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Reader comment on item: Department of Corrections (of Others' Factual Mistakes about Me)
in response to reader comment: Mearsheimer and Walt

Submitted by Mrs4 (United States), Jun 22, 2006 at 13:47

B.A. Kirken,

Your articles, books, speeches, and courses about the Middle East are an insult to intelligence. America couldn't uncover a conspiracy unless it was wearing a name-tag. That's how 911 caught you by surprise. You don't know "who" is the enemy. You accuse the Jews. Why not, thats what we do. And I use to be part of it. No matter what happens to a Muslim, somehow we would find a way to blame a Jew.

Sadly, NO ONE in Americas has the SENSE to reason..."Hey those weren't Jews who abducted those planes five years ago!! Having lived in a Bethlehem household (Bethlehem in Israel, that is), I am amazed at the ludicrous speculation of so-called educated (included the educators) in America. I could present "children" (Jew & Arab) under the age of 16 yrs old who could accurately correct most of the American media and educator's conclusions.

Here is what is so sad...you actually believe that if you reject Israel, or agree with everything that the Islamic world wants that in return we will love you...or just leave you alone. That is so funny. You are so foolish. But Palestinians know how to manipulate the Western media...they are so easy! America is a BIG nation with a BIG heart and little brain!!! Islam means "submit". And that is the world view...world submission to Islam. You are always yelling for freedom. You've died to have it. And now you throw it away because you are too afraid to fight terrorism to keep freedom. DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT IF YOU LEAVE IRAQ YOU WILL NEVER BE ATTACKED AGAIN???!!!

How sad for you and your obvious ignorance! The object of terrorism is death to the U.S. and Israel, and any nation that does not "submit". Islam, in the Muslim Scriptures, demand world domination for Allah.

Having once been victimized by Hamas and other Arabic terrorists in Israel, many of my family members and former neighbors are dumb-founded at the ignorance and naive nature of so many Americans. But we understand that your media is your information basis. They appeal to your emotions, and you draw your conclusions from them. Try living in Israel. Either Jewish or Arab quarters. You will return to the U.S with a clearer view. And you will despise your emotion-invoking "politicians" for their CNN, ABC, NBC, media MIS-"information".

If I could I would bring every American (politician, civilian, and especially THE MEDIA) to Israel for 3 months. You will leave realizing that some things do not go away just because they are unpleasant. Your liberals and your republicans are naive. But many here laugh at your naive and idealistic liberals. Especially that McKinney woman in Atlanta. She called our men "brothers" ("our poor Palestinians brothers", she says). First, she does not cover her head. But, her foolish support will be absorbed. But IF they ever get their hands on her it would be bad. Islam has no love for women who do not cover their hair and talk as much as she does.

Many of your foolish liberals expect to repel terrorism and make a friend by turning on your own leadership in the face of people wanting to kill you. So let me help your ignorance. Islam and democracy DO NOT MIX. One repels the other!!! You are like a foolish man embracing & trying to befriend a detonated bomb! None of the freedoms your women enjoy would be allowed under Islam. Sports, entertainment, it would all go!!! So WHY did you bring down Hitler, but have so much sympathy for leaders who are worse?

And your so-called "understanding" of Middle East history is comical! First the term "Palestinian". Pls show the terrorists that you have a brain. Search archeological and world history...before 1967. Ever hear of a "Palestinian Nation" or "Dynasty". Greek, Roman, Babylonian, etc., but there was no such people, government, language, etc. in history. But, as some say in the Middle East, "if you repeat a lie to an American often enough, throw in a little victim-appeal, they will eventually abandon all knowledge and believe it."

Before 1967, the Arabs in Israel (and we are Arabs...we speak Arabic, we practice the Arabic religion - Islam, we live the Arabic culture...we are Arabs!), we did NOT refer to ourselves as Palestinians. This began after the Six Day War. The term comes from "Syria-Phillistia", given by the conquering Romans named after the Israelites worse enemies in their history - the Phillistines and the Syrians. This was re-interpreted as "Fallistine"...then to "Palestine". I've seen American movies use this word during your Bible films and I have to laugh. The term wasn't first used until AFTER 305. A.D!!! But America doesn't seem to be "The Nation of Information". Not accurate anyway. Does anyone read there? Not just your politically driven materials.

Come to Israel. Not just a guided tour. Watch, listen, observe for yourself. Then return to the U.S. And teach other Americans before your nation is weakened through ignorance.


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