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ISIS won't self-destruct for a long time

Reader comment on item: ISIS' Imminent Demise

Submitted by Stephen (Canada), Dec 6, 2015 at 15:02

The problem is that ISIS kills off anyone who deviates from its central theme or challenges the leadership, They have decided that their leader is the caliph and that is it. Ergo, its structure does not allow it to self-destruct internally. Even if there is an overthrow, the new caliph would be followed, giving religious reasons for the overthrow, such as the previous caliph wasn't as devote as he should have been.

The Russians have done more damage to ISIS in four months than the US "lead" collation. Why hadn't Obama sanctioned the bombing of the oil trucks and oil wells, which supplies ISIS with funding (and via Turkey, which deals with ISIS oil)? The press has been acting as though the oil field bombing was a stroke of genius, though this is what is usually one of the first targets in a war.

When ISIS was a truck column of 800 mwn, Obama didn't bomb them. When it was a procession of 8500 men, and everyone knew what it was up to, all Obama had to do was send in the Warthog attack planes and decimate ISIS in twenty minutes. We have seen how effective these planes are on ground forces. But no. He held back.

Most bombing missions have been sent out without dropping bombs. A big US run was six sorties a day with maybe dropping bombs once or twice, if at all. Now its suddenly a big thing to actually bomb, but as just announced today, the US is almost out of bombs. It will take four years to replenish its stock. Nice telling ISIS and the Russians (and Chinese) about how crippled the US bombing capacity is. So much for cutting military spending. Smart man that Obama. It also brings to mind that if planes return so often with their bombs, how few did the US have to start with?

The Russians aren't shy. They bomb. They attack. They kill and they are not worried about who is the target. Your home is near the ISIS headquarters, too bad for you. And that is how all wars have been won. But the West now has to be politically correct and it would be wrong to go full out.

The new Canadian PM, Trudeau The Unwise, stated that we should give warm clothes and tell Syrians how to keep warm in winter rather than use CF-18a fighter bombers. He will be recalling the planes ASAP. He is typical. France just woke up. GB is waking up and heading off ISIS from attacking at home– now. Finally. Too late. After multiple attacks on GB and France, ISIS knows there are no limits to what it can do. No real conviction to fight ISIS and win. Only to restrict.

There are dozens of other terrorist Muslim groups around the world, all part of the same machine. Until our so-called leaders actually realise that we are well into a state of international war, nothing effective will be done. Its war, just as it was 1200 years ago when Islam attacked Europe. It took a Romanian prince, "Vlad the Impairer", to finally turn the tide, by being as brutal as the Muslims, who had a habit of decapitating caputred defenders.

The Koran is a simple how to book on world domination. Just the West is too stupid to admit or acknowledge it, Just too Politically Correct. Instead of reducing our military (the Trudeau and Obama plan), and surrendering internal decisions of defence and offence to the UN, we should be putting funding into our militaries, reducing gun restrictions (while increasing required gun education before ownership) and tightening the borders against a socio-religious philosophy that means us harm no matter how the PC want to dress it up.

Until the West decides to actually commit itself to all out bombing (to begin with), not much will improve. ISIS just laughs at us.

Also, the West should not be taking sides in Syria. The "rebels" are no better than the government, and visa-versa. Giving the rebels weapons only gives them weapons that end up being used on the West. Now Russia is supporting Syria's government, so eventually it will be Russia fighting the West. Oh joy.

So I disagree with Mr. Pipes. ISIS will not self-destruct soon. Unless it is brutally suppressed and destroyed, it will be around for a long, long time. And PC idiots like Trudeau and Obama around doesn't help.

Japan has a simple policy for Muslim immigrants: conform or don't come. Time we all ended "multiculturalism" and adopted Japan's policy.

Once Quebec's Bill 59 passes, I can be arrested for writing this. I'm certain Baby Trudeau will come up with a similar law federally.

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