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Electors Mad As Hell And Not Wanting To Take It Anymore

Reader comment on item: What's a Conservative to Do? Vote for Pence
in response to reader comment: Millions of NeverTrump People Try to Sway Electoral College

Submitted by M Tovey (United States), Nov 15, 2016 at 15:40

OH, the quandary of it all: what's true conservative to do? Elsewhere in this forum, sentiments of glee are mixed with the proverbial head-scratching of trying to decipher "what the heck just happened?"
Though this observer is not all that keen on making a connection between this latest electoral blockbuster and the British Brexit move, the world is on the verge of a paradigm shift, the likes of which is escaping the nominal sense of reality for many; and for others, what will be happening next is unfathomable. In the between of the range of elation for some and outright abject denial of others, what might be the conclusion to be made as the world is being prepared for a type of polar shift that can be examined only minimally, since only America made this latest choice while the world hoped for something different. Even the stock markets could not define how they felt.

For starters, only a small and certain percentage of the electorate were 'never-Trumpers' from the conservative spectrum; democratic electors were 'never-Trumpers' by default. In the final analysis, there were plenty more that were electrified by a chance to 'change the stars' and wrest control from institutionalism, whether conservative or secularist humanist in nature.

In plain American English, true citizens of a Constitutionalist America played the Peter Finch card - they were mad as hell and not wanting to take it anymore. It is/was, as many put it, their best, and maybe, their last chance to 'stick it to the man' (out-of-control institutionalist bureaucracy).
These electors should savor this moment - like it is projected, it may be their parting shot farewell to an America that was built upon the values of previous generations that are no longer held in the highest esteem. The legacy that was the previous generations' to give is not one that is as prized by this posterity, since the value system left behind is being left behind as the current generations are shrinking into a demographic abyss and seeking their own levels of descent/dissent.

Now as to the proposition that a different GOP can alter the reality and snub the populist vote, they are certainly full of enough disdain for the American public and with the leadership they followed for the last eight years, enough precedent has been set to achieve whatever mischievousness they are designing for their own arrogant gratification of power.
Yet there is another paradigm that is actually at play here and too many do not recognize the import of why America now finds herself in 'unfamiliar territory.' After all, America's destiny is not her own to forge, now is it? Were that the case, would we not now be seeing a democratic victory? Yes, something else is in the wind and just as the forecasters might be chided for not predicting the best weather, the political forecasters cannot predict what is going to happen next. What's a citizen to do......maybe pray?


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