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in response to reader comment: Nostalgic for Gomulka?

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Aug 29, 2011 at 08:17

Dear Kepha Hor ,

I made 3 - hopefully - reasonable suggestions.

1/The identity of the so called "rebels" was known to the decisions makers in Washington and as such they were assisted by America.

2/China's economy will surpass US economy within 5 years if left unhindered

3/ The US has a consistent and notorious record of supporting jihad and uses it now to hinder or paralyse China as it did make use of jihad to paralyse the USSR.

I can't see how your comment is related to the above 3 points. I am afraid that ,first, you haven't addressed any of them and second, you only showed how much you dislike the author. But I assure you that the identity and/or the bias –if any - of the author in this case are irrelevant as he hasn't invented the facts. He has just tried to explain them in a rational way. It goes without saying that he has never asked you or anybody else to like anything, least of all himself.

Now some comments on your so personalized arguments.

>What's the matter, Ianus? Are you nostalgic for Gomulka or something?<

The title of my response may suggest to you what I am nostalgic for.

As to my country I assure you that free education, land reform, social laws or a growing population compare quite positively to what we have now that we have lost free education, in schools children learn crime, drugs and depravity, free peasantry has been wiped out by the ruling neoliberal oligarchy, and in statistical terms we are a rapidly dying and degenerating society. But I doubt you care about such trivialities.

> Are you sighing in sorrow that the KGB's Bulgarian counterparts botched things in giving Mehmet Ali Agca a pistol that wasn't quite powerful enough to ensure that Mr. Wojtyla died?<

It is far from certain what the real task of this Turkish thug was as the most interesting thing about Mr. Wojtyla is that at the time when he travelled to Rome NO ONE could leave his country for the West without having pre-arranged his trip with the security services, i.e. without signing a number of declarations and fulfilling many odd conditions and stipulations. I'd like to know what was in the papers Wojtyla signed . Note also that at that time thousands of today's staunchly anti-communist Catholic Polish clergy , including bishops, were common spies and informers recruited by the Security Service. So who was Wojtyla ?

But coming back to Mehmet Ali Agca and the nation he comes from I am not sure what is more amazing - how willingly America's Turkish friends engage in committing genocides or rather how obstinately their US protectors refuse to take notice, let alone officially recognize them ? Have you got any clue on that as an American patriot who stands for the integrity of your country ?

I wonder also how much you know about the consistency with which America's brave Moslem friends from Ataturkistan have tried their luck in assassinating members of the microscopic Christian minority in Turkey, first and foremost the Orthodox ecumenical Patriach Bartholomew I and the Armenian Patriarch Mesrob II who as a matter of course receives 300 death threats daily? Can you see here also some influence of the communist KGB octopus ?

> Frankly, as a patriotic American, I only wish that the CIA controlled the strings of the Libyan rebels and the East Turkistan Islamic Movement. <

To my mind you represent a very strange sort of patriotism as you seem to identify what is good to the government to what is good to America and its people. I know a number of Americans and they are all great open-minded people. Yet none of them would identify their own interests with the obscure agenda of their so called "elites".

Anyway, to the best of my knowledge your Libyan/East Turkistan wish has already come true but the effects will hardly correspond to your great expectations. They will lead to another 9/11 or worse. As a kafir you can't invoke Moslems' help and hope they will disregard the eternal agenda of Islam just for your sake. Moslems have their own clear plans as to who and how should rule this world. If you don't know that, your Moslem friends won't tell you and you'll learn them only when it is too late.

> I only wished that our officialdom had the sense to note that Communist China is drilling for oil 90 miles from our shores when we have a government that initially hated the idea of new domestic prospecting in the USA. Heck, our Department of State and CIA is so incompetent it couldn't even tell that Hu Jintao basically slapped Obama's face and urin@%*d in his tea during the state dinner (their pianist Lang Lang played the theme of a Korean War propaganda film that glorified killing Americans). It was up to the American blogosphere to pull Lang Lang's and the Chinese government's mask off and shame at least the former into a few hems and haws.<

Leaving the political soap opera called "democracy and human-rights" aside, can you tell me how are you going to pay back $ 1 trillion dollars back which you owe to the Chinese government and those 13 trillion you owe to others ? I hope that telling the world about how bad the Chinese communists are ,fomenting Uyghur jihad and damaging Chinese investments abroad with Moslem hands is not all you have to tell me as a reply, is it ?

> Now, Ianus, before you get too hard on your country's exiled son Brzezinski, the administration he served initially pulled a Gorbachev, only back in the days of Brezhnev--having the USA call quits in the Cold War, until the Afghan intervention and an aggressive movement to encircle both the USA (neutralize Western Europe, turn the Caribbean region and Central America into proxies) and China (alliance with India, feelers to Ne Win's Burma, and ensuring that Soviet proxies got the spoils of the 2d Indochina War).<

I see you have a nice theory of everything which makes you happy. I am not so happy about it though , since I think it's not sufficiently supported by facts. Let's just mention America's newly celebrated honeymoon with Mao Tsetung in 1972-1973. Neither Kissinger nor Nixon had any pangs of conscience about the Cultural Revolution and its atrocities and gladly concluded a strategic alliance with the aging Chinese mass murderer just to have another global battering ram against the USSR's borders.

In this context won't you go on to give me a sermon how morally superior and wise it was to ally oneself with Chairman Mao or to launch the Black Colonels in Greece to power, to sign the Helsinki accords which allegedly guaranteed Europe's borders for ever or to give false promises to Gorbachov to leave the countries from which the Soviet troops were withdrawing , neutral or , finally , how bombing Serbia in 1999 served the interests of humanity, democracy and human rights and not those of malign Albanian and Saudi jihadism ?

> The Cold War was your former "liberator" and "protector"'s conflict to win or lose against an unwilling America that spent decades trying to fool itself into thinking that its opponent was fundamentally benign--and the USSR simply botched it.<

Is this statement supposed to express your private opinion or a fact ? If the former is the case , then I acquiesce in it. Everybody has a right to have private opinions and even to refuse to confront them with reality. If the latter is the case , then I'd like to know where you found it ? Maybe in Cyprus which America cynically sold and handed over in 1974 to the Moslem Turkish genocidal sadism or in Afghanistan which America changed into the biggest heroin factory in the world and again the same sharia-ruled sh...-hole from which the communists had tried so desperately to pull it ? By telling me how bad the USSR was you no doubt try to deflect my attention from remembering many things and comparing what was to what is , don't you ?

>BTW, I also dislike Zbigniew Brzezinski. He opposed the Soviet Union chiefly because it was Russian; not because it was Communist.<

As an hereditary Polish nobleman and a dedicated graduate of a Jesuit High School he is prone to confuse the two things. But you don't look like an ex-Polish nobleman, deprived by the Russian tsar Alexander II of your sacred right to oppress and exploit illiterate Polish serfs with corvées, to vex them with arbitrary exactions and punishments, expropriated of your feudal estate on behalf of those former serfs of yours by the communists , do you?

And I am sorry for being too candid with you, but I don't understand why as a patriotic American you are so opposed to communism? Don't you understand that the day when the Chinese communists refuse to subsidize your country any longer and demand their money back ( in real currency and not the green waste paper you are printing at a hyperinflationary pace) you will have to say farewell to your affluence and to face the same basic problem created for the majority of people living under regimes modelled after America.You will have to live like people in Bangladesh or Burma. Do you really want that ? If you don't, then I'd suggest some restraint in cursing the communist hand that is feeding your capitalist paradise and allows you to have so high living standards with help of a cheap credit card which in turns relies on Chinese credits.

Frankly, with $ 14 trillion of foreign debt the only superpower is as enslaved to its creditors as Greece is without being a power. That the Chinese are the first among the creditors should rather evoke your gratitude and not anger . Without being sarcastic your anger reminds me sadly of our medieval European royal and princely debtors who being unable to pay back their debts used to get rid of their Jewish creditors instead by organizing Jewish pogroms and expulsions of Jews from the territories under their control.

With best regards



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