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"These Christians are not even worth burial, let the dogs eat them."

Reader comment on item: Cyprus on the World Stage
in response to reader comment: What you give is only drivel

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Oct 31, 2011 at 20:17

Debanjan Banerjee ,

You make very far reaching claims, mainly of moral nature which is remarkable for a follower of such an immoral, evil and supremacist religion as Islam that considers us kafirs on a par with pigs, urine and excrement. You come to impose by brutal unprovoked force your yoke and slavery on us. You bring cultural regress to lands where you have no business to set your foot on, you behave like animals , you rob, loot, kill and enslave people at will and yet have the cheek to blame the victims of your own crimes for defending their homes , families, faith and liberty ! And you add grandiloquent and grotesque sermons on how "good" and "virtuous" you jihadist scoundrels are by doing what you have always done to us kafirs.

Maybe you have at last a comment on Cyprus e.g. proving my source wrong about profound degradation the Turkish rule there meant ? No? At any event you have to invent a better lie than " become ... a Janissari whereby you have a chance to be a grand Vizier in future" ! For my part I might tell you to become a Christian whereby you have a chance to become a US president in the future ! Tell your impudent lies to Constantine of Ostrovitze who knows your vicious Moslem ways best and whose shocking first-hand account I know. He exposes the nonsensicality of your claim better than I could ever do. I have a valid source. What is yours ? One case in million with Sokoli who was assassinated and is no representative figure at all. If Turkish slavery, beating, mistreatments, being dragged along the fields behind a horse and a thousand other forms of diabolical torture and humiliation were so fine as you describe them, then why didn't our Polish janissary come back to his Turkish masters to continue in the hope of becoming a Grand Vizier one day ?

> Can you recall a single "Ottoman JIhadist" eating a single Pole , Jew , Greek , Bulgar or Russian ?<

There are numberless sources on Turkish diabolical barbarity . This one is just one of many

"But let me tell you what we saw at Batak ...On the other side of the way were the skeletons of two children lying side by side, partly covered with stones, and with frightful, sabre cuts in their little skulls. The number of children killed in these massacres is something enormous. They were often spitted on bayonets, and we have several stories from eye-witnesses who saw the little babes carried about the streets, both here and at Olluk-Kui, on the points of bayonets. The reason is simple. When a Mohammedan has killed a certain number of infidels he is sure of Paradise , no matter what his sins may be. Mahomet probably in tended that only armed men should count, but the ordinary Mussulman takes the precept in its broader acceptation, and counts women and children as well. The advantage of killing children is that it can be done without danger, and that a child counts for as much as an armed man. Here in Batak the Bashi-Bazouks, in order to swell the count, ripped open pregnant women, and killed the unborn infants. As we approached the middle of the town, bones, skeletons, and skulls became more numerous. There was not a house beneath the ruins of which we did not perceive human remains, and the street besides was strewn with them. Before many of the doorways women were walking up and down wailing their funeral chant. One of them caught me by the arm and led me inside of the walls, and there in one corner, half covered with stones und mortar, were the remains of another young girl, with her long hair flowing wildly about among the stones and dust. And the mother fairly shrieked with agony, and beat her head madly against the wall. I could only turn round and walk out sick at heart, leaving her alone with her skeleton....

Of all the cruel, brutal, ferocious things the Turks ever did, the massacre of Batak is among the worst! Of all the mad, foolish things they ever did, leaving these bodies to lie here rotting for three mouths un-buried is probably the maddest and most foolish! But this village was in an isolated, out-of-the way place, difficult of access, und they never thought Europeans would go poking their noses here, so they cynically said, "These Christians are not even worth burial, let the dogs eat them." ...

We asked about the skulls and bones we had seen up on the hill upon first arriving in the village where the dogs had barked at us. These we were told were the bones of about two hundred young girls, who had first been captured and particularly reserved for a worse fate than death. They had been kept till the last; they had been in the hands of their captors for several days — for the burning and the pillaging had not all been accomplished in a single day — and during this time they had suffered all it was possible that poor weak trembling girls could suffer at the hands of brutal savages. Then, when the town had been pillaged and burnt, when all their friends had been slaughtered, these poor young things, whose very wrongs should have insured them safety, whose very outrages should have insured them protection, were taken, in the broad light of day, beneath the smiling canopy of heaven, coolly beheaded, then thrown in a heap there, and left to rot...

The Turkish authorities did not even pretend that there was any Turk killed here, or that the inhabitants offered any resistance whatever when Achmet-Agha, who commanded the massacre, came with the Basha-Bazouks ..."

"The Turkish atrocities in Bulgaria : horrible scenes at Batak." by J.A. MacGahan , The Daily News , August 22, 1876 , p.5-

> The guy whom you describe as hero killed Sultan Murad I when the Sultan was a ripe old man of 63 years old with almost no means to protect himself. He was feeble and could barely protect himself from a red-blooded slav like Miloš Obilić. The Sultan was not killed in the battlefield."

If Murad Ghazi was so feeble, helpless and old as you say, then why didn't he stay in his warm, cozy and safe harem chambers in Adrianople but instead came with all his army to massacre and enslave the Serbs the way his successors and imitators massacred the Bulgarians in Batak ? (See above in case you missed the eyewitness report! ) .

You say Murad I could "barely defend himself" ? Well, his army numbered some 40,000 soldiers including 2 000 janisaries, 2500 cavalary guard, 6000 sipahis, 20 000 irregular and semi-regular troops and 8 000 auxiliary soldiers, yet he "could barely defend himself"? With all this might he could barely defend himself against one brave and intelligent defender of his fatherland, faith and people ? Well, maybe he should have come alone without his army of thieves, killers and sadists to be better protected in a country and among a free nation that wanted no Turkish jiahdist animals on its soil ?

Anyway, as a Moslem you must see a hand of your Allah in it. After all for you nothing happens without his will, does it , especially when such darlings of Allah as Murad I Ghazi are punished for his crimes and arrogance with death ?


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