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Freedom of speech in Turkey would mean the end of Kemal's personality cult

Reader comment on item: Turkey's Last Free Election
in response to reader comment: Turkey the land of delusions

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Jun 15, 2011 at 05:15

John from Turkey (?;),

Can you imagine that as a nationalist Turk you are the most unlikely person to teach me or anyone else for that matter anything about Turkey's history or your bloodthirsty superman? No, I doubt you can! If you could, you would rather refrain from exposing your ignorance on the subject.First "Time" (not "Times"!) is a contemporary source and its reliabilty is confirmed by other contemporary sources ,which you have no clue about, and its rich and realistic details.

Now there is an obvious contrast between the contemporary sources and posterior artificial Turkish hagiography a good illustration of which is your own post. Do you know any historian (except yourself and your Turkish ilk) who , having a source written by an eyewitness and published by a respectable newspaper during or soon after the events and one written decades afterwards in a country with no freedom of speech and widely terrorized by an antiquated and absurd law, will choose the latter as more reliable and realistic than the former?

Speaking of events of 1926 you constantly refer to your bloodthirsty dicator as "Ataturk".It's a Pavolovian reflex,I understand.(You know the story of the dog , food and a red light switched on and off by a Russian doctor, don't you?It's a nice parable for Turkey.) Now imagine that your holy dictator and war criminal assumed this mythical name only in 1934 which means in 1926 he was still only Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha.In other words you have no clue of chronology and indulge in anachronisms which is all Turks' Pavolvian reflex, isn't it ? (No irony included)

You tell me also that :

"Ataturk may have been many things but "dictator" was not one of them. Dictators throughout the history, do not form (or at least try to form) a democracy."

Kemal's militarist regime was never intended to be a democracy and in fact has never been and will never be one.Have you ever heard about a "one-party democracy/republic"?It is what Kemal formed and happily consolidated sending the other party onto the gibbet after a mock trial. Or perhaps you will argue that the 1926 trial against the opposition leaders was "fair and honest" and the defendants had a chance against the absolute militarist dictator who from the very beginning wanted their death because they as the opposition party publically exposed all Kemal's failures,blunders and incompetences? They told him in the face that he could win a war but had miserably failed to rule a civil society.He had no idea about economy,fiscal policy etc. etc. There were deficits of everything and everybody in secret blamed Kemal.The opposition dared blame him loudly! In the Ottoman spirit Kemal , who as a true Ottoman Turk was extremely revengeful and fearful, answered with a show trial and public hangings of his closest collaborators and former superiors. But he used terror not only to get rid of the perilous opponents but also to deflect the attention of the public from the internal problems which his incompetent rule had aggravated.

You assert that :

"Quoting from Times as a source is wrong in the first place. Times is a magazine composed of writers who have their "opinions" on certain matters heard/read world wide. They do not provide information neutrally nor do they report facts as they are. They simply publish their opinions."

My impression is that you have never read anything from the newspaper.If you read it, you'd see how impotent and helpless your point is.The paper is a thesaurus of thousands of rare details and forgotten facts which you try to represent as "opinions" simply because you are both unaware of them and - what is worse and so typical of all Turks- don't even want to learn them!

What you write is self-referential . You have got no valid contrasting sources at all,no facts and details worth the name as what you say I have seen ad nauseam come from the extremly politicized Turkish textbooks that have been repeating by rote the same rubbish,lies and bubbles about Kemal the Holy for decades and which is being recycled on every forum attended by Turks.

To sum up , my conclusion is that it is you, not "Time" , that publish your opinions without ever caring about sources and history. You take your anachronistic pious wishes of a Turkish jingoist for reality.But I can tell you your opinions are not only false. It's another Turkish Pavlovian reflex.You can't stand the truth.You have to whitewash your worshipped bloodhound and notorious drunkard, you master of anachronisms, or else your artificial Turkish identity crumbles and you stand there as nobody which essentially every Turk is -an artificial nation without identity and culture, with disgusting historical record of barbarism torn between Moslem obscurantism and dismal Kemalist militarism with hypertrophied superego typical of a janissary child.

Then you say :

"That being said, the people that were hung at the time were accused of "attempting to assisinate the president" or "related to this attempt" . And at the time Ataturk was the president. Even today such an attempt is punishable by death in most of the "modern" countries.<

Outside Oriental despotisms like Ataturkistan being "accused" is not the same as being "guilty" and maybe you have heard of the presumption of innocence ? No? Anyway, no valid proof was produced at the trial against the accused nor any fair defence was assured them. So the whole trial was a typical Ottoman legal farce where the same agent was the accuser,the jugde and the executioner - i.e. our dear Ghazi who rejoiced greatly after "the 17 were jerked into eternity".This is how Turkish "justice" has always worked.It's just another hand of the Oriental political octopus and has nothing to do with European justice or decency. There are interesting reports how Kemal frolicked and cheered and drank more and more while the 17 corpses were swinging on the gibbet.So let's leave that Kemalist parody of law and justice to the lovers of Aristophanes.

You say further :

>I agree with your comments on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a "must have" for a democracy. People should have the right to speak their mind and should not be prosecuted for it.<

Interesting. If you agree on that, then you agree that Turkey is not a democracy.Thanks! ;)

>However, freedom of speech do not grant people the right to attack a great leader.<

Yes, it does! If it doesn't do that,then this is just a parody of freedom of speech.And incidentally, the difference between a great leader and a dictator is that only the latter needs special laws and terror even after his death to preserve his cult.

> Even though, I support Ataturk and his ideals, I agree with you; criticizing him should not be punishable by law.<

You don't even realize what you agree with!The moment criticizing Kemal is not punishable by law his mad personality cult will be exposed and dismantled,his heinous crimes and lies will be denounced,his absurd and infantile views on history and language will be ridiculed in the shadow of his statues and after some time his statues and portraits will be dispatched to the nearest sewage disposal plants and numerous garbage heaps for which Turkey is also quite famous. The moment critizing Kemal is not punishable by law Kemalism is gone for ever in Turkey. It is only with terror and threats that this anachronistic phantom can reign and rule Turkey.Therefore law 5816 will never be abolished just as his ex-wife's memoirs will never be published or at least not without previously suppressing a large proportion of them.

Nothing scares Turkey and Turks more than the truth.And this is demonstrated by the case of their biggest lie- Kemal. Lies like that of Kemal or Mahomet badly need special laws, terror,imprisonment, intimidation and death to continue unexposed and unaffected by reality to rule the hearts and minds of such nations as the Turks and the Arabs.

>Anyway, of all the good Ataturk has done to my country, I want people to show respect. <

"Respect"? For whom? Kemal was one of the biggest liars,war criminals and mass murderers history has ever recorded. He lied to Lenin to get his gold and guns against the Entente.When he had both he betrayed Lenin.He lied to the Kurds to get their support for his jihad against the Entente in 1919-1922 and the Kurds paid for their credulity and folly with their own blood and were denied even the very name "Kurd" by their ghazi =Allah's warrior, whom they had once saved -to name just two examples of Kemal's perfidy.

And I assert that he is much worse than his contemporary butchers and liars like Hitler or Stalin because the crimes and lies of them have been exposed and duly denounced.The crimes and lies of your deified tyrant have never been even mentioned,let alone exposed and condemned ! And his hands are stained with a sea of blood of some 2 mln Christians - Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians and innumerable Kurds and others.Cruelty and contempt for human life,dignity and law paved the way to his power and glory. Quite literally, he marched to power on a mountain of human corpses he and his hangmen had slaughtered,burnt alive,disfigured in Pontus,Armenia,Ionia,Cilicia,Thrace...But instead of exposing all that evil, even hinting at it is illegal in Turkey. But why do I say "in Turkey"?The Turkish barbarians have even embarked upon a global witch-hunt of those who think that freedom of speech is more important than the happiness of being a Turk and Kemal's hagiographer !

In short,Kemal was an evil mass murderer and consummate liar.His pseudo-reforms can't change anything about this deeper issue as his wild historical fairy tales and distortions can't change history.They were intended first to found his own personality cult and to deflect people's attention from other dark aspects of his career.When one sees a statue, a portrait and a quote of Kemal everywhere in Turkey, one realizes he has succeeded in establishing his personality cult on a par with Mahomet.But like all tyranical rulers his personality cult stands and falls with terror against those who think otherwise.

And now you ,Turk, are so insolent as to tell me to repect this evil dictator beacuse you do ? Do you think it's a sufficient reason to respect evil? Can I be as corrupt and wicked as you are with your grotesque freezing on each November, 10th at 9.05 am to commemorate one of the worst criminals and mass murderers of the past century who ,tragicomically,died a drunkard's infamous death- liver cirrhosis ? Like master like servant ! But as far as I am concerned for such scoundrels as Kemal I have a different set of feelings and reactions worth a civilized human being,not a slave-minded Turk who worships "heroes" in his own image. All things considered that one scoundrel and mass murderer worshipped by the Turk is called Mahomet and the other Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha nicknamed Ataturk doesn't matter so much.They both gratify a definite dysfunctional personality type I can't stand and that's what does matter.


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