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Yes, Your Ideology -- It's Arabs Who Don't Care About the Palestinians

Reader comment on item: American Taxpayer Money Spent on Eradicating Hebrew-Language Street Signs
in response to reader comment: My Ideology

Submitted by Sofa Sogood (United States), Oct 27, 2009 at 00:06

"Dog Feces" is such a polite way to describe the U.N. It's hard to understand your objection, especially when listening, for instance, to Gaddafi's insane rantings at the General Assembly as one of the 98.989%.

But really, the only vulgarity is your lies and propaganda.

It's become so fashionable to slander Jews and Pro-Israelis as Nazis, but it only is effective on the historically ignorant and those already corrupted.

Please do read about the connections in the 1920's and 30's of Arab-Muslim Leaders and the Nazis, way before there was ever an Israel or any so-called oppression of Palestinians. That is a REAL Nazi influence, not the fake one you want to promote.

"Israeli state policies of ethnic cleansing"

There are NO policies of "ethnic cleansing" -- another propaganda-inspired slander.

There are 2 million Muslim Arabs living inside Israel with rights of citizens -- including all rights of Free Speech that any Israeli has (actually, more so, as a Jewish woman was jailed (by an Israeli court) for drawing and posting a nasty poster ridiculing Muslims) -- and representation in the Knesset. None of them have been forced to leave. 2/5ths of Jews in Israel are Arab Jews of many ethnicities. The population of Palestinians in the territories has grown from about 4 or 500,000 to now about 4 or 5 million. From soon after 1967 to 1987 they had a higher per-capita income than in all Arab countries, and came and went easily to and from Israel to work or whatever.

That's no ethnic cleansing. When a country is attacked, they defend themselves. People die in wars and insurrections. Nowhere on earth, except in this case, is self-defense demonized as "ethnic cleansing."

Ethnic cleansing happened after 1948, and then Iraq in 1954, when almost every Jew, living in those countries peacefully, were persecuted, sometimes jailed or hung, sometimes murdered, stripped of all their wealth and property and thrown out. There were about 1 Million Jews living in Arab lands. How many are there now? That's ethnic cleansing.

Those Jews were resettled as citizens inside Israel -- as compared to the disgraceful way Palestinians have been kept outcasts in all other Arab nations.

At that time, population transfers were going on all over the world -- all other populations have been re-settled, except the Palestinians.

If you compare the 1 Million Jews who were evicted from their homes in Arab countries where they had lived for centuries, to the 600,000 or 700,000 Arabs who were displaced because they fled, as they were told to do by attacking countries (they expected to come back after the Jews were "driven into the Sea"), you could call it more than an even exchange -- that's if you were interested in reality.

The Arab Jews who moved to Israel, especially in those early days of extreme hardship, long for the cultures their families and ancestors had been raised in for thousands of years. But they accepted it and made their lives good ones. They don't make war and spend their lives keeping themselves and their children enraged and seeking revenge.

Jordan does not allow any Jews at all to live there -- how many Jews live in Oman? Saudi Arabia? Iraq? Why are the few and poor Jews of Yemen being persecuted and murdered -- not for any crimes, hostility or violence, but for being Jews?

When Jordan annexed Jerusalem, the Jews who had always been a majority there were evicted. That was ethnic cleansing.

Proposals for Judea and Samaria would "cleanse" them of ALL Jews. That would be ethnic cleansing.

You shamelessly demonize Israels and the real issues and problems between Israel and the Arabs with inflammatory meaningless and FALSE SLOGANS whose sole purpose is to propagandize, radicalize and enrage.

And by the way, most Palestinians are NOT INDIGENOUS. Some are, but MOST migrated there, early on, after the Arab Muslim conquests, and then later, to find work at various times after the 1850's when the Ottoman's agreed to let European Jews buy undeveloped land for farming and create commerce there. I don't know how much that matters in this case -- indigenous or not. No one claims that Jews who lived in Iraq, though they had been there for 2,500 years, were "indigenous." But it's just another FALSE WORD to use against Israel.

And YOU are too sensitive for MY "vulgarity?"

You just keep repeating that 98.989% of the world ... So I repeat, numbers don't make right. 98.989% of the world has so often been very, very wrong -- not all, but much of the time. Thus the concept of individual (as the smallest minority) rights. The mob changes on a dime, so beware. They could decide that Oman was no longer necessary -- if 98.989% decided they were going to destroy your country, would that make them right? I'm sure you'd change your tune in that case.

In this case, the 98.989% has been, as mobs are, influenced by a very good propaganda campaign taught to the Middle Eastern world by their connections with the Nazis (look up the Nazi propaganda don who escaped to Egypt after WWII), then furthered by the Soviets, and continued by extreme Leftists. It's called THE BIG LIE and INVERSION of the TRUTH. You can read about it -- use google.

Not even to bring up Europe's long, long history of Anti-Semitism, and Europeans desire to rid themselves of the guilt of the Holocaust by indulging themselves in the pretended idea that the Jews are guilty of the same evil as they -- the other influence has been the 1974 agreement of European nations with the Oil Producers to take the Palestinian side in the disputes, or they would get many problems receiving their desperately needed oil. That deal included the Media. What was at first blackmail became the norm as mass populations tend to align with majority media propaganda and never bother to seek out truth on their own.

If you're interested in learning more about this "deal" just look up B'at Ye'or and her writings on Eurabia. There are videos of her lectures as well.

Then there is outright fear. Fear of the (I'm not saying all, or even most) many violence-prone (non-Bin Laden) Islamists living amongst the Europeans who would no doubt cause harm to Europeans who don't side with the Palestinians. There certainly is enough evidence of this. It doesn't even have to be a Bin Laden or London Subway bombers -- just look at the extent of violence because of some rude cartoons, and how France's suburbs are burning -- just as a for instance. (Europeans will eventually become fed up with this, and the 99.989% will suddenly change. And then there will come a time soon when Middle Eastern Oil will no longer be needed).

And as for the Palestinians, so very much money has been given to them. What have they done with it? Arafat socked away billions for himself and his wife's luxurious life in Paris. Where is the civil society that could well have been built ten times over by now? It all went to either corruption or ways to kill Jews. Just look at the $20 Million written about here in this article, used to replace signs to remove Hebrew writing, just in order to express hatred and nothing else. So much good could have been done with so much money. A clear choice indicating bad intentions.

And what about Palestinians constantly and viciously killing each other as a way to resolve political disputes with their own people? They can't even make peace with themselves. If they murder each other, what is their plan for the Israelis? Is this in any way a recommendation for statehood?

Finally, I say to you, there has NEVER been ANY EVIDENCE of Palestinian people willing to live in peace next to Israel. NEVER. And they never will until they start to love their children and stop teaching them to be murderers.

If a killer says he promises to kill you, would you provide him with the gun -- because .. because what?"

Because his own unrelenting violence forces you to keep him at bay, and so you take the "blame" for their self-imposed and self-created "poor" living conditions? No, dear. No.

In response to my describing how terribly Palestinians are treated in the lands of their brother nations, you say those nations help them out of "good will." But you make no response to how terribly they are treated by those "helpers." They are kept desperate so as to keep them enraged, for the sole purpose of keeping the hope alive of one day destroying Israel -- because it is not Muslim. Only because it is not Muslim. Surely, if Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Lebanon invaded and annexed the land, there would be no more cries for a Palestinian State -- just as that was never heard when it was part of Syria, or when Judea, Sumaria, and Jerusalem were annexed by Jordan. Getting Jews out of land that your "Ideology" insists must forever be Muslim -- that would be -- as your nations are very experienced at (See Sudan) -- the real, genuine ethnic cleansing.

You shouldn't forget that when Jordan had control of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, all Jewish religious sites, cemeteries and synogogues were destroyed. Jews were not allowed to worship at the Wall. But when the Israelis were victorious in '67, they did not destroy Al Aqsa, they arranged for Muslims to care for it, and there is no bar to Muslims worshipping there. They didn't have to do that. They didn't retaliate in revenge. They did that because they wanted to pursue PEACE, which was immediately rejected. "No Negotiations. No Recognition. No Peace" was the Arab response.

If you were in any minor way SINCERE about CARING about the Palestinians, instead of spending your energy denigrating and demonizing Israel for its self-defense, you would spend it helping the Palestinians get rid of leaders who have goaded them into decades of harming themselves.

Instead, you would try to help them to get leaders who will encourage them to take responsibility for their own situation, calm down, stop the violence, behave humanely to each other and "others," raise their children to be decent contributors to building their society (and not raised to be killers and dream of death to Jews and themselves), and create a decent civil society dedicated to the well-being of its people.

If that is accomplished and proven, after some years there would not only be peace, but a state of their own, and much prosperity.


p.s. If you want to discuss the issues honestly, discuss them. But stop using the repetition of propagandized false slanders. No thinking person respects that and you discredit yourself. Stand up for yourself and let your thoughts be your pwn -- and not swallow the 98.989% of rubbish floating in the minds of the deceived and the deceivers. There are some few, very few, wonderful, humane, honest and thoughtful Muslim thinkers in the world -- some even unafraid to speak the truth and their true thoughts about the Israel-Palestine issue. I've read their writings and seen videos of their talks. They are few but very brave. Find them. You seem intelligent. I hope you use that intelligence to do some good, instead of spreading false and bigoted propaganda that hurts everyone -- especially the Palestinians.


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