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Egypt and more of the same

Reader comment on item: Egypt's Sham Election
in response to reader comment: Flawed Analysis

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Dec 10, 2011 at 07:57

Karim wrote

>This is a very flawed analysis.

Well let us see

>The Muslim Brotherhood have been at the receiving end of the military dictatorship in Egypt for as long as that dictatorship was in power,

This is not true. el-zubbat el-ahrar of the 1952 revolution were all ikhwangiyya. However, I still have to see the evidence that Gamal Abd el-Nasser was a member of el-ikhwan.

Nasser wanted absolute power and for this to happen he had to crush what he believed to be his enemies and on the top of the list were el-ikhwan el-muslimeen and the likes of Sayyed Qutb

And anyone that watched the recent massacre of the Copts at Maspero and heard the shouting by the members of the military shouting at the Copts: Islamiyya Islamiyya and kuffar has to come to the conclusion that slogans are not created in a vacuum and that the Egyptian army and now SCAF is not more than an extension of el-ikhwan el-muslimeen

Now if we go back to 1975 and the attack on the Militray Academy by some members of el-ikhwan was an alarming incident to Anwar el-Sadat (who was also Ikhwangi himself) but he elected to pacify those criminals than to hold them responsible for what they did

So you see karim this is a balancing act: All the militrary had to do is to imprison them or even kill them if they seem to threaten the ability of the military to rule Egypt but the military was no more than an extension of el-ikhwan

>it is inconceivable that the Brotherhood will make a deal with the military

I agree with you and I do believe that Safwat Higazi biyefti or he is talking nonsense and he is what i call abd el-mohim and no more

>knowing the Brotherhoods deep penetration of the Egyptians psychic as savior and protector of the faith.

May be now but there is plenty of evidence that el-ikhwan el-muslimeen were seen back in the 1940's and 1950's as no more than a bunch of uneducated fools

I believe that Egyptians want action to their demands and to name just a few: housing, good eduaction, good and affordable health care, minimum wage laws etc...and it is very clear that the militrary has not been able to provide the people of Egypt with their basic needs so who is next in line? el-ikhwan el-muslimeen

Egypt has many serious and non of it can be solved by el-ikhwan and I'm very happy that they could form the next government unless the army plays its usual games and continues in power and a very interesting person to watch and he might be the dark horse is el-fariq Sami 3Inan

>The Brotherhoods day is now, and they know it, why would they give it up? Or share it with their oppressor for that matter?

Well I hate to disappoint you the Egyptian army is no more than an extension of the Muslim brotherhood and you already have the Muslim brotherhood in charge and its name is SCAF

>My secularist half cringe when it sees Islamists advance in any election, as I know it is a step backward,

I agree with you 100% and el-salafiyeen are most disgusting and most un-Egyptian as they would rather live in 7th century Arabia than in Egypt . el-ikhwan el-muslimeen? they are hypocrites and hate mongers and no more

>but my pragmatic half accepts that this is a must evil,

Well we can disagree here as i do not want to see Egypt as another Iran

>as we have to take this step back for us to move forward later on. It seems that my fellow Arabs

Egyptians are Arabs? really? since when?

>are hell bent on burning their fingers with Islamist government for them to know that it will not work in the long run.

I agree with you 100%

>Let us all hope that the learning will be short lived, and the fallout will not be as catastrophic as pundits think.

I hate to tell you but I happen to beleive that nothing will change and SCAF will be in charge and el-salafiyeen will end in jail and el-ikhwan will be marginalized again and the sad thing is those that ignited this revolution were the educated and secular middle class aka el-libraliyeen wa el-3ilmaniyeen and now the parasites those that have a phone line connection with Allah will be in charge and we will see the likes of the Zeus and the mermaids fas'iyya in Eskendria covered in burqa

You see Karim and to qupte the old saying: the more it changes the more it stays the same

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