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Trump as a Liberal Republican and Conservative Democrat

Reader comment on item: A Conservative in the Age of Trump
in response to reader comment: The clock is ticking. We'll see... Pakistan, Taiwan and Trump nominees

Submitted by Robert (United States), Jan 21, 2017 at 05:25

Hi Michael S.

Reading your comments I'm impressed with your currency with current events. My difference with you is founded on my perception that you are guided by your religious forecasts which only manifest in Doom or the Coming of Armageddon> I'm more of an Optimist, and I'm hopeful that the world will get better under the stewardship of President Trump.

Unlike Obama, Trump is extremely limited it seems in his vocabulary or ability to utter poetic sentences - and this I think severely affects our Intelligentsia's ability to appreciate his genius in Marketing, Branding, Advertising, etc. He is a Deal-maker. And in his conversation with the head of Pakistan I believe he was merely buttering up his adversary for his effort to push his own agenda - that I think the Press didn't get (thinking that he's a bizarre, uninformed, idiot which they themselves spread about him (the Press). But Trump is used to confronting Moguls. He's only now moved from CEO's to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Kings; I don't believe there any significant difference, except, possibly, CEO's are smarter since they do not need to be Elected (in Democracies, where they merely need to be Politicians).

Trump is doing with Pakistan what he has done with Russia: he wants to be on nice term with Putin so he can hit him with the best deal that is in the Interested of the Good Old USA. I think you should imagine Trump casting aside his Trump Organization as its CEO, for the Presidency (CEO) of the United States of American - the latter is is "baby" now; I think one needs to take his slogan literally: "Make America Great Again." He is thinking of the Presidency of Ike (Eisenhower) who also was of German ancestry, by the way. After WWII the USA was the Greatest - and that's when Trump was a child.

China, as Trump noted, is our main adversary. But it has Trillions of Dollars invested in the American Economy. For it economically or militarily to "attack" the USA would be obvious suicidal, or merely devastating. And with America's world-class Businesses and CEO's we are at an advantage against China; Trump has been saying let's confront China in Competition! After all, that is what Capitalism is all about. And Trump has the ear of Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger has been working in his Private (Secretive) company selling its services to the world. I suspect that this company is extremely well-informed about the Globalized world. And from this business perspective, I hypothesize that Kissinger has advised Trump to get close to Russia in order to "take down" China. Think about Kissinger's Realpolitik positions. It is he who had the genius to ally with Mao in order to take down Khrushchev/Gorbachev. It was a brilliant move. And getting closer to Russia it seems is the only way to restrain China in the South China Sea, Taiwan, and North Korea.

As bad as the two-party Republican-Democratic divide is in our country, it probably is "1,000" time superior to the one-party system of Communist China, which is Secretive, and Slow, and Inefficient, needing to decipher the whims and wishes of its head Autocrat Xi. I think that the best way to see the next 4 years will be to watch the struggle between China's Xi and his Communist Bureaucracy against America's Trump and his Billionaire Cabinet of Capitalists.

In particular, it would be extremely difficult for China to invade Taiwan; but it would be less difficult for the USA to take out North Korea. These are the two most critical hot spots precisely because China is the most important and powerful adversary of the USA and the emerging powers of South East Asia; Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, Australia - these are obviously natural allies of the USA, and Trump is aware that what the USA lacks is a strong leader - like Putin, and not like Obama.

Kissinger is aware I'm certain, of the need for a New World Order - and that may be a turning around of the Globalization which gave China, and the other Asian countries their Advantage; perhaps because Obama, through his late mom, has roots in Indonesia, he has no real interest in the (mostly) Western "White" World, and that he was implicitly willing to sacrifice the Red Necks Workers of Middle America for the benefit of the Pacific (Non-White and non-Black) Rim. Furthermore, Globalization has made the very Rich Richer, while the Working Class and Middle Class has seen its Wealth substantially diminished.

At the time of Ike the world was seen as Democracy against Communism, and Capitalism against Dictatorship. But this was always the mixing up of Economic and Political Categories. And today we have the Bizarre phenomena that China has become Capitalist - with lots of its own Billionaires, as well as a huge and rising Middle Class.

And now we have our own bizarre phenomena, which no self-respecting Communist or Marxist could possibly acknowledge (unless on recalls, Marx's partner and benefactor, the factory owner Engels) - that Billionaire Donald Trump is the hero and leader of the Working Class of the United States of America; he recently announced that he has no objection to the workers of his newest hotel Unionizing (Henry Ford must be turning over in his grave).

So, putting aside all the other countries you discuss, do you think that America's top Billionaire Business leaders will join Trump in reviving an FDR program for "America First"? Or have a Marshall Plan for "America First"? Incidentally, it was the American hero - and Racist who effectively at least "supported" Hitler who first used this expression. But Trump, from what he said, knew nothing of this American history. He seems to have genuinely rediscovered this catchy phrase without realizing its historic negative connotations. And of course the Liberal Left has already jumped on him with accusations of Racism due to the use of this Politically Incorrect expression. But in typical Trump fashion, he has refused to back down or backtrack; like Humpty Dumpty , words mean to Trump what he intends them to mean, and the Electorate which put him in the White House must continue to love him for that.

In Summary, watching his Inauguration one must observe his joy and gratitude for having him put into office as President. And with his enormous Ego, he will proceed to treat the USA like his own personal company (and please, no wise-cracks on Bankruptcy); he may not have been ever a nerdy student of any subject other than business, but he has lived long enough to absorb what it is to be an American under its Constitution, Culture, and Civilization - so it is absurd to call him a Dictator (as some of his loosing detractors are doing). Rather, he will take America's greatest Capitalist and lead them to improve the livelihood of the Working American and the Middle Class American. The only ones who would or should refuse to admit this possibility are the die-hard Leftists that hate the American Dream - the deniers of self-made Bill Gates, the Richest Man in the World. And of course, Trump did already meet this the leaders of Silicone Valley.

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