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America's Know-Nothing Diplomacy (Nov 9, 2016)

What's a Conservative to Do? Vote for Pence (Oct 18, 2016)

Islamist Violence Will Steer Europe's Destiny (Oct 10, 2016)

The Middle East Studies Establishment Goes Full Warrior (Oct 9, 2016)

Academic Malfeasance: The Case of Christopher Bail (Sep 11, 2016)


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UK Internet Provider O2 Blocks Me (Nov 13, 2016)

Post-Election Reflections of a #NeverTrumpNorHillary Conservative (Nov 12, 2016)

CAIR Leader: Overthrow the U.S. Government (Nov 11, 2016)

The SPLC Finds Niqabs and Kippahs Equally Threatening (Nov 6, 2016)

The Mundane Origins of Germany's Huge Turkish Population (Oct 30, 2016)


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Does "#NeverTrump" Still Hold?
November 2, The Rebel (Canada)

Why Hillary Clinton Took In the Most Donations from Islamists
October 21, Don Kroah Show, WAVA, Washington D.C.

From the Decline of Islamism to Israel's Victory
October 20, JBS (Jewish Broadcast Service)

The US and Saudi Arabia: Sleeping With the Enemy?
October 12, Sputnik News

Dangerous Words
October 1, Dangerous Words 250, Stockholm

Radical Islam in Decline?
September 7, Gatestone Institute


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