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Reader comment on item: What Antidote to Radical Islam?
in response to reader comment: Islam is the solution.

Submitted by Mohammed Waza Khiddif Id'ullah (Australia), Mar 17, 2015 at 04:19

"....Islam is eternal and for all the people and lands, not only for Arabs...."


This crap has been covered so many times...

"......Muslims with good language skills can twist the words of the Quran, and their meanings, to reach their desired interpretation. These facts make Islam peculiar in being a religion whose foundations rest on the mastery of one language; the Arabic language. It is only natural that the Arabs are the ones who determine the meanings of the Quran and the direction of Islam; the rest of the Muslim umma (nations) just follow."

"...Arabs are the undisputed natural leaders of the Muslim nations just for being clever enough to speak their own language. Arabs enjoyed their position in the driving seat of Islam and guarded it fiercely. They invented the taboo that the Quran is too good to be translated to any other language; only the meanings of the verses that can be translated. The Arabs marketed the claim that only the people with good command of Arabic can taste the real beauty of the Quran.."

"The Quran only mentions places that were known to the Arabs of its time, and foods that were known to the Arabs and consumed by them. The Quran mentions animals and plants that were farmed by the Arabs or were known to them. Not once the Quran mentions far-off phenomena like volcanoes, ice sheets or frozen rivers and lakes. All this and the Muslims insist that Islam is a global religion!"

"We are proud to be non-Arab Muslims and will love to die in the fold of Islam."

What's stoppng you? Certainly no one on this site. Oh, maybe you need somone like iSIS to tell you when to "sacrifice" yourselves? ISIS arabs are very keen to get non-arab suicide bombers to do their bidding don't forget. And what exactly would you be dying for? Concepts in your mind? It's not exactly that you love 'infdels' so much that you want them to live in peace free from the presence of muslims is it? That would be truly a altruistic move..

"Islam is the solution to your problem not the problem itself"

No, that's where you are wrong. The presence of this bedouin cult is a problem - more specifically the presence of fundamentalist cult followers whose end goal is the worldwide spread and domination of the cults beliefs over all others. This is inconsistent with the continuation of free democracies and technological , legal and philosophical progress.The West (and Russia, China, etc) had no muslim problem before muslims started infesting our cultures. Isn't that patently obvious to you??? We do and have done extremely well without muslim input. To be perfectly frank - we have no need of you. Whoa, sorry, that's a terrible thing to say to a narcissist isn't it? Now don't get your kefiyah in a twist and take it personally and start frothing at the mouth - that's just stating facts.

"just open your heart and eyes to see rationally without bias"

You mean 'without criticism'. Sorry - I'm a rational being and I DO evaluate and discriminate. Your version of 'allah' is a myth. I've given up trying to explain why so seeing your kind of stuck in your present level - It's perfectly OK for you to believe your myth - just don't go around trying to shove it down everyone else's throats.


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