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Arab-Nazi Connection 1920's, 1930's, and Links to Al Banna and Al Husseini

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Submitted by Sofa Sogood (United States), Oct 26, 2009 at 23:36



Here are some excerpts regarding the Nazi-Arab connections in the 1920's and 1930's.


Here's how the story began. In the 1920's there was a young Egyptian named al Bana. And al Bana formed this nationalist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Bana was a devout admirer of Adolph Hitler and wrote to him frequently. So persistent was he in his admiration of the new Nazi Party that in the 1930's, al-Bana and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD became a SECRET ARM OF NAZI INTELLIGENCE.

The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi doctrines. They hated Jews; they hated democracy; and they hated the Western culture. It became the official policy of the Third Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as the fifth Parliament, an army inside Egypt.

we will not stop at this point [i.e., "freeing Egypt from secularism and modernity"], but will pursue this evil force to its own lands, invade its Western heartland, and struggle to overcome it until all the world shouts by the name of the Prophet and the teachings of Islam spread throughout the world. Only then will Muslims achieve their fundamental goal… and all religion will be exclusively for Allah.

http://www.mideastweb.org/Middle-East-Encyclopedia/hassan_al-banna.htmAl-Banna was quite clear that his goal was not solely an anti-colonialist struggle in Egypt nor the refurbishment of Islam, but rather a world revolution that would establish Islam as the dominant religion of the entire world: (Habeck, Knowing the enemy p. 120)

Al-Banna and Nazism

The growth of the Muslim Brotherhood was accompanied or caused in part by the fact that Al-Banna associated it with the German Nazi party and the Third Reich. From the ideological point of view, the Jew hatred, authoritarianism, addiction to violence and desire to defeat the British of both the Muslim Brothers and the Nazis were quite enough to make the two movements find common cause.

The Brotherhood's political and military alliance with Nazi Germany blossomed into formal state visits, de facto ambassadors, and overt and covert joint ventures. The Muslim Brotherhood transformed Nazi anti-Semitism into a Muslim version, providing ARAB TRANSLATIONS OF MEIN KAMPF (translated into Arabic as "My Jihad") and other Nazi anti-Semitic works, including DER STURMER HATE CARTOONS, adapted to portray the Jew as the demonic enemy of Allah rather than the German Volk.





One German officer noted in his journals that the Mufti would liked to have seen the Jews "preferably all killed." On a visit to Auschwitz, he reportedly admonished the guards running the gas chambers to work more diligently. Throughout the war, he appeared regularly on German radio broadcasts to the Middle East, preaching his pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic message to the Arab masses back home.

To show gratitude towards his hosts, in 1943 the Mufti travelled several times to Bosnia, where on orders of the SS he recruited the notorious HANJAR TROOPERS, a special Bosnian Waffen SS company which SLAUGHTERED 90% OF BOSNIA'S JEWS and BURNED COUNTLESS SERBIAN CHURCHES AND VILLAGES. These Bosnian Muslim recruits rapidly found favor with SS chief Heinrich HIMMLER, who established a special MULLAH MILITARY SCHOOL IN DRESDEN ...


Husseini represents the prevalent pro-Nazi posture among the Arab/Muslim world before, during and even after the Holocaust. The Nazi-Arab connection existed even when Adolf Hitler first seized power in Germany in 1933.

The most influential party that emulated the Nazis was "Young Egypt," which was founded in October 1933. They had storm troopers, torch processions, and literal translations of Nazi slogans – like "One folk, One party, One leader." Nazi anti-Semitism was replicated, with calls to boycott Jewish businesses and physical attacks on Jews. ...

Sami al-Joundi, one of the FOUNDERS OF THE RULING SYRIAN BA'ATH PARTY, recalls: "We were racists. We admired the Nazis. We were immersed in reading Nazi literature and books... We were the FIRST WHO THOUGHT OF A TRANSLATION OF MEIN KAMPF. Anyone who lived in Damascus at that time was witness to the Arab inclination toward Nazism."

These leanings never completely ceased. Hitler's MEIN KAMPF CURRENTLY RANKS SIXTH ON THE BEST-SELLER LIST AMONG PALESTINIAN ARABS. Luis Al-Haj, translator of the Arabic edition, writes glowingly in the preface about how Hitler's "ideology" and his "theories of nationalism, dictatorship and race… are advancing especially within our Arabic States." When Palestinian police first greeted Arafat in the self-rule areas, they offered the infamous Nazi salute - the right arm raised straight and upward.


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