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Islam is a 6th century barbaric and murderous religion

Reader comment on item: Dhimmitude in Practice

Submitted by Oliver Harding (United States), Sep 26, 2007 at 17:16

Sure, ALL Islamic countries and dictatorships would love to see the west and the US subdued under Islam and Shari'a law. They would also love to see the rest squirm under dhimmitude and pay jiyza tax too. That is what this war, this global jihad is all about. Islam wants to take over the world and force everyone under their barbaric and murderous ways as Islam has always been since it's invention in the 6th century to the moon god they call allah. Islam is always found in the worlds most violent, dirty and disgusting and dangerous places on the planet. It's like it thrives in the filth better than any other place on earth.

Go to any islamic city and see the filth, the gabage, the stink and sewage everywhere. Bethlehem the birth place of Christianity, but now taken over by muslims, it is a most dangeous place and disgustingly filthy. Christian shrines and artifacts have been destroyed and the Palestinians have sewage running down and by the Mount of Olives next to a busy and smelly bus station. Islam does all it can to destroy all that is not islam and when it comes to Israel and christians, the destruction of all these things and artifacts makes it appear what they preach, that Judaism and Christianity never existed there and there is no proof to back it up becsue islam destroyed it.

Just like the muslims are doing now at the Temple Mount, unauthorized digging and carting off all artifacts that prove the Temple Mount does belong to the Jews. But that is part of Islams plan. and the brutal shari'a law that condemns all to death just on suspicion they wish on the US too. And women, get ready to be beaten by shari'a and forced to wear the hajib and stay at home ignorant. Break any of those laws and you got a deadly stoning coming your way.

All the global death and destruction of Islam is what Islam wants and plans for the west and US and to prove the global jihad in well under way, well, the papers prove it every day with global coverage of islam bombings innocents and all that is good all for the sake of islam and allah. It's not just a few radicals, it is Islam in general. Islam is NOT seperated into political, cultural, religious, social and law fragments. Islam is an ALL inclusive system that puts all that together under ONE big umbrella to be spread by the sword for all the world to bear and be conquered. There is NO seperation between religion and state in Islam, It is all one, cultural, social, religious, political, sharia, it's all ONE big party that cannot and will not be seperated.

Islam by nature is backwards and barbaric and will never find itself in the 21st century. It will strive with it's ignorant peoples under barbaric laws and systems to fight a long and global jihad untill they subdue the world, or the world smartens up and defeats Islam. Islam has the highest birthrate in the world and islams leaders have declared that they will win the war with their women and their babies. Basically saying, just by numbers alone, we will outgrow you and get into the political system and the numbers will democraticly put us there so that we may bring islam and sharia to all you conqured countries and people. Islam says there will never be peace until all this is done and their global fight we see in every part of the world, proves it.

Great Britain, France, Germany, Denmark are perfect examples of it if somehting isn't done NOW to stop all immigration of muslims. Within the next 10-20 years, the indiginous peoples will all be the minority and Islam and muslims will rule. Proof is already being seen of that in Europe right now and the US is next. When will the world, the US get off it's Politically Correct azzes and finally admit that Islam IS the enemy and it will have to be fought, hard and now before it's to late, that is if it isn't to late already. They are here now in many numbers and now in political office.

Many big cities like Dearbornistan are all over the US and Mosques are being built on average of 4 a day in the US and it seems like no one really cares. We are losing the war, overseas and at home because No one, especially our political leaders have the stones to confront the enemy (Islam) for fear of Offending someone and getting sued. How pathetic is that. The enemy is wise and knows our system and is already using it against us, but the US and free world hasn't the guts to stop it.

The Iraq war didn't turn out to be a 100 hour war of air strikes and yeah, we won like the gulf war. Islam is organized all over the globe in different cells in all places of the world, all with the same calling from the quran, destroy the infidel. They don't need a central command to give them the order to strike, they already have their walking orders and all they need is the opportunity to commit mayhem and death in mass scale at anytime they please.

Our gutless and clueless politicians can't even see it, even when it is right in front of their eyes and their ears have heard it. CAIR, throughout the US, a terrorist front group that operates in the open because our gov't hasn't the stones to shut them down, have openly preached throughout the US that they can see the US Constitution being replaced by an Islamic Theocracy in the very near future. And yet our politicians, especially our liberal democrats, instead of telling them to get out now, stop all immigration of certain groups of people by profiling or end up in internment camps, they roll out the red carpet for them and welcome the worst of the worst in. Muslims have no want to assimulate and become americans which is proved by all the Dearboristans all across the country.

They want seperation and to hide their faces so as not to be seen and assimulate into american society, so they won't be recognized when they commit murder and suicide bombing in the US. Muslims want land and more land, just like in the mid-east, land and more land with promises of peace for land which never come true because they are all liars and it is legal to lie in islam to futhur islam and to break all contracts and deals for the cause of allah.

So while our gutless and traitorous politicians divide the american people sharply into blaming and hating Bush for everything that is wrong in the whole world, our Muslim enemies sit back and smile knowing they have already won the war because america doesn't have the patience nor the resolve nor any real plan to win a war and certainly cannot deal with any long term sustained war and casualities as they can. The US must fight a moral war with the Geneva convention in mind, while our muslim enemies, anything goes and the more immoral and barbaric it is, the better.

So right now, our Muslim enemies just wait for the US to surrender, thanks and compliments to our liberal democrats. Then on TV you will see the whole Islamic world dancing in the streets, passing out candies and sweets and firing their AK-47's into the air, just like after 9/11, with the knowledge that "they" have won and the Great Satan, the last "superpower" on earth has been defeated. Then life as we knew it in the US, will never be the same again. Have you tried growing a beard yet for practice?

Have our women been trying out the latest K-Mart hajibs? Better stash away a few more dollars for the upcoming Jizya tax coming our way. Go to Barnes and Nobel and pick up the latest copy of the Quran and books on how to speak Arabic, your going to need it. Yes, everything you knew and enjoyed in the land of freedom will be gone and we can only blame ourselves for letting it happen. After all, while we are all studing the 5 pillars of islam and trying to find out which direction Mecca is, we can finally look at ourselves and say, "Gee, someone should have done something about this." And even then, we will still look for someone else to blame. And truly the only ones to blame will be ourselves and our lack of guts to do something about it. But hey, at least we can say we were all Politically Correct!

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