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Islam and fantasy

Reader comment on item: Ambitious Turkey
in response to reader comment: Why Muslims backwards

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Dec 24, 2013 at 16:53

Boussaid whose Amazigh ancestors were brutalized enslaved and forced to convert to the religion of the Hijzi Arabs only wrote

I disagree. Your analysis is still based upon Muslims here and there but not Islam. You presented overviews about Islam and not deep understanding. If you go and learn more about Islam, it is a society that balances individual interest with collective interest, promotes individual liberties and freedom.

Really? then how about the rights of non Muslims and how about inciting violence and terrorism as in Q8:60 or اية الارهاب so can you tell the readers what does the word الارهاب mean and why would your so called Allah asks your likes terrorize yes terrorize the enemies of Allah? And how about the vile اية السيف or Q9:5 and why would the so called Allah asks Muslims to kill المشركين or the polytheists why the violence and murder when Allah can change the minds of المشركين and how about the violent اية الجزية and why would your Allah tells you to have war with Christians and Jews and why would he ask Muslims to charge them a Mafia yes Mafia tax called الجزية

So you see our dear Boussaid your claims are bogus

The Islamic civilisation was a revolution in sciences and set the foundations of todays development: Mathematics, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Medicine, Architecture, Musics and arts, etc...

Not true so is a lesson in history

1. Without the Greeks and their learning there would have been no Arabic/islamic civilization

2. The books of learning of the Greeks were translated from Greek to Syiac and then to Arabic not by your Arab masters who were busy looting and raping and destroying great civilizations but these translations were conducted by Nestorian Christians (Gasp!) the likes of Hunein Ibn Ishaq in 9th century Baghdad

3. The expansion of the knowledge was the work of the Persians and Jews and Christians! The rule of the Arabs was marginal at best in their own civilization

4. And to add insult to injury the Arabs and their raids made the commerce from Egypt to Europe impossible and this ended the trade in papyri which was the medium of writing and dragged Europe into the dark ages for 300 years

5. The Arabs also killed the Greek language in Alexandria which was the heart and mind of the great learning and the Greek language was the medium used for writing their books

6. Oh and your historians tell us that Omar did burn the books of Greek learing of the great libraries of late antiquity be it in Alexandria or in Ctisephon (Iran) right Bossaid? I realize that this could very well be a lie but this is what they tell

7. Oh the Qur'an? It is a nightmare of poor science and cosmology so is the earth flat as Allah tells us in Q79:30? and is it true that the earth is the center of the universe and that the moon and the sun orbit earth? Does that make sense to you our dear Boussaid?

8. Oh and it was the Jews in Spain and not your masters the Arabs that retranlated these books from Arabic to Catalan and then to Latin and Europe had back the books of learing of the Greeks and also the Greeks that fled Constantinople after it fell to the Turks brought with them to Europe the treasures of books that they had et voila Europe had the books of the Greeks

9. But what is most damaging to your case if the Arabs were so great how come their learning stopped and nothing came out of this imperialist empires of Muslims but wars poverty and ignorance you tell us

Situation was reminescent to the US today where people of different origins travelled there to cultivate their knowledge.

No it is not. The Arabs when they invaded Egypt had a place like today's US where learing was just great and that is Alexandia and it had a population of 600,000 on the eve of the Arab invasion and the city had a population of 5000! When the French landed in Egypt in 1798! They destroyed the great learning in Alexandria

When Muslims were counting the next eclipses time and places they will occur,

They did learn all of this from the Greeks!

people in France and Germany went out to the streets and yell in order to scare the monster who swallowed the sun. At the time in Europe leprosy was considered as a Wrath of God

The Arabs dragged Europe and not just Europe but also the Middle East in the dark ages for 300 years and they gave the world the stupid ideas about شرب بول البعير can cure all diseases so is that true our dear Boussaid? And think before you answer because it is your so called prophet that told his followers about the miracle cure of شرب بول البعير

Oh and his ignorant followers also believed that شرب بول الرسول can cure all diseases so is that true our dear Boussaid? and how about the stupid رضاعة الكبير and would you allow your wife or daughter to breast feed an adult?

and punishment, to the point where and because of their extreme backwardness, King Philip issued an order in 1313 AD to burn all lepers in a fire!

And your point is?

At the same time, Muslims had already built the first hospital for leprosy in AD 707 in Damascus and treated humans of various faiths!

Really? Well that begs the following questions

1. Are you aware that ancient Egyptians have been practicing medicine more than 3000 years before the arrival of the Islamic menace in their country and here from wikipedia


Are you also aware that they had "Birthing Centers" attached to temples where women can get the care they need during labor and they performed surgeries even brain surgery noe compare this with your so called Rasul who was telling his followers that Camel's urine as well as his own urine cure all diseases

2. The Greeks were miles ahead of your Arab masters more than 1000 years before Islam and they the likes of Galen (whose books were translated by Nestorians to Arabic!) and not to forget Hippocates who established the foundation of medical ethics! right?

Here check this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Greek_medicine

How come you did not know that?

As for islamic monuments in the first 150 years your Arab masters left only the following

1. Omar Ibn al-As mosque in Cairo and no the Ibn Tulun Mosque was built inthe 10th century

2. al-Masjid al-Aqsa which looks more like a Byzantine Church than a mosque

3. The Umayyads converted the great Church of the Yuhana al-Mi3medani and made it the Umayyads Mosque

That is all they have left

Now I will give you a chance can you provide me with a link where I can find the archaeological evidence about this hospital for lepers and it is not that I do not believe you but I would like to see the evidence

Arabic Language remained the world scientific language for almost eight centuries.

So what?

Let me tell you now that todays backwardness in Muslim countries has nothing to do with our religion, but with us understanding it.

Let me tell you a little story the ignorant Ban Baz the Mufti of Saudi Arabic wrote a book called جريان الشمس والقمر وسكون الارض and it is available on the web where the ignorant Shiekh tells us that Allah says that the earth is stationary and the moon and sun orbit earth and anyone who would disagree with him will be declared a kafir

This is what Islam is all about

I feel sorry for you because you are repeating the nonsense we keep hearing from ignorant Muslims so are you an ignorant Muslim our dear Boussaid?


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