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Liberalism appeals to all the baser appetites

Reader comment on item: What Is the Future of Conservatism in the Wake of the 2012 Election?
in response to reader comment: Conservatives optimistic, yes—but convincing?

Submitted by Keith (United States), Jan 6, 2013 at 00:36

Liberalism appeals to all the baser appetites.

It says you can..

Have sex with anyone, anytime, without consequences; liberalism denies that such behavior a) debases us b) contributes to a crass view of sex c) costs women disproportionate emotional heartache d) and reduces men to mere sexual animals with a compromised ability to make sacrifices for their wives and families.

Believe that consequences like undesired pregnancy and STD's need not be accepted any more - hence the "birth control mandate" in Obamacare, support for (and from) abortion providers, and the destigmatization of STDs.

Not have to work and yet be cared for. Hence limitless unemployment "benefits." The benefits of a good work ethic are rarely praised. Cradle to grave entitlements are the goal or, more precisely, the strategy by which to obtain votes and cultivate dependency upon government.

Believe your failings are not your fault. Alcoholism becomes a disease, all kinds of crime become the product of a "disadvantaged upbringing." Everything must eventually be normalized including pedophilia - the final frontier of liberalism is to normalize sex with children. Liberals will deny this, but this repugnant viewpoint, while nascent, is indeed gradually skulking out of the closet into the public square of debate.

Rely on government. They maintain this no mater what, abundant past and present evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

Believe that some people are better, are of higher moral fiber, and can be trusted with your rights, your care, your safety. Hence the lockstep cult of personality that is built around all leftist leaders in the modern age, with its pinnacle thus far being presently realized around Obama, about whom no liberal media can say a discouraging word, despite his many and obvious failures as a president. The truest liberals do not merely like or applaud their leaders, they worship them. In this they are beyond the reach of reason.

Do without any absolute or external measure of right and wrong. Right and wrong are only meaningful in the context of advancing liberalism. If it retards or opposes liberalism, it is wrong. If it complies with or advances liberalism, it is right. But we must not speak in those terms lest we cause people to believe in absolutes.

The list goes on. Liberalism appeals to immediate gratification, and it is a religion unto itself. It offers people everything their baser impulses desire. In almost all these things it is the children, the most defenseless members of our society, who are harmed the most.

Conservatism asks people to look farther down the road, past what our flesh may crave in the short run, and asks a different set of questions: What actually works? What encourages people to rise to their fullest potential? What is good?

But who wants to think about such things any more? Who even believes the message? Few, and fewer all the time.

Daniel, you are right that politics follows culture, but I do not share your optimism. The global homogenization of culture around liberal ideas brought about by faster and faster media, including most lately the internet, is creating a water control empire of thought that will not find an adequate challenger. Liberalism is winning, and will win. The result will be the eventual enslavement of us all and the complete intolerance of any dissenting view. All will be the state, and the state will be all, with one man at the top holding life or death over anyone he pleases. The disdain that Obama has for the importance of people's religious views as evidenced by his birth control mandate is material evidence of his desire that all kiss the ring of state and make obeisance to it first. He is willing to destroy the livelihoods of dissenters, e.g. Hobby Lobby. He is not the first, nor will he be the last world leader to take this path, and we have seen where it leads. It is not a pretty place.

In the end there will be those who are willing to die for absolute principles, and those who will be killing them - or watching it happen without doing anything about it. The twentieth century provided mere vignettes of this. There is much more in store.


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