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Victimization of Pakistan and Pakistan Army by Dictators.

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Submitted by M.AKRAM KHAN NIAZI (Pakistan), Oct 1, 2009 at 00:20

Victimization of Pakistan and Pakistan Army by Dictators. Usually army personnel's of any country are considered as the most devoted and trustworthy personnel of any Nation, as they have sworned for sacrificing their lives for their nation, their fore every one considered them highly selfless, as every thing will be safe and fair in their hands, in each and every condition, but in case of Pakistan the situation was reversed of this phenomena from the beginning of the Pakistan, Therefore it is necessary to analyze this situation so that to avoid any further damage to Pakistan. Disobedience to Quaid-e-Azam.

When father of nation Quaid-e- Azam, in view of aggression of India in Kashmir, ordered that time Chief of Army, General David Douglas Gracey to counter that aggression, instead of following that order he replied that he will talk to Supreme Commander for this pupose, and avoided to counter the Indian Aggression, due to which Innocent people of Kashmir have to suffer a lot of, which they are suffering till today. Death Penalty to Moulana. Moududi:- Mr.Moududi, a religious scholar and Leader of Jammat-e-Islami was awarded death penalty by a military court, which clearly indicates that how much care and sensitivity to emotions of society these army Generals have. Era of Ayoub. Martial Law of 1958. By implementing Martial Law in 1958,by Generals, Dreams of Muslims of subcontinent were buried under their boots, and irreparable loss to this nation occurred by those power lusty Generals, The Details of which are as follows. Loss of status of a Democratic state.

Due to Implementation of Martial Law, Democratic rights of nation were lost, and Pakistan lost the status of a democratic nation, a right and status on the basis and principles of which Pakistan was created Loss of status of a Nonaligned Nation. Due to Military Generals and their lust for Military Packts, Pakistan was gone completely in USA camp, against Soviet Union, while in fact there was no conflict between Pakistan and Soviet Union, and Soviet Union was our neighboring country and was having Huge Muslims populations in its Central Asian states, it was very convenient by using these factors for developing strong and durable friendship with soviet Union, as that of China we have developed.

Due to wrong policies of Military Generals, Soviet Union became enemy of Pakistan, and which later on proved very fatal. Damage to Unity of Pakistan. As per constitution of 1956, it was decided that each Province will be represented either by Prime Minister or President of the country. But General Ayoub violated this principle and ruled the country as a dictator for about 10 years, this created sense of deprivation in East Pakistan, for which 100 % Military Generals were responsible. Advantages to India: Military Dictator Ship in Pakistan and due to loss of status of a democratic state, these things were very favorable for India for damaging the Interest of subcontinent Muslims and Pakistan, and full advantage was taken by India of the foolish acts of Pakistani Generals. • Being itself under Military Dictatorship, Pakistan demand for right of self determination for Kashmir was weakened. • Although, Military Dictatorship in Pakistan was highly beneficial for India, India superficially showed as India is against dictatorship, to give impression to patriotic Pakistanis as Military Dictators were highly beneficial for Pakistan. • By developing bad relationship with Pakistan, India kept at a distance its Muslims Population from developing any people to people contacts with Pakistan. • By developing good relationship with Russia, India forced Afghanistan not to develop close relationship with Pakistan. • India used Hindu minority and ethnocentric Bengalese of East Pakistan as their lever, for making propaganda for Bengali Language and Economic and Political Exploitation of Bengalese by West Pakistani Generals. For promoting Indian agenda on above mentioned points, Foolish Generals of Pakistan Army in fact helped India in its conspiracy to divide Muslims of subcontinent and to harm Pakistan as much as possible. War of 1965. Due to Military Dictator ship, India instead of giving right of self determination to People of Kashmir, selected to take the advantage of non democratic government in Pakistan, therefore tried to use military force to solve that problem for ever, although desire of Kashmiri and Pakistani nation to liberate the Kashmir was very high, but due to military dictatorship in the country it was impossible for Pakistan to gain any thing by that conflict. India was a six times larger country than Pakistan, due to being only single huge nation for Hindues,it was quite clear that its Hindu population will be highly motivated and devoted for the defense and interest of India, therefore in such situation it was completely out of question to liberate Kashmir with any military operation, therefore decision of liberation of Kashmir by war in 1965 was completely against the wisdom and knowledge of warfare, by that war Pakistan economy was seriously damaged and useless loss of army personnel's and equipments was occurred . Incapability of Dictators. In 1965 war when with the sacrifices of Pakistani soldiers Indian defense line was totally broken, and Kashmir valley was laying in front of Pakistani army, Dictators again failed to show their competitiveness and confidence and instead of moving forward they stopped the army forward movement. Which resulted in the wastage of sacrifices of soldiers and Pakistani nation. Transfer of Power 1968. General Ayoub instead of handing over power to Speaker of National Assembly handed over power to another General by this he showed no respect for his oath for sacrificing his life for nation, as a compromise for his life he surrendered to other Generals. Era of Yahya Khan. Dictator Yahya Khan was well known as a loose character man, his era is full of highest victimization of Pakistani nation and Army, it is sometimes thought that government of Pakistan was handed over to this man just to penalize to Pakistani nation by Dictator Ayoub, Because it is completely unpredictable that how this man was able to become the president of an Islamic nation, this is a mystery till today. Some blunders of Yahya Khan are as follows, Constitution Assembly Elections 1970:- In the presence of 1956 and 1962 constitutions and against the advice of intellectuals of the nation that it will be very difficult to develop a new constitution for the country, elections were hold by this dictator for new constitution which led the country to an unprecedented crisis. Inability to handle the crisis after elections: After elections politicians of the country failed to reach on any consensus on new constitution as forecasted already by the intellectuals, Dictator Yahya Khan instead of persuading them to reach on some type of consensus, tried to use the policy of divide and rule for the perpetuation of his own rule and for this he had to find some reasons for which he had not to wait so long. Incapability of understanding to Enemy. • Dictator Yahya totally failed to understand the policy of India based on from first day of creation of Pakistan that how to create disunity among Muslims. • On the basis of this policy • India kept Indian Muslims at a distance from Pakistan by treating Pakistan as an enemy country. • India created bad relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. • India created bad relations between Pakistan and Soviet Union so that Pakistan could not develop again their historical relations with central Asians Muslims. In 1970 elections Indian RAW was main instrument, which was mainly responsible for cultivation of hatred between West and East Pakistan, But Dictator Yahya failed to comprehend this policy of India. Indian Tactics: In the final stages of Indian policy to create disunity among Muslims, India used its agents for irritating Dictator Yahya and Government of Pakistan, so that in response to such irritation ,Dictator like Yahya will do some highly irresponsible and uncharacteristic acts such as military actions or any other sever reaction ,which will be very fruitful for Indian design. To irritate Dictator Yahya following acts were done by Indians agents in East Pakistan. • Burning of Pakistan Flags. • Burning of Quaid-e-Azam Effigy. • Killing of Urdu Speaking Muslim refugees from India. • Killing of soldiers and investors of West Pakistan. • Refusal to accept the writ of Federal Government. All these acts were being done by Indians agents to deteriorate the situation more and more, it was the responsibility of Yahya to understand the tactics of India, as the Main representative of East Pakistan Mr. Sheikh Mujib Rehman also showed his disgust about such irritating acts. But instead of taking the help of Mr. Mujib, Dictator Yahya did the uncharacteristic act of Military Action, and by a military court Death Penalty was awarded to Mr. Mujib. Which was in fact the ultimate desire of India for creating the opportunity of century for damaging the interests of Muslims of subcontinent.

Failure of Yahya as a competent General. It was the responsibility of Dictator Yahya being military personnel to understand that • East Pakistan was situated 1000 miles away from West Pakistan and was surrounded by India from all sides even in the absence of any crisis it was not possible to defend that area for a very long time against India, • Moreover India was not only a regional Super power but was also having support of a world super power Soviet Union, Even today it will be a matter of few hours for India to run over on Bangladesh. • Being a military personnel it was his responsibility to understand that if any military personnel will be expelled from his job, he will directly go to enemy side just for his survival, therefore expulsion of local army Personnel's in East Pakistan was just a blunder on the part of a Military Dictator. • Being military personnel it was his responsibility to understand that any war can not be win without support of main stream and especially when the opposite side is fighting for any national, traditional, cultural or religious goals. • Being a military Dictator it was his responsibility to understand that West Pakistani Military who were defending the East Pakistan were having no serious interest in that region, nor their families neither their any state property was there, therefore it was totally unjustified to force soldiers of West Pakistan to flow their blood and to sacrifice their lives for a province which was having no shortage of population, but infact was the largest province of Pakistan. • Therefore it was the responsibility of local population to defend that area, but dictator Yahya who was belonging from the smallest Frontier Province of Pakistan, made no effort to win the heart and soul of people of that area, in fact defense of East Pakistan was in the population of that province and not in the defense of West Pakistan. • During War of 1971 he was not attending the meeting in war room, and at the time of surrender he was not available for communication with General Niazi and Neither with USA government, which clearly shows that how much competent and devoted General he was. • Even after surrender of the Army in East Pakistan this dictator was not ready to leave the post of President and Chief of Army Staff, which clearly indicates that these dictators gives how much importance to their personnel interest and how much deaf and blind are these dictators as far as interest of nation is concerned. • Due to conflict, all development made in previous 20 years was lost, Military and economic infrastructure was destroyed by India and army Hardware was also looted by India, This is the reason that even today Bangladesh is the least developed country, and number of its defense forces are even less than those of soldiers of Pakistan which were gone in the prison of India. • Due to blunders of Dictator Yahya, Pakistani nation which was the best model in the history of mankind representing universal brother hood between two equal parts of population separated by a distance of thousand miles were separated, it took few months in separation of these two parts, but in future for very long time no country of the world will be able to present such model of Human brotherhood on the map of the world.

Era of General Zia. Disasters in the era of General Zia. Democracy Mr.Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was enjoying two third Majority in National Assembly and was creator of 1973 constitution was hanged under the death, just to ensure that by this Zia Dictatorship will remain without any challenge, but in violence in reaction to this act , resulted in deaths of army personnel's and civilians and law and order situation was deteriorated in the province of Sindh, and to counter that situation an ethnocentric party was created by this dictator, which created so much violence in the city of Karachi, and there is still so much disharmony between different sections of society in the city of Karachi. Afghanistan: Due to dictator ship in Pakistan and Islamic revolution in Iran, Soviet Union by taking the advantage of situation invaded the Afgahnistan, from where starts the long voyage of pains and deaths which is still continue. Siachian: Siachian was lost to India, while it was the main responsibility of dictator to defend the physical boundaries of the country first, later on so many soldiers lost their life in defending this glacier which was lost in the era of Zia During Zia Dictatorship, democratic rights of citizens were violated, and severe punishments were given to people demanding restoration of constitution, and use of narcotics and Kalashnikov culture infected the society like an epidemic. Era of Musharaf. KARGIL WAR. Even before becoming the dictator, just for lust of his personnel fame, he was responsible for the adventure of Kargil war, which was having following draw backs. • As both India and Pakistan were nuclear armed at the time of Kargil war, it was simply foolish idea for staging such an adventure. • In case of extension of Kargil war, even the survival of both India and Pakistan were at stake, because in nuclear war no one will be victorious. • Kargil war has given the message to world as Pakistan was interested in the land of Kargil and not in the liberation of Kashmiri peoples. • It was told to the world as Mujahideen are acting in Kargil while infact they were the personnel of Pakistan army, and in fact it was great betrayal with those soldiers who were officially sent by their Generals in Kargil. • As a General Pervez Musharaf failed to take the help of Air force, which also indicates that how much capable General was he. • In Kargil Pakistan army personnel who were denied even by their Generals as their soldiers, were fighting against two forces of India i.e. Indian army and Indian Air force, it was a simple analysis that it will be impossible for one force to win a war against two forces. Which clearly indicates, that General Musharaf was not well aware of the basics of warfare? • Pervez Musharaf was solely responsible for the deaths and injuries to soldiers in this conflict and damage and malignment of the nation due to his foolish adventure just for his personnel fame. Musharaf Dictatorship. After Kargil expecting that he could be court martialled for his misdeed, Therefore by violating the best interest of the nation when enemies of Pakistan were waiting for opportunities to overthrow Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and to annihilate Kashmir libration movement and to surgically remove nuclear arms of Pakistan, by having no care of the above mentioned interests of the nation ,this dictator staged the coup against a Prime Minister who was having two third majority in the parliament, at that time only a civilian government was in best position to solve all above challenges but foolish dictators were having no care of interests of the nation. Kashmir; Due to Dictator Ship in Pakistan, liberation movement in Kashmir was seriously damaged; more dust was poured on that weakening movement by foolish suggestions of this dictator. This is the reason that even after giving so much sacrifices, still Kashmiries are waiting for freedom.

Damage to Integrity of Pakistan: As the survival of any nation depends on the basic ideology of that nation, as Pakistan was created on the name of Islam and for the welfare of Muslim populations of Different areas, but this dictator was having no respect for the traditional, religious. Democratic and justice values of society, he was not in line with the mentality and thinking of the nation, nation was thinking in one direction and he was having mind of opposite direction, which caused serious damage to unity and integrity of Pakistani nation.

War against Afghanistan: After 9/11 When he was waiting for help of USA for strengthening his dictatorship, he helped those enemies of Pakistan who were having desire to overthrow Islamic Government of Afghanistan, while in fact that was a golden opportunity for convincing to USA and world that solution to the problem of extremism in Afghanistan should be left to both governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and at other hand it was a convenient opportunity for creating a union between Pakistan and Afghanistan for countering terrorism for the purpose of avoiding the war in the region. but due to his dictatorship these goals were not possible, specially when India the main enemy of Muslim unity in South Asia pressurized Pakistan, by giving unnatural offer of Air bases in India to USA for aggression against Afghanistan while in fact by this offer it was not possible for USA to attack Afghanistan, by this offer, India just aim was to force Pakistan to become an ally of USA against Afghanistan, so that a hatred may be created between Pakistan and Afghanistan,

This foolish General was unable to comprehend this policy of India, due to which so much civilian atrocities are going on in this region even today and this region has become the most destabilized region of the world. War against Afghanistan was opposed by civilian, military intellectuals, Corps Commanders and people of Pakistan, but dictator was having no care about that. and was interested in his personnel interest War against Afghanistan has caused a huge destruction in Afghanistan and large number of Pakistani civilians and military personnel's have been killed. Destruction of Pakistan. War against a neighbor Muslim country, has seriously damaged Pakistan Islamic Ideology, and it is simple that without adherence to ideology, no country in the world can survive, this is the reason that now Pakistan is facing serious problem in each and every sphere of life, Institutions of Government and Military, Parliament and Judiciary are now facing serious problems as all these pillars of state have been seriously damaged by dictatorial policies.

Damage to Army: Due to operations against its own population, Pakistan Army has lost all support of people, this is the reason that due to policies of this dictator, daily so many soldiers and Police personnel's are loosing their lives, Instead of protecting and helping to each other, Army and people of Pakistan are cutting throats of each other, Due to operation in FATA, Balouchistan, and operation of Lal Mosque, serious damage to image of army has occurred. This dictator did not know that only relation and link between different areas and sections of people of Pakistan is that of Islam, All energy and motivation of Pakistani nation comes from Islam, without that even survival of Pakistan is simply impossible, but this dictator was having no care of that, This is the reason that army and security forces have lost all motivation, and anti social elements are committing freely their crimes. Damage to Judicial system: This under graduate General has caused serious damage to Judicial system of Pakistan, He was not knowing that in history when a dictator throw away any judge on street due to fair practices of justice then that Judge becomes the greatest judge of history, In Karachi on 12-05-2007,so many civilians were killed just to damage and abuse the Judicial system of Pakistan.

Damage to Parliament: This dictator for the lust of power in 1999 removed a prime minister who was having Two Third majority in Parliament and a fake referendum was held to validate his dictatorship in which he showed that he was having support of 98 % of people, while in fact in history even in a single constituency of Pakistan it is simply not possible for any candidate to win so much support. He re-elected himself as a president for next five years, being a government employee wearing Military Uniform, while as per Pakistan constitution it is not allowed to compete elections being in job of Government, moreover from a parliament which already has elected him president once, and was going to complete its life just in next few months. Conclusion: From all above analysis it is clear that running of the country should be done by those who are specially trained for that purpose otherwise Military Generals, who are trained just to kill or destroy the enemy, when they come to the power they do the same thing with their nation and they are very fond of wars and very interested in show of power with guns, such type of people may be very dangerous for the nation, army and world at large. It is also the responsibility of Army as an institution to clarify that why so much conveniently it becomes obedient to such rogue dictators.

Written By M.Akram Khan. Karachi,Pakistan E.Mail :akrumniazi@hotmail.com


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