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James D Wants Proof; James D Does Not Want Criticism of One's Country or People

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Submitted by Renee Bouvier (United States), Mar 16, 2010 at 19:03

I am one of those women, who has lost their private health-care insurance. I possessed a Traditional B plan with BC BS for twenty years, when I experienced an iatrogenic illness (which is very common in the U.S.). When my private insurance provider was unable to terminate my insurance as I lied in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania with the inception of the university hospital's lawyers and social workers, the representatives of this private insurance company then contacted my elderly mother (who was not mentally competent) to fill out forms to downgrade my coverage policy, which in turn caused the annual premium to rise to $29,500 in the year of 2003. By the way, it's much higher now. Even though I was well over the age of 22 years, every thing was done to violate my civil liberties, basic constitutional rights, and basic human rights in this country behind my back without my knowledge and without my consent.

Once I was placed into an HMO plan with the same carrier, all of my medical treatments were denied without exception. When I proceeded to use a loop hole by paying for the outpatient consultative visits out-of-pocket and being admitted into the hospital as an inpatient to receive the necessary medical treatment, the BC BS of NJ corporate entity sent gofers to my home as a form of intimidation and coercion to prevent me from receiving emergency, life-saving medical treatment. The former governor of NJ intercepted on my behave to allow me to disengage from all private health-care insurance corporate entities. The former vice president Dick Cheney attempted to intercede on my behalf on four separate occasions, but I ended up with a bureaucratic run-around. (By the way, the Obama Administration has ignored my desperate pleas and refuses to intercede on my behalf to any degree and in any form or manner to save my life in contrast to Dick Cheney.)

Since becoming involved with the "Health-care For All" movement, involving hundreds of professors of medicine and health-care workers, I have met at least one-hundred women, who have henceforth died of treatable and curable diseases within a few months of my involvement in the movement. If you doubt my words, contact professors of medicine at the various university hospitals, such as the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Pennsylvania, where hundreds, if not thousands, of seriously infirm patients are turned away each day for lack of proper health-care coverage. We treat our dogs better than we treat our chronically ill women. Two hospitals in the state of New Jersey are now suing Horizon BC BS of NJ for sending gofers to the hospital bedsides of patients, demanding they leave the hospital immediately and forgo all medical treatment. One patient, who capitulated, died as a result. All women, suffering from life-long chronic diseases like lupus, MS, and other diseases, should be granted automatic, full Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Unfortunately, these women are repeatedly being denied benefits and are being forced to undergo months, if not years, of litigation just to receive their most essential, life-saving medical treatments. The problem is ubiquitous and endemic. I have personally been asked to aid in the ongoing quagmires, which affect this government abroad. I will not support any endeavors abroad until the American people accept their obligations and responsibilities at home. Americans will use all sorts of specious argument, enveloping one syllogism into another, to find a way to shirk responsibilities at home, including the worn-to-death phrase of "I am not my brother's keeper."

Well, keep on saying, " I am not my brother's keeper," when you are catastrophically ill and in need of medical treatment. Private, for-profit, health-care insurance corporate entities are in the business of doing what? They are in the business of making money. They are not socially or morally obligated to support or help the American society, its culture, or people. Tens-of-millions of dollars are going into the pockets of these private corporate insurance executives -- people, who possess college degrees from third to fourth-Tier colleges and so-called "universities." So even the very notion of "merit" has been perverted in the United States. Does someone like Daniel Pipes, who has repeatedly endangered his life to find the facts and disseminate them to you, get such an outrageous annual salary with such generous benefits, which ultimately amount to the hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars? We can make a list of highly acclaimed professors of medicine, physics, and other areas of expertise, who do not receive such outrageously perverted salaries. If the infamous physicist, Steven Hawk, lived in the United States, he would have been dead decades ago. The American people and their public health system would have put him down like a pathetic, wretched dog. The corporate CEOs are supposed to be serving the interests of the American people. Instead, they are being artificially propped up by various dubious characters, which one may refer to as "miscreants." Each state in the union has a contract with a BC BS entity, which automatically receives hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars each year from the taxpayer. (I bet you didn't know that.) Too many of these taxpayers are either not covered or under-covered. That is, many taxpayers, who are no longer able to afford health-care insurance coverage or are being unconditionally denied medical treatment by their BC BS provider, are paying taxes to artificially prop up this very same BC BS corporate entity. To make matters even worse, these BC BS entities are being paid hundreds-of-millions of additional dollars by hospital contracts -- the very hospitals, which are now turning patients away, because their provider either is refusing to enable all medical treatments or this very same provider has terminated its beneficiary for punishment of a chronic and/or terminal illness. Over 70% of all households in bankruptcy today are bankrupt due to a chronic disease. Just recently, a group of women marched from Independence Hall to the Capitol, after a longtime friend died of breast cancer, because she was denied treatment just before her private insurance provider decided to randomly (which is the general practice) to terminate her insurance coverage altogether. All specialists do not accept Medicaid without exception. The patient must beg each specialist to contact Medicaid for his or her treatment. Just because one has been ill with a disease like lupus ever since early childhood does not entitle this person to the benefits one receives in the EU or in a country like Russia, even if the illness was clearly precipitated by a bad vaccine given to the person in the early childhood years by the U.S. government. The contrary is the rule here in the States. So if the patient finds a window in his or her illness to find a prestigious lawyer in the Greater Washington, DC region to act on his or her behalf, then he or she may have a chance of survival here in the United States. Most Americans seem to possess an aversion to criticism. They enjoy criticizing others, but don't like others criticizing them. Hence, most Americans have an intense aversion of going to the doctor. If everyone were to automatically receive Medicare and Medicaid in the United States, they would henceforth feel obligated to visit the doctor at least once per year. Unfortunately, doctors criticize their patients, if they are overweight and continue to gulf down carcinogens, foodstuffs loaded with salt and sugar. It's not the greatest feeling, when one's doctor calls oneself "a stupid idiot" for acting in such a depraved, inconsiderate, selfish manner, when shopping at the grocery store or in choosing a particular restaurant in which to dine. Have you ever watched what the person ahead of you in line at the local grocer's is purchasing? I would suggest visiting a series of westernized countries like France, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Israel, and then, come back to the States and compare the visible health of the American people to those in other countries. It used to be that Americans were a much healthier looking and healthier bunch of folk as compared to others back in the 1970s to 1980s. That is evidently no longer the case.


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