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our dear Bill's girl and Islam is the religion of the Hijazi Arabs only the long version

Reader comment on item: Mahram Despotism vs. Saudi Women
in response to reader comment: re to dhimmi no more - 'Islam is for Hijazi Arabs'

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Oct 31, 2009 at 10:49

Our dear Girl who gave up on debating hadith rida3at al-kabeer because I supect that ...checked with his Arab masters and was told that there is indeed a hadith rida3at al-kabeer and that according to 3A'isha it is was supposed to be in the Qur'an but it seems that the palm leaf upon which this hadith was written it was eaten by a hungry shah (read this as a goat) ROTFL Allah's words were by a hungry goat and two years ago a shiekh in Egypt issued a fatwa that indeed rida3at al-kabeer was indeed islamic! .

Oh the source of this fadiha (oh do not panic: I mean scandal) it is kutub al-turath al-islami (thank you Father Zakaria Botros for exposing the absurd)

>"rabina yu3alimuha ina al-islam deen al-3arab faqat"Where do you come up with this stuff?

What stuff? let me guess: you have no clue what rabina yu3alimuha ina al-islam deen al-3arab faqat right darling? then why did you not ask one of your Arab masters to tell you what it means? or could it be that you are shy to admit to them that you do not know any Arabic? so which one is it?

>... really? Plz provide some reference,

Hello: Q14:4

> otherwise it holds very little weight,

So are you saying that the words of your Allah "hold little weight"? do you think that I should tell al-wahabiyuun that you our dear Girl believes that Q14:4 "holds little weight? what do you think darling?

>as it comes off as being your own opinion.

darling: I only tell you what the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in arabic says

>Needless to say, I've never heard or read anything like that.

Oh you did not know anything about Q14:4 really? Well now you know

>Your write: "Ok so where would i find in the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic dalring that ina al-islam laysa deen al-3arab faqat"In fact, going back to your previous argument, that Islam is only for Hijazi Arabs,

darling: I'm not the one who is saying that Islam is the religion of the Hijazi Arabs only. It is your Allah who is saying that

>I took out a copy of the Quran

WRONG you do not know any Arabic what you have darling is a TRANSLATION of the Qur'an which is not the Qur'an anymore now do you get it darling?

>and this is what I found regarding that:From Chapter 2, Al-Baqarah,

ROTFL Paki Arabic darling it is called Surat al-Baqara there is no letter hah or heh at the end

> verse 21 – O mankind!

Well let me see it says in Arabic

ya ayuha al-nas

And i would translate it as

1. ya ayuha means O (you)

2. al-nas means PEOPLE and it does not mean mankind which means bashar so do you see the word bashar in the aya ms ignorant?

or O you people

It does not say bashar or man/womankind

So you know what? your translation is bogus and poor

>Worship you Lord, Who created you and those who were before you so that you may become the Pious. (2:21)

So where does it say in the above aya or even any where in the Qur'an

ina al-islam deen kul al-bashar

oh let me translate it for you: Truly islam is the religion of all man/woman kind? You will not find it but you will find Q14:4 right darling?

>And verse 47 – O Children of Israel! Remember My Favour which I bestowed upon you… (2:47)

ROTFL do you know what this aya means let me help you: Your Allah is saying

ya bani israela idhkuru ni3mati al-lati an3amta 3alaykum wa ini fadaltukum 3ala al-3alameen

Which means

1. The jews are Allah's favorite people

2. That al-ladhina an3amta 3alayhum in surat al-fatiha must be the jews and not the Muslims

3. Where do I find in the above aya that islam is the relgion of kul al-bashar or all of man/woman kind? you will not find it

4. Even assuming that Allah was saying that Jews are Muslims then how about other grouprs and nations? how about your ancestors al-hindusiyuun or ahl al-buddha? It seems that your Allah was an Arab because he knew about the jews that lived in Arabia but had no clue about the Hindus or the Buddhists which does not make him the god of anything beyond Arabia right darling?

>From Chapter 3, Al-Imran,

ROTFL it is surat al-3imran

>verse 138 – This (Quran) is a plain statement for mankind, a guidance and instruction to those who are The Pious. (3:138)

Well let us see what it says in Arabic the word here is lelnnasi or for the people. If your Allah would have said: li kul al-bashar or all of man/woman kind you would have a case

>From Chapter 4 An-Nisa,

ROTFL Paki Arabic it is surat al-nisa' where is the hamza darling? and what is this Paki An-? Oh lam shamsiyya? right darling? But you know what? your Allah's words are: AL-NSA which was edited by the 3ulama and it is now read as: AL-NSAa' by adding a nuqta above the noon and a hamza at the end of the word and a madda above the alif! your Allah had no clue that there is a letter called hamza and what a fadiha

> verse 79 – Whatever of good reaches you, is from God, but whatever of evil befalls you, is from yourself. And We have sent you (O Mohammed) as a Messenger to mankind, and God is Sufficient as a Witness. (4:79)

Really? so where would i find the name of muhammad in this aya? you will not find it and do you know what this means that you are editing Allah's book darling you think I should tell al-wahabiyuun that our dear Girl is editing Allah's book?

Oh let me see:

wa arsalnaka lelnasi rasulan or we sent you to the people as a messenger/prophet

You would have been correct if the aya would have said:

wa qad arsalna Muhammad rasulan li kul al-bashar

But is this what the aya says? Now do you see whay your masters the Arabs insist it is about reading the Qur'an in Arabic dalring and not in a translation as you do and more evidence that you have no clue about what the Qur'an really says right darling?

Shame on you for wasting your and my time debating a book that you cannot read in its primary language Arabic that is

>From Chapter 6, Al-Anam,

ROTFL it is sursat al-an3am there is a letter 3ayn there darling

> verse 90 – … Say: "No reward I ask of you for this (Quran). It is only a reminder for Mankind. (6:90)

Bogus translation so where would i find the word al-Qur'an is this aya you will not find and you are editing your Allah's book remember?

And the word al-3alameen means the peoples darling it does not mean mankind or bashar and you know what? In surat al-fatiha we have the word al-3alameen which must be read as the peoples and those peoples are the Jews (or al-maghdubi 3alayhum) and the Christians (or al-daleen) and the Muslims (or al-ladhina an3amta 3alayhum or may be Allah changed his mind as in Q2:47 where the Jews became al-ladhina an3amta 3alayhum right darling? but again I'm not the author of this poor theology) and this more evidence that Allah knew about nothing beyond Arabia

>From Chapter 7, Al-Araf,

ROTFL Paki Arabic it is surat al-a3raaf

darling: Are you aware that the word Araf in Egyptian Arabic means disgusting? So do us a favor and change it next time

> verse 158 – Say: O mankind! Verily,

Oh let me see it says:

ya ayuha al-nasu

Or O you people

Your translation is bogus

> I am sent to you all as the Messenger of God – to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. None has the right to be worshipped but He: It is He Who gives life and causes death. So believe in God and His Messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write who believes in God and His Words [(this Quran), the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel) and also God's Word 'Be!' – and he was, i.e. Jesus son of Mary], and follow him so that you may be guided. (7:158)

Missing are the Hindus and the Buddhists and the atheists and the Wiccans and lots of other religions that did not exist in Arabia in the 7th century which is more evidence that Allah knew nothing beyond Arabia right darling

>There are many more if one just continues reading. The Quran does not address the Hijazi Arab, but Mankind… all mankind.

How pathetic that you depend on translations to tell us what the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic really says. I pity you

>"wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmihi" = And We sent not a Messenger except with the language of his people, in order that he might make (the Message) clear for them… (14:4)

Darling I already dealt with this in a previus blog right darling?

>You proceed with a 3 point argument which, if one were to agree with, would also mean that Moses was only sent to the Jews – Hebrews, and Jesus only to the Aramaics. Therefore, anyone who doesn't speak Hebrew or Aramaic has no claim to Judaism or Christianity? After all, Moses' language was Hebrew and the Torah was revealed in Hebrew, and Jesus' language was Aramaic, therefore his teachings would be in Aramaic!

We dealt with this one too in a previous blog right darling?

>Furthermore, you refer me to the following verses: Q10:47, Q13:8, Q35:24, Q28:75…

And we dealt with this one too in a previous blog right darling?

>And for every Ummah (a community or a nation), there is a Messenger; when their Messenger comes, the matter will be judged between them with justice, and they will not be wronged. (Yunus 10:47)

So who was the rasul that was sent to your Hindu umma darling because he ain't Muhammad as he was sent to his umma the Hijazi Arabs right darling?

>Allâh knows what every female bears, and by how much the wombs fall short (of their time or number) or exceed. Everything with Him is in (due) proportion. (Ra'd 13:8)Verily! We have sent you with the truth, a bearer of glad tidings, and a warner. And there never was a nation but a warner had passed among them. (Fatir 35:24)

So who was al-nadhir that was sent to yuor Hindu umma darling because he ain't Muhammad as he was sent to his umma the Hijazi Arabs?

>And We shall take out from every nation a witness, and We shall say: "Bring your proof." Then they shall know that the truth is with God (Alone), and the lies (false gods) which they invented will disappear from them. (Al-Qasas 28:75)

So who was the rasul that nuzi3a in India where your Hindu umma is located?

>I really don't see how these support your claim that Islam is for 'Hijazi Arabs' only. However, as I mentioned earlier, the verses that I've quoted from the Quran address all mankind and DO mention that Mohammed (and the Quran) were sent to 'mankind',

Bogus. Your Allah is not talking about al-bashar or mankind as he did not know anything beyond Arabia he is talking about the poeple very different words. Now do you see what happens when you pontificate about a book that you cannot read in its primary language?

>rather than to 'Hijazi Arabs only'.

So how do you explain Q14:4 darling? I'm not the author of this poor theology I only tell you what it syas in Arabic a language that you cannot read speak or write

>Regarding Ms. Crone's book Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam, you write: "Bogus she does not say that. And did you read Meccan Trade? " These are small quotes from sites discussing the book:"The book provides evidence that Islam did not originate in Mecca, located in the Hejaz region of what is modern day SaudiArabia."(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meccan_Trade_and_the_Rise_of_Islam)"the author reexamines the evidence for the religious status of pre-Islamic Mecca and seeks to elucidate the nature of the sources on which we should reconstruct our picture of the birth of the new religion in Arabia." http://www.amazon.com/Meccan-Trade-Islam-Patricia-Crone/dp/1593331029

Our dear Girl knows how to google and use an invention by infidles sobhanallah

Mr ignorant: you did not read the book right? shame on you

And for the readers I refer you to my blog about Hagarism which is another book that our dear Girl was alluding to without knowing. How pathetic

Shame on you

>So, it seems that YOU are the one who hasn't read the book!

Darling I do not have to prove anything to you it is you that told us about Hagarism without knowing and you thought that it is in Meccan Trade then it is you that have you provide the evidence that you read the book but again Greek logic is beyond poor Muslim education and you are a fake and big time falhlawiyya shame on you

>Now, please refrain from calling me 'darling'!

Why darling?

> I am not your (or any other stranger's) darling,

Would rida3at al-kabeer help make you darling again?

> sweet-heart, baby, etc. It is demeaning to call a woman by these.

Are you a woman darling? Oh let me see: girl? so are you a girl or a guy who pretends to be a girl?

>You write: "Really? and why do you provide me with a translation ms ignorant? where is the original Arabic? oh let me guess you are another tablighee and wannabe arab right?"And, you write: "You cannot be an Arab because Arabs have no clue and care less about what Ignaz Godlziher said or wrote"You write as if with the presumption that I am Hindu/Pakistani or Indian… I am not.

Really? then I must not be Mother Teresa from Berkina Fasso

> I am American, born and raised in a Roman Catholic community.

Really? there is such thing as "a Roman Catholic community" In the US? sobhanallah where is this community? let me guess: you are making this up right?

Oh and while we are at it and I was born and raised in a Muslim community and I revereted to Meccan paganism!

>I am a curious person...

No you are not . You are poorly educated person and if you were indeed curious then you would have been more demanding of the literary sources that you read as in reading the Qur'an not in a translation but in its primary language that is

>taught to read and seek knowledge and to learn about and respect others.

By whom? oh let me guess by your imaginary Bill? How pathetic

>Moreover, I NEVER claimed to be Arab!

darling: I was able to tell right away that you ain't a woman and that you do not know ay Arabic and that you are either a Pakisatni or Indian Muslim and do you know why? because you use the same literary topoi as other Muslims from India and Pakistan

>Do not assume that because I can respect another culture (and actually try to understand it by regarding its Scriptures, beliefs, people, etc. rather than what outsiders may want me to believe about it) that I am of that culture or that I am a 'wannabe arab'.

You are a wannabe Arab and no more

>Furthermore, my not providing you with the original Arabic does not make me ignorant.

Yes it does

>But I will say this, I was ignorant as to what a 'tablighee' is!...

Really? well if you can google Meccan Trade the you can google tablighee and it comes from the Arabic language root BLGh and al-tabligh (v.n.) means the informing and al-mubaligh means he whom informs or Muslim missionary (gasp!) But in Urdu it becomes tablighee and you will find these pathetic characters even here in the US now you know so are you a tablighee darling?

>so, I searched

A muslim who does research sobhanallah

>for it, and found various other comments posted by you in which you offend, insult, and call others by this word.

You think that I made up the word?. And do you find anything insulting about the words islamic missionary darling? Well this is what a tablighee is darling

> Why are you so full of hate and insult?!

darling: It is the author of the Qur'an that is full of hate not me

>Can you not discuss your view without having to get nasty with people? Perhaps you can learn something from the following verse from the Quran: "Invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better…" (16:125) Such a way would earn you more respect and perhaps one may actually think seriously about what you have to say!

Really? this is the same Allah who calls the Jews al-khanazeer wa al-quruud and tells your like to go out and qatilu ahl al-kitab and iqtulu al-mushrikeen! So much for the god of islam

>"And darling: who is Bill?" Well, not that it is ANY of your business, Bill is my father.

But you just told me that he is your daddy? where does big Bill live? ...Do us a favor and get a grip


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