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Interesting Mention Linking Turkey and Iran

Reader comment on item: Is Turkey Leaving the West?
in response to reader comment: Dear Mr. Tovey

Submitted by M. Tovey (United States), Feb 21, 2013 at 18:58

My apologies for not seeing this before now: as John Wayne once remarked in one of his more 'American west' movies, "you interest meā€¦..", a quick quip styled answer to a comment of a greater concern, that of the welfare of a people being targeted for wanting a better life yet having the appearance of intruding into the lives of the established predecessors. Kind of peculiar as it does have application here, and not only with Turkey and the Middle East, but a concurrent application could be argued for India as well.

First and foremost, going back to your insistence of my aligning with the warring factions in the Middle East and the exportation of Islamism around the world, the battle about to beset Turkey is NOT my war; only those who have high-jacked Washington are intent on prosecuting war in the Middle East. My personal proclivities would be to seek a means to proclaim peace through the love of Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus Christ and provide the means for all to get together in His love.

Your mistake of thinking that the nominal 'christian label' for the west puts your argument of an Islamic based shari'a legal system in place of the 'western morality' in jeopardy for the lack of true insight of what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

That having been said and let us set it aside for a moment, the impending war that is about to break out between Turkey and her allies versus the projected interdiction of the United Nations for their own reasons is not going to solve anyone's problem in the region- yet a war (not of my choosing) is inevitable. By the inference of your first question, you have asked, "Why is that?" I have alluded to the reason before and at least a couple of times stated outright why - which you have rejected.

Your general attitude has predestined your world view to seek an answer of the world's problems from a perspective that history has already answered, but you choose not to believe. Thus any answer I have given before and might consider now is academic when pouched in the envelope of my world perspective in contrast to yours.

You say, "Western society is crumbling and I do not see any other chance for the West to survive without a strong influence of Islam in her constitutionā€¦", to which I might have been inclined to give some credence to; except that much of what I have seen for decades is that the hatred that permeates all societies is just as entrenched in the Middle East and even in India; so the argument that the west is alone in its defeat of human concerns is weak at best.

You say that a western woman who has a career instead of a family is somehow less than fulfilled; and maybe I might be inclined to wonder about her life. But in comparison to all the women (and young female juveniles) who are deprived of life in honor killings will never get to learn anything about life except that their murderers held their honor closer than any love they might have needed for forgiveness. I'm sorry, but that's a depraved attitude toward the heritage of any society, just as abortions are elsewhere.

I have personally known Islamists in the west. They would have done well to remain where they hailed from; for they are never able to fully assimilate into the western culture; indeed they are usually sternly warned by their fellows and their imams not to, being instructed to bide their time and wait for the moment to expound their hatred upon non-Muslims. This is historical; for is it not the same hatred for Hindu's that cost India her once great place in world history due to factionalism?

Now; Let us come to an understanding-it is not my contention that the United States is going to be the solver of the world's problems, mostly because the rest of the world no longer has the same envy that once was bestowed upon America. Further, the current office holder of the American Administrative Chief Executive does not hold to the 'exceptionalism' that America has been labeled with. Instead there is a different agenda being put into place as this is being written. One might think that Islam is going to gain greater influences over here, but that will be for a very short time as Islam by certain measures is being used for political reasons.

Going further, there is much to be said by linking Turkey to Iran as you do, for there is that connection made by the Jewish Holy Bible. I would elaborate upon that here, but your earlier reluctance of accepting such references suggests a futility of repeating that which you would not believe. For others though, Togarmah and Elam, and all the rest are linked in such a way that the inevitability that is spoken of earlier is plain for those who understand.

And finally, Muslim immigration to the west will not be the west's salvation, but as seen in the historical context, one must choose whether to be Sunni or Shia and then be ready to defend what is holy to each. I would rather focus on seeking discipleship with my true Savior Jesus and have His peace and love in my heart than to get involved the rivalry of trying to find out who the twelfth imam is.

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