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Romney Is Not the Ideal Candidate for the U.S. and Its Ally Israel

Reader comment on item: Romney's Remarkable Speech in Jerusalem

Submitted by Rex Bouvier (United States), Jul 30, 2012 at 15:50

Romney is essentially a lost cause. Most Jews -- both American Jews and Israeli Jews -- are concerned with socioeconomic issues. It is a given that the United States will always support Israel militarily, which Obama has consistently done. In fact, Obama gave a much wanted missile weapons system to Israel upon his election to office, which the George W. Bush administration for eight years refused to give to the IDF. When Obama tried to naively open negotiations, he did not mention anything not previously mentioned by the various Republican administrations. Obama learned fast that the two-state solution was an extremely premature option, if not a viable option, especially considering the environment in the Middle East today.

Obama just approved a massive, very generous package to the IDF, the day before Romney suddenly decided to rush to Israel from the Olympics in England, where his wife's multi-million-dollar horse is competing. Many of Pipes's readers fail to remember how the infamously disastrous Oslo Agreements came about. Most of Mr. Pipes's readers fail to remember the infamously disastrous Madrid Conference and how it came about.

As one should remember, it was Secretary Shultz under the Republican Reagan administration, which opened up a direct dialogue with the PLO and Arafat. It was the Republican Baker Boys, who initiated the Madrid Conference. It was a Republican administration, which attached the necessary funds to facilitate over one million Russian Jews to immigrate to Israel in the early 1990s with the Madrid Conference and the Israeli promise to engage directly with the Palestinian Arabs in peace negotiations -- and to stop building settlements! It was always the Republicans who attached military weapons systems and loan guarantees to settlement building and to funding the Russian Jews.

As one should recall, it was the Reagan and Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. administrations, which held up much needed weapons systems and loan grants to Israel. Doesn't anyone remember what happened during the Reagan years? Let's go back even further, the infamous Dulles Clique consisted of all Republicans. The American bankers and industrialists, who literally financed and fueled the Third Reich, were all Republicans. If it were not for these Republican Party businessmen and bankers, there would not have been a Holocaust. And this is why most American and Israeli Jews will never vote for a Republican Party candidate to sit in the White House. History speaks the truth.

Most importantly, the Jewish people are a socially conscious people, who do not believe in withholding care for the elderly, the infirm, and disabled. Jews believe in universal healthcare and giving everyone an equal opportunity in this world through public education and universal healthcare. Jews have always been a generous, socially conscious people with a few odd balls. Like everyone else, we also have our demented, who lose sight of the reality. Most Jews in Israel do not support Netanyahu's agenda. As you might recall, Netanyahu caused a massive student strike in the fall of 1998. Initially, he directed the police and military to beat the Jewish students of Israel to a bloody pulp. When there was a massive outcry from the Israeli public, Netanyahu changed course, going as far as delivering hundreds of pizza pies to the striking students. The public joked that Netanyahu was so cheap and stingy that he couldn't afford to provide any toppings on the pizza pies. Ironically, this university student strike's leader was an American Jewish expatriate, who was a graduate student at the Hebrew University.

So what has followed the massive student strikes under Netanyahu? We've witnessed the massive tent city demonstrations, involving millions of Israeli citizens literally camping out on the streets in shifts with family and friends. We've recently witnessed an Israeli citizen lighting himself on fire in the hope of causing a revolution similar to the one in Tunisia. Wake up! Those Russian Jews, who have immigrated to the U.S., are complaining that the GOP is turning the U.S. into another Soviet Russia: "I didn't immigrate to the U.S. to watch the conservative Americans turn this country into another USSR." "Back in the U.S., back in the U.S., back in the USSR!" (John Lennon of the Beatles).

As a final note, most Israeli Jews today resent the American Jews. It is not unusual today to witness hostility from one's brothers and sisters in Israel. Back in the 1970s to 1980s, one would expect to only experience such hostilities from the Palestinian Arabs. Now both the Israelis and the Palestinians are equally expressive in their hostilities toward Americans. That's not how I define equal opportunity. Ask the Israeli people what they think of Romeny and whether they can better identify with the American people, if Romney is elected. Remember Romney is the person, who referred to Russia as "an enemy state," even though the cold war has been over for twenty years -- and American business men and American corporations have trillions-upon-trillions-of-dollars invested in Russia. Romney lost to George W. Bush for a reason. As for those of you, who don't like Obama due to his skin color, too bad. If one were a geneticist, one would realize that at least 50% of Obama's DNA is derived from White European Christians.

Most of the anti-Obama people are actually white supremacists, who are using the Jews to accomplish their agenda. This Jew will not be used; this Jew will maintain her Jewish integrity and maintain to set an example to the world on socioeconomic issues, where the Jews actually care about whether people starve and go without medical treatment. We care about the poor, the indigent, the elderly, and the infirm. If you think withholding medical care to the seriously infirm is morally correct and definitively right, then you have nothing in common with the Jewish people. One should note that the Israeli government and the Israeli Jewish people do not withhold medical treatment from the Palestinian Arabs. Thanks to the Hebrew University-Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Arabs receive the very same superior healthcare as the Jewish people of Israel. Palestinian Arabs also receive social security and many other social benefits from the Israeli Jewish people and government. Israelis have very little in common with the conservative Americans.


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