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The phobia-propagating organization called "CAIR"

Reader comment on item: Radical Islam's Hypocrisy[: The Ehrgott & Okashah Cases]

Submitted by Raid Mohammad (United States), Jan 19, 2005 at 17:10

I was very saddened to read that the phobia-propagating organization called "CAIR" had recently conducted a meeting with high ranking officials at the Department of State. I am saddened to find out that the Department of State has fallen victim to this organization's propaganda. I am saddened that the Department gave this phobia merchant called "CAIR" the platform to promote its agenda. Where does "CAIR" stand when it comes to the oppressing policies of Mosques here in the US? Why doesn't "CAIR" ever care to offer this kind of "proposal includes such measures" to U.S. Mosques' leaders? Why doesn't "CAIR" jump at the ample opportunities to address the issue of the oppressing policies of U.S. Mosques' leaders?

I wonder how the American Public would react if they found out that "CAIR" might have had the chance to prevent the atrocities of 9/11 had they listened to my warnings. In the summer of 2000 I begged "CAIR" to take a more active role in educating Mosques' leaders; I warned them of the potential danger in allowing certain fund-raising activities conducted by shadowy individuals or organizations. "CAIR" is part of the problem, not the solution. When the Taliban were slaughtering thousands of innocent Afghans, "CAIR" condoned it, or at least kept quiet about it. When the US went there to cure this epidemic that is called Taliban and Bin Laden, "CAIR" cried foul. As an Iraqi-American myself, I find "CAIR" to be very ironic. While their role model Saddam was annihilating Iraqis, "CAIR" was condoning it or at least kept quiet about it. When the US went to rid Iraq of this tyrant, they once again cried foul. In both cases, "CAIR" never failed to post or circulate any and all articles with clear anti American sentiments.

Their disinformation is very damaging and very misleading. "CAIR" will spare no effort to mislead American Muslims. The disinformation campaign could have very grave consequence on our society here in the U.S. "CAIR" cashes in on the phobia and naiveté of Muslims. "CAIR" is trying its best to sanitize history books to conceal the fact that the damage that was done to Muslims was self-inflicted. For 1,400 years, we Muslims have been dehumanizing and brutalizing our own minorities. We mocked Islam long before anybody started to defame Muslims. We killed our inner self long before anybody killed our heartless bodies.

Today's Muslims demand from the world the things that we can't achieve within ourselves let alone from without. We ask the world to treat us as their equals while our institutions of worship here in the U.S. are controlled by oppressors and dictators. We cry about secret evidence while our Mosques' administrations, here in the U.S., give police falsely sworn affidavits to have reformists get arrested and humiliated. ..

"CAIR" staff can never see beyond their noses. They chose not to acknowledge the fact that when the world attacks "Islam," it is attacking the "Islam" it has come to know through Muslims' conduct and actions -- or inaction. "CAIR" would do everything to force everybody to be in conformity with the way they think. However, their austere misleading doctrine is etched in their minds, which makes it impossible for them to be able to accept others' thinking and or beliefs. It would be great if "CAIR" could channel their phobia campaign towards these oppressing Mosques' leaders to make them realize that their policies will eventually backfire at themselves and on Muslims everywhere. But the sad reality is that "CAIR" abuses phobia in order to exploit scared Muslims and get inside their wallets. Also, they hope to make scared American Muslims rally around "CAIR" -- not as informed and enlightened citizens, but rather in the way goslings rally around mother goose. ..

Raid Mohammad

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