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The real victims

Reader comment on item: Israel and Clear Victory
in response to reader comment: Our dear abd al-rahman who is no more than another victim of Arabian imperialism

Submitted by Abdelrahman (Egypt), Jan 28, 2009 at 08:56

"Our dear Abd al-rahman rabina yu3alimuhu ina al-islam deen al-3arab faqat and why is it so bad to be a Pakistani?"

I don't know really what's your problem with Pakistani peoples ,but I don't find anything in being Pakistani or Chinese or Indian... But Im not one of these ..Im Egyptian from Egypt in the middle east ...

"Really? Then why did you post the ayas below in English? and why did your Allah not reveal the Qur'an in Urdu? let me guess the poor guy was an Arab"

Since I found everyone in here is writing in arabic I thought I should be special I would write in English to make these peoples impressed!!!!!.... You are not making anything my friend but I wrote in English for non-arabic speakers .... And if you know arabic well then go find the real arabic texts and read them instead of making subject from no subject...... And why did Allah not reveal the Qur'an in Urdu? Your test is here my friend to follow the right path.... Allah has the power over all and I told you if Allah made us all believe in him so why we would be in this life??....

"No wrong. Ilah means God and al-ilah means the god . big difference and did you flunk your class of qawa3id wa nahw al-lugha al-3arabiya?"

My friend we don't speak plain arabic in the middle east ,in fact we have alot of arabic accents you can't count and if Al-Alta3reef makes a problem in your language that doesn't mean it makes problem in our language ... You can come to the public here in the middle east and speak to them saying illah or Al-illah wouldn't make adifference to them , They wouldn't stop and tell you "hey you are making no sense what you mean it should be Al-illah not illah??!!"...... I understand Qawa3id al nahw very well and I don't need you advice ... Arabic isn't your language so you are the one who needs to learn not me

"Hello: Let me help you: kissing and venerating a black stone is idolatry period. And kissing and venerating a text ink and paper and all that book ... is no more than idolatory and Muhammad is your idol! Right? then congratulations our dear abd al-rahman but you are also an idolator"

Told you we only worship Allah and we didn't see him and we won't see him in this life and that's our gr8 test... You don't have faith in what you don't see is your problem ... You made Jesus your god cuz you see him and didn't see his god ... The Ka3ba again isn't my god we just pray to it's direction and that direction Allah made it for us so we don't be lost ... And kissing the Qur'an doesn't mean we worship it but it means we understand that these words are the truth and no other book is true as the Qur'an ... Also it's your problem that you don't know about the arabian traditions....Wrong Muhamed isnt' Idol ,he is our prophet just as Saydena Al-Masieh [Jesus]... But unlike your people we didn't make him our god like you did...

"Really? Repeat after me: there is no difference between the praying to an unseen God and to an idol except in the mind of an ...Arab that shall remain unnamed"

I would rather be an ignorant Arab on the right path rather than a cultured western on the wrong path ... And again how would you worship a human??

"Then will Allah say: "O 'Isa the son of Maryam! recount My favour to thee and to thy mother. Behold! I strengthened thee with the holy spirit, so that thou didst speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. Behold! I taught thee the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel. And behold! thou makest out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, by My leave, and thou breathest into it, and it becometh a bird by My leave, and thou healest those born blind, and the lepers, by My leave. And behold! thou bringest forth the dead by My leave. And behold! I did restrain the Children of Israel from (violence to) thee when thou didst show them the Clear Signs, and the Unbelievers among them said: 'This is nothing but evident magic.'" QUR'AN 5:110

The aya is clear , he did that by Allah's will and he would never do that without Allah's will .... Allah support his messengers and they needed some miracles or things like thes to convince their peoples ..And that's exactly what Allah gave all his messengers

"Behold! Ibrahim said: "My Lord! Show me how Thou givest life to the dead." He said: "Dost thou not then believe?" He said: "Yea! but to satisfy my own understanding." He said: "Take four birds; tame them to turn to thee; put a portion of them on every hill, and call to them; they will come to thee, (flying) with speed. Then know that Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise." QUR'AN 2:260

Does this mean that Ibrahim is god too??... You see you are taking facts and distorting them just like what have been done to your religion....

"Jesus did not die and your Allah al-makkar (oh al-makkar? no I do not translate arabic for wannabe arabs like you) put his like on the cross! Do you know what this means? It means that Jesus did not die and the only thing that does not die is a God"

Im not wannabe arab because Im already arab... Again you are distorting facts ,you that he didn't die and you didn't say who kept him alive it's Allah and that's because he is always supporting his messengers ... By your way of thinking you are gonna be lost from truth my friend ..So try to think again

"Now with al-nasikh wa al-manuskh aka Allah changes his mind thing: do you think that may be the prophet thing was abrogated and now now Jesus is really God and I'm being sarcastic here"

Again you conflict things .. Al nasikh wa Al-mansukh isn't that Allah chang his mind like what you think but it means to move gradually in al tashree3 to get the best for every case that face us in our life ... The prophet thing isn't a sharee3a but it a fact that Allah sent prophets and messengers so it can't be abrogated.. And no Jesus isn't god...

"Your Allah is omnipotent. Right? Then anything is possible as he can pretend to be a human being right? then congratulations our dear abd al-rahman... but Jesus is really God."

Not right Allah doesn't pretend to be human being....In fact Allah is greater than the humans small minds ....And there was Saydna Mosa who asked to see Allah .. And Allah told him to look at the mountain and what would happen to the mountain when it sees Allah... Then the mountain turned into dust once that Allah show it himself.. So what would happen if Saydna Mosa saw him???.... We all are going to see Allah at the end but in another world not in this life .... So no Jesus isn't god ...


"Oh the lame point that jesus ate food. Well your Allah is makkar so he can pretend to eat food when he is not. See? Your worst enemy is this poor literature called al-Qur'an"

The rules of our poor world can't be applied on Allah because he created this world and he put these rules and your poor mind just can't understand that all this world we live in is nothing to him and the rules of eating,drinking and whatever can't be applied on Allah.... And no Jesus isn't Allah .... You see you made Jesus your god because you don't have faith enough to believe in unseen god although he makes everything clear for you that he exists...

" do not care what the Christians say after all I'm not Christian and the Bible is a kitab muharraf anyway and did they not teach this in your glorious madrassa? So why do you believe what is in a kitab muharraf ya ayuha al-falyasoof al-kabeer?"

I don't believe in a kitab muharraf ayuha al faylasoof al sa3'eeer ..but how do u believe that Jesus is god then? .. Is there any religion else that believe that Jesus is god...hmm How would I know since Im ignorant arab.....

"Really? the Qur'an is a miracle? I did not know that."

Now you know.. And if you are not Christian then what are you??....A jew ?...Even worse

"I urge you to abandon islam and be free again"

Don't try because my religion convinced me enough it's the truth...And you should abandon whatever you follow before it's too late...


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