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What stupid lies? But Pakistan is a terrorist state

Reader comment on item: Thoughts on the Killing of Osama bin Laden
in response to reader comment: Stupid ILies

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), May 6, 2011 at 13:11

Our dear Amin whose Hindu ancestors were brutalized by islam is here to defend the terrorist state of Pakistan

>One thing is a clear lie - that there was "a volatile fight". So there is gun fire and right next door is pakistan equivalent of "Sandhurst" and what were the Pakistani Army doing - Sleeping?

Oh those poor Pakistanis! Oh it must be the islamophobia but it could be that pakistanis are a bunch of liars or could it be that they are delsuional? so which one is it? let me help you: there ain't no thing called islamophobia

>Second lie - that Pakistan knew nothing about it. So FOUR noisy helicopters managed to land they had gun fight and a massive Pakistan Army base knew nothing. That is an incredible one.

Then ... it means that the Pakistanis were liars. Oh I can hear Pakistanis saying: "oh we did not hear them helicopters after all we only know what al-buraq looks like and sounds like" right?


>Third - that the base was a top army academy is a lie -

Well this is what i call paksitani exagerations which is part of the culture and is not more than lies!

>has anyone seen pictures of that place.

Would anyone is sane mind pay one million dollars for such horrible place? Just look at the grounds they are so ugly and not well kept but again Muslims must be too busy reading the book of Allah and waiting for their turn to get Allah's 72 virgins or the boys of Allah's little jana right our dear Amin (so which one is going to be for you? The virgins of the boys?) and what is most amazing about such house that it is located in a country where many people do not earn more than one single dollar per day

So much for the umma and its victims

>Pakistan might be 3rd world country and all that - but it spends heavily on military - and that WAS not a top military installation.

Hello: people are starving in Pakistan and this does not stop Pakistanis from spending money on developing atomic bombs and your likes instead of working hard spend their time reading the book of Allah and trying to convert kuffar to the Allah's way instead of imroving their lot in life and why is that our dear Amin? Oh I forgot it must be those bad Hindus going after Pakistanis!

What a crock

>Fourth is a stupid lie - that the mansion or so called mansion worth millions of us dollars.

I agree but you see we kuffar only tell you what the pakistani sources tell us so if you disagree then let them in Pakistan know that such claim is bogus and let us see what they say

>We are talking about a ABBOTABAD not even among the top ten rich famous big cities of Pakistan.

There are rich famous big cities in Pakistan? Really? Salman Rushdi called Karachi and lahore "dumbs big time" and Karachi has the biggest slum in all of Asia!

>Real Estate is not worth tha much there. Looking at the size and quality of place - it is not worth that much.

No you really do not know as you live among kuffar unless you wish to get on the next buraq flight and head back there and good riddance and send us a report about real estate in lala land aka Pakistan

>FifthThere have been no more tapes for several years - Obama just wants second term - or pakistan was clearly in on it and does not want it going round that - especially given the situation

No we the people of the US wanted this animal to be killed period and good riddance

>Pakistan president Zardari would sell his grandmother if he could make a buck.

Or get a green card like all Pakistanis right? what a bunch of hypocrites

>Given he and the party PPP has always been pro America AND th amount of money that has been pouring in in form of aid......

Pakistan is a terrorist state

>.... and before the death of his wife he admitted to swindling money.

Oh and I urge you to leave islam and be free again


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