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Academic Malfeasance: The Case of Christopher Bail (Sep 11, 2016)

Ban the Burqa, Allow the Burkini (Aug 23, 2016)

No Saudi Money for American Mosques (Aug 22, 2016)

What's Trump's Policy on Visas for Muslims? (Aug 17, 2016)

End U.S. Aid to Israel (Jul 26, 2016)


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ISIS Imposes a Partial Ban on Burqas (Sep 6, 2016)

Two Opposing Views of the Islamist Threat (Aug 26, 2016)

More on the Burkini Ban (Aug 25, 2016)

Parsi vs Daioleslam: Correcting the Record (Aug 19, 2016)

The 11th Encyclop├Ždia Britannica on Who Is a Palestinian (Jul 31, 2016)


Latest Video and Audio

Radical Islam in Decline?
September 7, Gatestone Institute

Trump's Muslim Immigration Policy Is Evolving for the Better
August 31, Breitbart News Daily (radio)

"The Longest and Most Vicious Confrontation": An Interview
August 30, L'Informale (Italy)

Al-Nusra's rebranding may increase its powers within jihadi networks in Syria
July 30, Radio Sputnik

"The Battle against Islamism Has Not Yet Started"
July 25, Global Review (Germany)

Making Sense of the Coup Attempt in Turkey
July 19, The Rebel (Canada)


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  1. No Saudi Money for American Mosques
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