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Spineless leaders = No leaders = Possibly traitors

Reader comment on item: "Rushdie Rules" Reach Florida

Submitted by Michael (Egypt), Sep 21, 2010 at 19:18

The shining truth unabashed at last.

Finally someone had the courage to open his mouth and speak the truth. In spite of all the bullying and death-threatening of Muslims a renowned "Islamic scholar" is telling the truth to the whole nation, to the whole west, to the whole world.

I'm a citizen of an Islamic country. And I can say, since the early days of President Barack Obama—since his mere candidacy—and I'm feeling dubious and uncomfortable. President Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein, his father was a Muslim, his stepfather was a radical Muslim, he was brought up in Indonesia and learned Quran (i.e., he had had his adequate dose of the poison since an early age), and Barack never actually changed his religion (we all know he isn't a true Christian anyway). Now Mr Barack Obama is adopting a new policy of spreading mega-mosques in America and building a victory "Islamic center" at the site of the conquest on 9\11; he has delivered an ignominious speech at Cairo (I watched it on my national television with shame) commencing it with 'Asalamo Aleko' (Muslims religious salute that a non-Muslim living among them like me never even put it on his tongue); he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia and told him that he had come to see "the place where Islam was "revealed""; he has appointed hundreds of Islamists as his "advisors" on Islam (like Tareq Ramadan, the so-said spokesman of Al Qaeda in Europe, who he had been banned from entering the US during President Bush's presidency and now he had opened the gates of America for); he has declared it many a time, "We are not at war with Islam" … etc. What do you make of all that?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid that Mr Obama is a crypto-Muslim as we all had feared—if not, his efforts are mainly for the glory and spread of Islam, not for the west; i.e., a traitor.

I should say I'm not a racist, for I'm living now in an Islamic community and have many a Muslim friend; and I have no problems with Muslims as people. But I have great natural antipathy towards Islam as an identity, as an ideology, and as politics and society.

Maybe the western mind is still incapable of assimilating the full nature of Islam yet, for it's unprecedented in the western societies. Only Christians and minorities of the east can understand it, because they have been in struggle with it (as an unending ordeal and calamity) for centuries now.

Islam, ladies and gentlemen, is not, and will never be, just a religion. Islam is an army in the first place, aiming at forming a worldwide empire, with the deceased Muhammad as its BIG BROTHER, and his most faithful followers as THE PARTY. The proposed Islamic world is a world (drawn first in the holy head of Muhammad of course) where you only have the right of obedience to the orders of THE PARTY; a world where you hear Allah Akbar five times a day against your will; a world where every other religion is extinct and every other thought against what the BIG BROTHER had said, and THE PARTY has approved, is a death-sentenced heresy.

It is not like Christianity, for instance, which is just a belief regarding the afterlife and Salvation; not like Judaism which is a religion for the Jewish race only; not like Hinduism with all its meditation and depth; not like Buddhism with monks squatting all day and nice, wide-smiling Asians—it has nothing to do with all that.

The most notable kin-religion of Islam is Nazism. Nazism was a cult and an army, just like Islam. Nazis felt they had the right to conquer the whole world, so do the Muslims. Nazis were deceitful, and so are the Muslims with their Taqia (the Muslim practice of deception—at war or conflicts with enemies).

We must admit that the West is at war with Islam; not because we are (please accept my voice to join you, for though I live in the Islamic world, but I consider myself western to the bone) bad people, but because it has attacked us and targeted us and killed our youth; not because we hate it, but because it hates us; not in revenge, but for protection and as a defensive means; not just because we saw that all Muslims are horrible, for many Muslims are just normal people, they don't care about religion (therefore, not Muslims at all—N.B., there is not a single regular mosque-goer Muslim who is not at least dangerous to the west), but because their ideology, the most faithful of them to that ideology, all their "religious" leaders with no exception, conspire against us and want to destroy us and what we hold to (freedom); we are not in war with Islam because it is our duty to do so, but because we are forced to.

And in wars, the enemy has no rights to build institutions through which he teaches Anti-American, Anti-Western values in Western land. In wars, the enemy is not treated nicely with human rights and equal opportunities. In war, you don't just bow to one of his leaders hoping that he would leave your country alone. In wars, you don't suppress your citizens (pastor Terry Jones) and let others (Feisal Abdul Rauf and the CAIR lot) say whatsoever they want and collaborate with whosoever they want.

In war, you don't just surrender without a fight, or deliver your land to the enemy on a silver plate—like the western leaders have done.


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