshrined in the Democratic laws of the Western European nations.

Other Western nations are now seeing the flow on effects, from such migration numbers of Muslims, in countries such as USA and Australia as well.

In Europe currently, there is a very high birth rate amongst immigrant Muslim populations, far higher demographically in numbers, than found amongst the Caucasians of European-descent population throughout Western Europe. It has for the Europeans of traditional Caucasian European born- ancestry population, serious implications from the rapid demographic shifts in numbers of Muslims in Europe.

Recent evidence is emerging from census information released by different European countries, that Europe is in the midst of the shifts in demography, such as the presence in Europe, of 53 Million Muslims, "According to the Zentral-Institut Islam-Archiv-Deutschland, published in the German Soest, there are 53.7 million Muslims in Europe today.

This is reported on, in the source Reformatorisch Dagblad. http://www.refdag.nl/".

On April 21 / 22, 2007, as reported in the magazine called "Counter Punch", Kristoffer Larsson, in "The Islamic Threat to Europe: By the Numbers", the author discusses concern of the failure of the mainstream European media to report on items involving Islamic terrorism in Europe.

According to Kristoffer Larsson, "498 incidents in eleven EU countries last year labeled as "terrorist attacks.". These were largely under reported or not reported at all in the media in the countries where such attacks occurred.

In Europe, the official organization named "Europol", released the "EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2007.

It is stated in the report, that there are a "large number" of terrorist organizations", which "have an active presence in the EU". (Page 3 of the Executive Summary, Europe

Reference: www.europol.europa.eu/publications/TESAT/TESAT2007.pdf

It is of concern that the report also states that the terrorist organizations present in Europe, "Use the EU as their logistical base or for fundraising". Pg 3.

The report also discusses the importance of the investigation of Islamic Terrorism Organizations as a priority for the various member states law enforcement agencies, in countries within European Union. The basis of this being identified as a priority for law enforcement agencies in Europe was the identified large numbers of arrested suspects.

The report also discusses the foiled Islamic terrorist plots of the London, and German "trolley" plot, of 2007 and shows the intention of such Islamic terrorists groups to inflict mass casualties.

Even after the above countries reported the failed attempts, they also reported another attempt by Islamic terrorist s each in 2006.

In the report the countries of France, Spain, and the UK, are identified as the countries, which have suffered the most, under attacks of terrorism.

Germany, Denmark and the UK also reported apart from the previous Islamic Terrorist attempt

And ", in which it is claimed only one terrorist attack released in 2007 by Europol report.EPORT


Groups of radical Islamists are openly calling for the killing of non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians, with apparent impunity from arrest and prosecution, in highly threatening protests marches designed to intimidate the local populace.

A recent example of such an occurrence in London in 2007, involved mass protests by Muslims, in a street march bearing placards with threatening messages such as "Europe Beware: the Real Holocaust is Coming", "Behead the Infidels", "Kill the Jews" and "Sharia law now".

Demographic evidence has been growing particularly in Denmark, France and the United Kingdom, that Islamic migrants, many of whom speak only Arabic, have formed extremely inclusive, Muslim-only, completely separate enclaves of Islamists in those particular areas of Europe. Steadfastly, Islamists have refused to immerse themselves socially and economically within the countries which shelter them. They act in a manner which is incongruent with local traditions, and refuse to assimilate into the society in which they have chosen to live.

Islamists often are seen as intimidating by western locals, or as deliberately highly visible minority groups, wearing Arabic clothing, especially the Burkha and the Hejab, defying opposition to wearing of such garments in public by the native born Europeans, whom see the enforced covering of the head and faces of women in particular to be very offensive, and oppressive to women.

The wearing of such Islamic clothing often appears to the modern westerner, as both a bizarre, anachronistic, archaic, regressive form of dressing, as if one had just stepped straight from the Middle Eastern 6th century era.

The arrogant refusal by Islamists to abandon such style of dressing, is a highly visible trend, and very threatening to brave women, who refuse to consider such a backward, regressive, oppressive, dress form which is hiding of one's face and body and personality, in order to obey the dictates of a male dominated society, of the middle east origin which has no place or relevance for a western raised woman.

Religious Islamic Decrees dictates to the Islamic Umma, to wear the bizarre tent like hot and stuffy in summer Hejab and other forms of such bronze age type dressing, in order to hide women's personalities, their faces and bodies from being seen. In the online booklet,


it is stated that ,

" "And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and protect their

private parts and not to show off their adornment except only that which

is apparent, and to draw their veils all over Juyubihinna (i.e., their bodies,

faces, necks and bosoms) and not to reveal their adornment except to their

husbands, or their fathers, or their husband's fathers, or their sons, or

their husband's Sons, or their brothers or their brother's sons, or their

sister's sons, or their (Muslim) women (i.e., their sisters in Islam), or the

(female) slaves whom their right hands possess, or old male servants who

lack vigor, or small children who have no sense of feminine sex. And let

them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide ~of their

adornment. And all of you beg Allah to forgive you all, O believers, that

you may be successful." (V. 24:3 1)

It is particularly alarming to the native born persons of European descent, who see the particular ethnically identified Muslim migrants acting in such a disturbingly arrogant manner to the host country, ignoring the social norms of such countries with overt hostility.

Frequently on the various Islamic organizations and terrorist's groups websites on the internet, street protests of Muslims in the UK, Islamic migrants and Clerics in their own words, are seen, filmed and often photographed in mosques, calling for the overturning of Western equality-based democratic laws in a highly destructive manner.

The laws at the centre of their calls to be overthrown by either legal jihad or violent jihad, are of historically hard fought and won freedoms enshrined in democracy importance in the West.

The Islamists are often seen launching loud, highly visible protests calling for the killing of non-Muslims, and spread of Jihadist websites, which are contrary to the foundations of freedoms of democracy.

Recently the Arch-Bishop of the Anglican Church, in London, claimed that it was going to be an inevitable fact of the introduction of Islamic Shariah Laws into the UK, because of the numbers of Muslims in the UK in order to keep the peace, such as Shariah-compliant banking laws, Shariah compliant Divorce courts and Marriage/ Family Custody as a second yet equally binding presence; despite being in contradiction to the long established western democratic laws which promote equality between men and women.

Extremely deadly, sinister and life threatening aspects of the barbaric and obscene archaic Shariah Laws of Islam, is the harshness of any punishments metered out to the innocent female victims of rape ( to be hanged or killed), homosexuals, and numbers of other stipulated victims of criminals.

The archaic and often senseless treatment by Islamic Shariah Laws towards the innocent victims of crimes of sexual abuse and rape, and such prisoners, are in direct opposition to the fairer and more humane punishments of our Democratic Laws and the rights of the accused or victims amongst Western Justice Systems, which encourage the more gentler re-habilitation and re education, and re training in life skills, to the convicted prisoners rather than beheading or chopping off feet and hands as under Shariah.

A massive difference between the psychology of how the victims of rape and sexual abuse of young girls or women in the western laws, compared to how they are considered under the more arabic tribalistic origins of Shariah Laws, is the fact that in Shariah Laws, all rape victims are considered that it is their fault, by the fact that they are there and present in order to be raped, therefore it has to be their fault.

It is also a Koranic and Hadith teaching, that it is women, who are the corrupters of men, therefore men are unable to help themselves or control their own lusts and so it therefore the woman or girls fault that' she was raped by any man.

In the Western Legal Democratic traditions, Women's rights to equality before the law and to the equal protection under the law, ensures that women are protected if possible, from any further assaults by the perpetrator, by protecting the victim in any way possible such as safe houses or women's refuges, and together by jailing and harsh punishment of the perpetrator of the sexual assault or abuse.

The victim is usually also entitled to sue for Criminal Injuries Compensation for the injuries sustained during the rape.

Our Western Democratic ( in particular western Australian ) laws do not punish and blame the victim, as Islamic laws obscenely do, in such a fatal, punishing, way which is inexplicably designed to punish the victim by killing her, for so called "adultery" or "acts against chastity", such as in Iran, Saudi Arabia and most other Muslim countries under Shari'a Laws, and effectively excuses the male from ownership of responsibility for his own acts, and allows the male to get away with the crime.

Our Western laws, do not inflict such harsh punishments as the hanging of homosexuals as witnessed recently in Iran, and the killing of adulterers by beheading in Saudi Arabia, or their stoning as in Iran, or the cutting off of hands and feet of petty criminals as prescribed punishments under Shariah Law.

Western Governments have discovered to their disadvantage, that a vast number of the Arabic speaking migrants in UK are, or have in the past refused to integrate within local communities, in some countries such as U.K. it has been discovered that these immigrants of Arabic Middle Eastern or African Islamic origins, refuse to allow their own children to attend public schools, or to become educated in western scholastic traditions, but have instead clung to the traditional Madrassa style Arabic speaking and Arabic Islamism teaching schools.

Supervision and monitoring of school attendance has become a particular problem for State Education Authorities in the U.K. particularly, as there has been reported numerous disappearances from UK of school aged minors, which it is suspected have been sent overseas for arranged marriages. This presents a major challenge for the empowerment and education of the female children of migrants from oppressive patriarchal societies, in that these female children are considered little more than commercial products able to be bought and sold for the bride price or dowry, and are prevented from ever being able to enjoy the freedoms that their parents and siblings do, by being sold off and sent overseas to an unfamiliar place and forced to marry often against their will to a complete stranger or in many cases cousins in the tribe or family. Feminism remains dangerously remarkably silent on the oppression such children and females, and remains silent as to the continuing degradation of women under Shariah Laws and the treatment by Islamic Laws of rape victims and victims of female genital mutilation.

For Feminism as a philosophical Science, to have a future in modernity, post modernism, or any credibility as a recognized philosophy enabling social change or influence, it is Feminists themselves, who must either become fervently vocal and take overt actions to empower the forgotten victims of Islam, or forever be relegated to ineffectual irrelevance in future.

A disturbing trend in Europe and America also, is the massive influx of non English speaking illegal migrants in the western countries and in particular within Europe such as Denmark and France, and U.K. whom originate, from countries in the Middle East, since the now infamous oil crises of the 1970's. It has brought with it some serious implications to the West, for the very core Democratic Freedoms experienced by all women in the west.

Inherent in this push by Islamists for greater rights and stealth introduction of shariah compliant laws is the potential for in the future, those very real women's rights being eroded and removed by islamist's, intent on replacing western nations democratic values and freedoms, with the laws encoded under Islamic Sharia Laws. These are a series of Patriarchal inspired and oppressive laws which are misogynistic and obscenely undemocratic by Theocratic Islamic Decree, implemented rules based on what the prophet of Islam Muhammad was thought to have either said or decreed in terms of what his God Allah he believed wanted all of humanity to adhere to. Failure to obey often means death to those who defy them.

With its increasing influence of demographical populous numbers, on the mainstream populations, of places such as Europe, resulted in a push by the Islamists against the rights of women to work, to vote, to walk alone without escort, to be able to not wear a head covering.

Photographs are often seen of Western Women in positions of Power and Influence in Government in the West, such as Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and other First Lady's submitting to the absurdity of the dictates of Islamic Patriarchy and submissively wearing Hejab's in front of men on State Visits which as a Feminist, I shudder in horror and disgust at the willingness of these women in positions of power to effecting capitulate in the interests of oil and economic advantages of their nations and the betrayal of the Feminist Ideas of the West. I ask, Where is Emily Pankhurst and the spirit of the Western Suffragettes now?.


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