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More on Arab immigrants, So called "Palestinians". When they started to flood Palestine as Jews changed and cultivated the vacant land

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Submitted by Roberta (United States), Feb 8, 2011 at 02:03

More about the largely vacant desolate land of Israel "Palestine" in the 1800s - massive Arab immigration following Jews' return = the true origin of the (today's) so called "Palestinians"

How odd that such last names as al-Masri (the Egyptian,), al-Djazair (the Algerian), el-Mughrabi (the Moroccan), al-Yamani (the Yemenite) and even al-Afghani are so common among those claiming to be "Palestinians."

Today's Palestinians are immigrants from many nations: "Balkans, Greeks, Syrians, Latins, Egyptians, Turks, Armenians, Italians, Persians, Kurds, Germans, Afghans, Circassians, Bosnians, Sudaneese, Samaritans, Algerians, Motawila, Tartars, Hungarians, Scots, Navarese, Bretons, English, Franks, Ruthenians, Bohemians, Bulgarians, Georgians, Syrians, Persian Nestorians, Indians, Copts, Maronites, and many others." (DeHass, History, p. 258. John of Wurzburg list from Reinhold Rohricht edition, pp. 41, 69).

There are villages populated wholly by settlers from other portions of the Turkish Empire in the 19th century. There are villages of Bosnians, Circassians, and Egyptians. -Parkes, James William, History of the Peoples of Palestine, Hammondsworth, Great Britain, 1970, p. 212.

There are very large contingents from the Mediterranean countries, especially Armenia, Greece, and Italy, Turkomen settlers, a fairly large Afghan colony, Motawila, immigrants from Persia, tribes of Kurds, a Bosnian colony, Circassian settlements, a large Algerian element, Sudanese... -Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1911 ed.

[Ibrahim Pasha, the 1831 Egyptian conquerer of Palestine] "left behind him permanent colonies of Egyptians at Besian, Nablus, Irbid, Acre, and Jaffa. Into Jaffa alone, "at least 2,000 people have been imported." -Ernst Frankenstein, Justice For My People, London, Nicholson and Watson, 1943, p. 127.

In 1860, entire Algerian tribes immigrated en masse to Safed. The Muslims of Safed, are "mostly descended from these Moorish settlers and from Kurds that came earlier to the city."
-De Haas, Jacob, History of Palestine, The Last Two Thousand Years, New York, 1934, p. 425.

"I learn of the arrival of about 6,000 of the Beni Sukhr Arabs at Tiberias who are very seldom seen this side of the Jordan."
-British Consul James Finn in apers Relating to the Distubances in Syria, no. 2, June 1860, p. 35.

After 1870, "the [Turkish] forward policy included...the planting of Circassian colonies in the country."
-Smith, CG in Studies on Palestine During the Ottoman Period, Jerusalem, 1975, p. 93.

"The Arabs would have sat in the dark forever had not the Zionist engineers harnessed the Jordan river for electrification. Now they swarm into Palestine in seeking the light."
- Winston Churchill, 1922 "A Peace to End All Peace"

"This illegal [Arab] immigration was not only going on from the Sinai, but also from Transjordan and Syria, and it is very difficult to make a case out for the misery of the Arabs if at the same time their compatriots from adjoining states could not be kept from going in to share that misery."
-Palestine Royal Commission Report, London: 1937

"So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied until their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population."
-Winston Churchill, 1939.

MV: "Recently the Israeli government forcibly expelled hundreds of children solely because there are not Jewish."

Liar. They were deported, along with their parents, because their parents had overstayed their visas. Any country in the world does the same thing.

MV: "Israel set up a propaganda hospital in Haiti after the devastating earthquake as part of its "Brand Israel" campaign hoping that a phony show of sympathy will make people forget about Israeli killing and occupation of millions of Palestinians. Only the American media, naturally, went along with the ploy. After the cameras left, Israel entirely fled from Haiti."

Another lie. After the Israeli field hospital left–a hospital dedicated to emergency treatment rather than long-term convalescence–(after being the wonder of the other delegations for its equipment and expertise in emergency medicine), a large group of Israeli teachers, social workers and aid workers arrived to treat trauma and rebuild schools, they're still there. A contingent of the Israeli police also spent six months in Haiti at that government's request, to help preserve law and order. They returned with the highest compliments of the Haitian government.

MV: "The biggest infiltrators are the occupying Zionists who came, conquered and continue to oppress."

The biggest lie of all. Many Arabs identify their origins by their family names. Here are some of the most common family names among the "Palestinians":

"Masri" = from Egypt-Hamas member of Parliament, Mushir al-Masri (the word "masri" littelery means "the egyptian" in arabic !).
"Khamis"= Bahrain "Salem Hanna Khamis" "al-Faruqi"= Mosul, Iraq
"al-Araj" = Morocco, a member of the Saadi Dynasty "Hussein al-Araj"
"al Lubnani" = the Lebanese
"al-Mughrabi" = the Moroccan (Maghreb" – meaning "West" in Arabic, and usually referring to North Africa or specifically to Morocco)
"al-Djazair" = the Algerian
"al-Yamani" = the Yemeni "Issam Al Yamani"
"al-Afghani" = the Afghan
"al-Hindi" = the Indian "Amin al-Hindi"
"Iraqi" = from Iraq.
"halabi" = from Aleppo, Syria
"El Baghdadi" = from Baghdad Iraq.
"Tarabulsi"= Tarabulus-Tripoli, Lebanon.
"Hourani" = Houran Syria.
"al-Husayni" = Saudi Arabia.
"Saudi" = Saudi Arabia.
"Metzarwah"= Egypt.
"Barda---wil" = "Salah Bardawil" HAMAS legislator in Gaza; Egypt, Bardawil Lake area.
"Nashashibi" = Syria.
"Bushnak" = Bosnia
"zoabi"= from Iraq: "Haneen Zoabi".
"Turki" = Turkey "Daud Turki"
"al-Kurd" = Kurdistan.
"Haddadins" = YEMEN descended from Ghassanid Christian Arabs.
"Arab Abu-Kishk" = Egypt.(Bedouins)
"Arab al shakirat" = Egypt (Bedouins)
"Arab al zabidat" = Egypt (Bedouins)
"Arab al aramsha" = Egypt (Bedouins)
"Abu Sitta" = In Arabic' Abu means father and sitta means six. Translated it actually means father of six. (The Abu Sitta family primarily received this name because around the year 1700, a well known knight of the large Al-Tarabeen tribe always had six slaves (i.e. fedawyah, bodyguards), 3 on each side, with him. They were with him wherever he went, day or night. Hence the name "ABU SITTA." = Egypt (Bedouins) "Salman Abu Sitta ".)

Even Yasser Arafat, the most famous "Palestinian" and leader of the P.L.O terrorist organization, was not native to Judea. He called himself a "Palestinian refugee" but spoke Arabic with an Egyptian accent. He was born in 1929 Cairo, Egypt. He served in the Egyptian army, studied in the University of Cairo, and lived in Cairo until 1956! His full name was Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini. "Al-Qudwa" tribe origin?

Yasser Arafat also proudly stated in his authorized biography that, "If there is any such thing as a Palestinian people, it is I, Yasser Arafat, who created them."



Date: 03-06-94 From: SHLOMOH SHERMAN To: LOUISE HAGAN Subj: Palestinian Mythology Conference: (9) Religion

[...] OK. Let's talk about displaced people. The Land of Israel (whom the gentiles call Palestine) was a Jewish country since the arrival of Abraham. There was always a Jewish presence there. In the years 70 CE and 135 CE, the Romans forcefully removed large numbers of the Jewish population from the LOI and brought them to Rome as slaves.

Nevertheless, the LOI continued as a Jewish country according to G-d's promises. During the 4th century, the Roman Empire became Christian, and Rome turned the LOI into a Byzantine country in which non-Jewish were brought in and settled by Rome. During the 5th century, there was an economic depression in the Eastern Empire and some of the Jewish population moved to neighboring countries to earn a living. At the same time, Rome encouraged more and more gentile Christians to take up residence in the country. Still, the majority of the population was Jewish.

During the 7th century, the newly converted Arab Moslems came up out of the Arabian Penninsula and conquered the LOI, driving out the Byzantines. Many of the native population, both Jewish and non-Jewish were forcefully converted to Islam and the country was forcefully ARABIZED. Those Jews still living there had pressure put upon them to become Moslems. Some did become Moslems and lost their Jewish identity. Those individuals of the population that became Moslem were ARABIZED. That is, they took up the Arab language and for all purposes were acculturated to "look like" Arabs.

From the 7th century onwards, LOI was an ARAB-SPEAKING country. That does not mean that the people living there were "real Arabs". They were not. They were, in fact, descendants of the original Jewish population and of the Greek speaking population that the Byzantines imported to Christianiize the Land.

Towards the end of the first Christian millenium, the Land was under the control of the Turkish Moslems. From the time immediately following the First Crusade, the Land fell into a sad state. The Turks misuded it economically and ecologically. A once fertile Land under Jewish rule now became a forrest-denuded, malarial swamp. Many people, both Jews and non-Jews left. Most of them were gentiles. The population thinned out. Hardly anyone lived there. The Land was administrated by absentee Turkish landlords. It had became a non-productive province and the Turks didnt care one fig about it. They had more lucrative and productive lands to administer. Starting in the 1500s thru the 1900s, Jews from Europe returned in waves to the LOI. They found a small non-Jewish population scattered here and there throughout the Land. These people were of various nationalities. None of them called themsleves "Palestinians". There was no such entity. The Land was still ARABIZED and the returning Jews were loyal to the Turkish masters. They did everything possible to restore the Land because they loved in a way that no gentile inhabitants had. They cleared much of the swampland and planted trees and made the Land fertile again. The Turks gave them no thanks. The gentile inhabitants had never done anything like that. They had been content to just let the Land go to hell.

As the Land became productive under the hands of the returning Jews, it became more viable and economically productive. The presence of the Jews and their productivity created jobs. Gentile Arabs from the surrounding lands began to pour into LOI to finf work. The Turks encouraged this because they didn't want the Land to become "too Jewish." Beginning in the 19th century, the Turks encouraged Moslems from various countries to come to the LOI, promoising them free land if they did. Many Moslems took up the offer, many of them from BOSNIA came and settled there. THESE WERE EUROPEAN MOSLEMS THAT TOOK ON LOCAL ARAB COLORING AND ASSIMILATED INTO THE NON-JEWISH POPULATION, THEREBY BECOMING "ARABS".

The Turks then began the policy of restricting the Jews to certain areas of the Land, giving the more favored area to Moslems. Much of this area consisted of the present day Judea and Samaria, the so-called "West Bank of Palestine". After the First World War, when the British conquered the Turks, they took the LOI away from the Turks and made it a British "protectorate". They continued to call the Land "Palestine" and called EVERY INHABITANT IN IT, BOTH JEW AND GENTILE, "PALESTINIANS". That name was an English invention just as the "ARAB" inhabitants of the Land had been a TURKISH INVENTION. In those 2 centuries, 19th and 20th, NO ONE WAS DISPLACED EXCEPT JEWS!!!

The British then proceded to do what they have done everywhere they have gone, divide and conquer. They promised both the Jews and the non-Jews that the Land would be given to their communities, but because they were very interested in oil and had a basically anti-Jewish attitude, they favored the "Arabs". The first thing they did was stop all Jewish immigration into the country while they allowed and encouraged gentile immigration. Nationalism was on the rise. The non-Jewish Arabized population of the LOI wanted a national identity and they were content to take the name and identity imposed upon them by the Turks and the British, namely "Palestinians". The Jews did not need to take that identity. They had their own G-d given identity.

The leadership of the "Palestinian" nationalist movement needed a rallying focus, so they used the commonality of religion. Islam became the focus of "Palestinianism". In 1929, a pogrom was organized in Hebron. Every member of the Jewish community there was murdered, man, woman, child. The British knew who the instigators were. They did nothing to apprehand them. In 1936, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem called for another pogrom against the various Jewish communities of the LOI. By that time, the Jews of the LOI had obtained weapons for their own self defense. They fought back. The British moved through all the Jewish areas and confiscated all weapons they found in the hands of Jews. They left the weapons of the Arabs alone.

It was a known fact that the British did not like the Jews because the Jews refused to act like good colonial third world natives. They considered themselves the equals of the British. The British could not stand it. They were used to treating all colonials as second class citizens. The Jews said to them, "We are not natives. We are as good as you." The British did not like that at all. They could depend on the Arabs to act like good little dark skinned boys. That made them comfortable. AND the surrounding Arab countries had OIL!!! Why irritate them by irritating their co-religionists in the LOI?

In order to placate the Arabs, the British told the Jews that they were NOT going to hand over the "whole land of Palestine" to them, only the "west bank of Palestine." Do you know how the "Palestinian leadership rewarded the British?" They signed a deal with the Nazi Germans to advance the German cause in the Middle East. War between Germany and Britain was immanent and everyone knew it. The Germans promised the Arabs that if they would ally themselves with Germany, they (the Germans) would solve the "Jewish problem" for the Arabs at the war's conclusion. The Jews remained loyal to the British government. It didn't matter one whit. In order to gain back the Arab sympathies on the eve of war, the British assured the Arabs that no further Jewish immigration into the Land would be allowed. Ships carrying Jews from Europe tried to enter "Palestine". The British refused them entry and forced them to return to a Europe where the gas chambers awaited them.

WW II broke out. The Arab sympathy was with Germany. They prayed for a German victory. Anwar Sadat, later to become President of Egypt, became a German spy and anti-British terrorist. The Grand Mufti was to be put under arrest by the British but he escaped andfled to Germany, spending the duration of the war there. During the war itself, Jews tried to enter "Palestine" to escape from the Nazis. The British turned them away. After the war, the British continued their policy of not letting Jews enter even though many DISPLACED European Jews had no where else to go.

At this time, the UN wanted the British to give up their mandate on "Palestine". The British further renegged and told the Jews that only part of the "West Bank" would be theirs. They would have to share the area with the non-Jewish residents. The Jews agreed. The Arabs did not. THEY WANTED THE WHOLE LAND FOR THEMSELVES.

The surrounding Arab countries ] told the non-Jewish residents of the Land that when the British left, their armies would come in and drive the Jews into the Sea. The non-Jewish population was encouraged to evacuate the Land in order to open the way for the Arab armies to operate. Many of them did just that, hoping to come back immanently to a land JUDENREIN. The Bitish left in May, 1948. Israel declared itself a state in the truncated area that the British had left them. Five Arab countries attacked Israel. The Jordanian army moved into the area of the "West Bank" that was to become the "Palestinian" state, and instantly annexed it to Jordan. No one protested. Jordan ruled the "Palestinian" state for 19 years. No one protested and said that the "Palestinians" were displaced and had to have their own country.

For 19 years the Jordanians treated their West Bank people like second class citizens. They were denied 3 basic rights. They were not allowed to open factories in the west bank, they were not allowed to build universities on the west bank, no west bank "Arab" was allowed to have a driver's license. No one protested. The Jordanians denied Jews access to their holy places in Jerusalem. No one protested. The Jordanians took tomb stones from Jewish cemetaries and turned them into lutrines. No one protested.

In May, 1967, Egypt and Syria got together and declared war on Israel, threatening to drive the Jews into the Sea. No one protested. King Hussein of Jordan called upon his "Arabs" in the west bank to get knives and kill every Jew that they found. The Israelis warned the Jordanians that if they entered the war, Israel would take the west bank away fomr them. Jordan entered the war and lost the west bank that it had illegally annexed 19 years earlier. The Israelis found evidence of inhumane treatment of people in the West Bank by the Jordanians. No one protested. Everybody was busy protesting against the Israeli "aggressor" and the "poor displaced Palestinians".

Some people have all the propaganda luck. The bleeding heart liberal media went anti-Israel to sell more newspapers. The Soviet Union took up the "Palestinian" cause to win the Arabs over to their side in the cold war. From 1967 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Israel acted as the best ally of the United States, handing over the latest in captured Soviet weaponry to America, asking nothing in return. Israel was repaied by the anti-semitic State Dept of the USA by being pressured to give back territory to the "poor Palestinians". Meanwhile one thing remains to be told. In 1948, when Israel bacame a state, there were Arabs living there. The Israelis granted them full citizenship. No Arab was asked to leave Israel.

That same year, Arab countries, including Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Lybia, and others KICKED OUT THEIR JEWISH CITIZENS AND MADE THEM LEAVE ALL THEIR EARTHLY BELONGINGS BEHIND! No one protested.

You call yourself a Christian and you grieve for the poor displaced Palestinians? You are just one more gentile hoodwinked by the Arab propaganda mill, abetted by the anti-Israel media who want to sell newspapers, and the Oil company whores who think oil is more important than justice. Cry your crocodile tears, sister. Don't expect any sympathy from me. The fact that you allow your sympathy for the poor mistreated "non-jews" of the Middle East to over-ride your concern for Biblical prophecy tells me a lot about the so-called Christians in this country who claim to be Bible believers. You are Bible believers so long as it is not good for the Jews. And the hell with real justice and G-d's word.

ADDENDUM June 22, 2003 - Incidently, there never was a national or geographical entity called "Palestine" in the historical sense that we usually ascribe to nations or geography. "Palestine" was the designation given to the Land Of Israel by the Romans when they incorporated it into their Empire as a province. They named it after the Philistines, the traditional enemies of Israel, in order to humiliate their new Jewish subjects. Since the Arabs living in the Land Of Israel insist that they are the descendants of the ancient Caananites, why don't they refer to themselves as Caananites rather than Philistines? Arab humor: Take my hostage, please!


Genetic evidence links Jews to their ancient tribe By Judy Siegel
Jerusalem (November 20, 2001)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America...
Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes [May 9, 2000]

And we also see it from the The Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH) and the 1997 study published in nature magazine (also one of the leading scientific journals):

"Y Chromosomes of Jewish Priests" (Nature Volume 385, 2 January 1997)

Some considerations concerning the etymology of the name 'Palestine'.
Attempts are made to invalidate the Jews' (Yehudim in Hebrew) claim to the land of Israel by repeatedly referring to the area as "Palestine".

In addition... considering the etymology of the name 'Palestine' will be instructive. The word 'Palestinian' comes from a Semitic radical p-l-sh or p-l-s, which, in Hebrew, means: to burrow into; to open through; to penetrate; to invade. The root exists in a number of other extant and extinct Semitic languages. In Aramaic-Syraic it means to break through; to dig. In Akkadian palashu meant to dig through, while pilshu meant 'hole'. In Ethiopian the pejorative term "Falashas" means 'invaders' or 'emigrants'. The term fallasa in Arabic means he cleft; he split. (See: A COMPREHENSIVE ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE FOR READERS OF ENGLISH by Ernest Klein, Carta Jerusalem, Copyright © 1987 by The Beatrice & Arthur Minden Foundation and the University of Haifa).
The Semitic radical p-l-s or p-l-sh is the etymological base of the name of those who were called "Plishtim" (Philistines) in the Hebrew Bible. The area they inhabited, Pleshet, was the coastal strip south of Yaffo (Jaffa). They were probably people of Greek extraction, called the "Sea Peoples" who invaded the area sometime around 1300 – 1100 BCE (See: TOLDOR THE HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD, compiled and prepared by Abraham Lebanon, Jerusalem 1985 ). The Plishtim are not, at any rate, the ancestors of the modern-day Arabs who refer to themselves as "Palestinians".


...because the 'Palestinians' by their own admission are a fiction created by that Arab narrative.

The term "Palestina" was invented by the Roman emperor Hadrian. The Romans wanted to rename Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) after the Philistines, the longtime enemy of the Jews. Hadrian believed that by renaming the Jewish homeland after the Jews' archenemy, he would be able to forever break the bond between the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.

But even the name of the Philistines, from which the term "Palestine" was adopted, is completely alien to the Land of Israel.

The name Philistines in Hebrew is plishtim, which comes from the Hebrew verb polshim (foreign invaders).

Arabs only came to the Land of Israel in large numbers after the Jews returned in the 20th century and started to rebuild the nation, thereby creating economic and employment opportunities for Arab immigrants.
Prior to 1870, when Jews started to return to the Holy Land in large numbers, there were fewer than 100,000 Arabs living in what is today the State of Israel - including Yesha (the Hebrew acronym for Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District).

This small number of nomadic, tribal Arabs who lived in the Holy Land before the modern Jewish return never considered themselves to be a separate people or nation.

The Arabs who lived in the Land of Israel were not "Palestinians" but Arabs - part of a huge Arab people with 22 very large independent nations that control one-ninth of the land mass on the planet Earth...


Palestinian ARABS have NOTHING to do with the Philistines of the BIBLE:
Palestinian ARABS are simply ARABS. The sons of Ham were Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan. Mizraim begot Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, Pathrusim, and Casluhim (from whom came the Philistines and Caphtorim). Gen 10.6, 10.13-14

The Philistines were a non-Semitic people (neither Arab nor Jew) descended from Ham's son Mizraim. They invaded Israel from either Crete or Egypt.


Palestinian nationalism is the biggest scam in history. The Arabs are not native to Palestine. They're native to Arabia. Why do you think so many ancient Palestinians have names like Al Masri and Al Mugrabhi? Is the arabic language native to Palestine? The ancient Palestinians are people that migrated from Egypt, Syria and elsewhere to find jobs that the Zionists created as they were building up desolate and barren Palestine 1870-1948. And Arabs continue to migrate to Israel to this day!


By "Bushbadee" Jedi Knight

A little history seems in order here.
First and foremost we should remember that Israel did not invade those territories, the Arabs did.

Second, that Israel has occupied that land for over 3500 years.
Third, the racists are the Arabs who want all the Jews out of the land they claim, while 1.2 million Muslim arabs live at peace in Israel.
But let us come up a few thousand years and look at this past century.

First off, the only "arabs" who owned land in Israel were the [non-Arab Muslims] Turkish Pashas and Egyptian offendi's.
The arabs that were there were for the most part share croppers.

There is an excellent Historic novel about this and the arabs flight from Israel and it is called "The Haj" by Leon Uris.

Most of the arabs in Israel entered starting in 1922.
Hardly any one lived in Israel prior to that from 1886 to post 1915.
There was a series of 6 locust plauges which just about wiped the country out. Some 40,000 people died of starvation in the 1915 plauge.

If any one would like to see it from an original source, I have a copy of the Dec 1915 issue of National Geographic and will send a copy of the article to any one who requests it of me at my address below.

In about 1885 the first large scale immigration into Israel occured. Yes it was by Arabs, but these arabs were Jews.
Some 3000 Jews left Yemen when the goverment of Yemen declaired that all children of Jewish families were to be taken from them and raised as Muslims. The Yemenite Jews fled, settled in Israel and started the first collective farm there.

Now as more 'Zionist money poured into Israel to support the Jews through the locust plauges, more arabs also poured in to get the jobs that were now available. Most of them make more in a month than they made as tennant farmers so they abondoned the farms and went to work for the Jews.This did not make the arab land owners very happy.
Most arabs that entered Israel settled near Jewish communities by a factor of 10 to 1.

In 1922 a pipeline was started. This brought a huge influx of arabs into Palistine EY. (That was the proper name as used by the british on their stationary, not Palistine.) Some 300,000 entered legally between 1922 and 1942.
Another 300,000 entered illegally across the desert.
There were not many controls except at the ports keeping the Jews out.
If you look at stamps from Palistine EY at the time, you will lfind that Hebrew is one of the languages on the stamp, proving the land had a large Jewish population and the name Palistine EY = Eretz Yisroel.

So the fact is that most of the so called Palistinians are rather late in entering Israel and are not native to the land.
Now the next big migration into Israel by Arabs occured after the 1948 war. UNRA built refugee camps for the Arabs. They were supplied with housing, food, money, medical care and many other things they did not have before. The only requirement to enter a camp was that you had resided in Israel for 2 prior years.Comparitively, the living the camps was pretty good at the time, so suddenly arabs from all the neighboring countries became Palistinian refugees, There was a large surge of Arabs into the country. Hey what would you expect Free food.

Oh I almost forgot. Palistinians. Prior to about 1968 if you called any of these arabs Palistinians, they would have spit in your face. They called themselves "Southern Syrians" for the most part. At least all that knew called themselves that.
Another note (If you called an Egyptian an arab, you were liable to get punched in the teeth. My lab parner in college was an egyptian. He make it clear to me, arab was a curse word.)

So you see these so called Palistinians are not native to the area. Basically they are squatters trying to take over another country just as they took over Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and many other middle eastern countries...


Speaking of history, I want to raise another historical prospect that no one seems to talk about. The Arabs are not native to "Palestine." They Arabs are native to Arabia, now known as Saudi Arabia.

The only way they got to this current disuputed area is by... guess what? Jihads, when they swept across the middle east, conquering various cities, brutalizng the natives, and forcibly converting many to Islam.

Damascus? Was once a Christian City.
Egypt? The native Egyptians, today called the "Copts" are Christians, and second-class citizens to the Muslim Arab rulers. (But don't expect any of the Israel critics to get upset about the stratification of Egypt. They never shed any tears for the persecution of the Copts.)

And Jerusalem too, which was controlled by Christians, with some Jews remaining (as there has been a Jewish presence there for millenium) was also conquered, Churches burned and turned to mosques, dhimmi laws enforced.

So tell me... why is the Palestinian Arab more "native" to the region when he got it by conquering and pillaging, then the Jews or the Zionists? He too got there the same way you accuse the Zionist... an accusation which does not even hold water, when you study the prices and money spent when the Zionist bought tracks of land.


A People Who Are Now but Never Were

Reprinted with permission.

Ezekiel 36: 1-12

In his State of The Union speech, President Bush included Hamas, Hizbullah and the Islamic Jihad as part of the terrorist network, with whom the United States is at war.

From the early 1970s until Rabin and Arafat signed the 1993 Oslo Peace Accord, Arafat was considered a terrorist. His PLO was on the US list of terrorist nations or organizations. Why the change in 1993?

One of Israel's conditions before even entering a peace process with Arafat was that Arafat renounce terrorism. Arafat made this promise. But he broke it again and again and again. Now in 2002 Arafat's terrorism is at an all time high.

The US perspective began to change after September 11. With the declaration of war on terrorism, the US has been pressuring Arafat to not only stop terrorism but to dismantle the terrorist organizations among the Palestinians. Since Arafat's Palestinian Authority was caught smuggling 50 tons of highly sophisticated weapons from the terrorist state of Iran, the Pentagon wants the US to sever all ties with Arafat.

But when the terrorism issue is concluded, the US expects Israel and the Palestinians to return to the peace negotiations. Secretary of State Colin Powell has stated that he expects Israel to give all or most of the West Bank to the Palestinians. Evidently Arab oil not historic-rights is the bottom line of much Middle East policy. Not all of Israel's actions are correct. We grieve for innocent Jews or Arabs who are killed. But the Lord is angry with the nations who divide Israel's Land. Joel 3:1,2

Brief History

Jews lived in their Land for 1700 years virtually uninterrupted. Then the Roman destruction of their polity in AD 70 marked God's temporary rejection and chastening. The Jewish population of over 3 million was decimated by slaughter and expulsion. The Arabs conquered and dominated the Land for over 300 years beginning in AD 640, yet the Jews remained the largest minority.

The noted Arab historian Khaldun (called one of the greatest historians of all time by Arnold Toynbee) observed that as late as A.D. 1400 the Land still was permeated with Jewish culture and customs. Nearly 300 years after Arab rule ended, there was still no evidence of Palestinian roots or established culture.

Thus an Arab historian, who happens to be one of the greatest historians of all time, demolished the claim that there is an uninterrupted Palestinian culture dating back to AD 640.

James Parke's exhaustive work WHOSE LAND observes, "It is not until the Turkish period, AD 1517-1917, that it [the Land God gave Israel] acquired a substantial Arab population." How? By Arabs emigrating from Arab nations into the Land, which then became utterly desolate. Thus the claim of a thriving verdant Palestinian culture since AD 700 defies Scripture and history.

During these centuries the total combined population of Moslems, Christians and Jews was less than 200,000. Compared, therefore, with the previous Jewish population of over 3 million, the land did become relatively "desolate of man and beast." Jeremiah 3:10 Notice, there was a continual nucleus of Jews in the Land.

Why did the Land of Israel become a barren wasteland? The pro-Arab British Palestine Royal Commission in 1937 completely placed the blame on the destructive life style of the Arabs who wandered in and out of the Land.

Who Are The Palestinians?

Ezekiel 36:1-12 predicted that the "heathen (people) round about" the Land of Israel would render it desolate. Who are the "people round about?" Look at a map. Israel is a little island surrounded by a sea of Arab nations. Arab people who immigrated to the Land of Israel desolated the Land, fulfilling Ezekiel 36. The so-called Palestinians are simply Arabs from Syria, Egypt, Iraq and other Arab countries that immigrated to the Land.

How desolate did the land become? In 1738 Thomas Shaw observed a land of "barrenness.... from want of inhabitants." In 1835 Alphonse de Lamartine wrote, "Outside the city of Jerusalem, we saw no living object, heard no living sound. . .a complete eternal silence reigns in the town, in the highways, in the country . . . The tomb of a whole people." In 1867 Mark Twain wrote, "Palestine is desolate and unlovely. Over it broods the spell of a curse that has withered its fields and fettered its energies...."

In 1857, the British consul in Palestine, James Finn, reported, "The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is that of a body of population." What a remarkable confirmation of the Biblical prediction that during Israel's period of punishment and dispersion, the Lord would cause the Land to become desolate of man and beast (Jeremiah 33:10). By 1857 it was just waiting for "a body of population!" In the Lord's providence this needed body of population—the Jewish people—began to return after 1878. God's favor was now returning.

Verses 8-12 reveal the Jewish people would return in mass and their Land would again return to the fertility of old. But from 1878 onward, the influx of "the people round about"—the Arabs—accelerated. Why? The Jews returned to build an infrastructure for a new Jewish State. This created jobs and the Arabs rushed in to take advantage of the new economy.

Both British Prime Minister MacDonald and President Roosevelt confirm this flood of Arab immigration since 1918. In 1946 Bartley C. Crum, a United States Government observer, noted that tens of thousands of Arabs had entered Palestine "because of this better life—and they were still coming." Some writers have claimed that 75 percent of the Arab population were either immigrants or descendants of immigrants into the Land after 1882.

Arabs in the Holy Land did not adopt the Palestinian identity until the 1960s. They referred to themselves as Southern Syrians. In 1956, Ahmed Shukairy, the first head of the PLO observed to the Security Council, "It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria." TIME magazine reported. "It was Arafat who made the intellectual leap [1964] to a definition of the Palestinians as a distinct people; he articulated the cause, organized for it, fought for it and brought it to the world's attention." (http://www.bible411.com/newsletters/nb200203.htm) But God promised the Land to Israel, not the so-call Palestinians. The Peace Process will end in an Israeli-Arab war in which the Arabs will be decisively defeated and Israel will acquire parts of Jordan and Southern Lebanon. Isaiah 11:14; Zephaniah 2:4-12

The Problem—Arab Elitism

Saudi Arabia is in favor of the war on terrorism but unhappy that the US is waging war against Islamic Afghanistan with its large Arab population. In fact, many wealthy Saudi princes have been financing Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorists. The Arab oil rich nations have warned Bush not to attack Iraq in its war on terrorism. Why? Simply because Iraq is Arab. Never mind Iraq's long record of terrorism. The prison on the US Guantanamo Base, incarcerates Taliban and al-Qaeda captives. Over 100 are Saudis. Saudi Arabia is demanding the Saudis be turned over to them for trial. Some how it is demeaning to the Arab world for Arabs with Islamic fervor to be judged by non-Arabs. Some might say, infidels. Remember the terror attack on the US military base in Saudi Arabia? Many US personnel were killed. Saudi Arabia restricted the scope of US investigation so that the Arab terrorists have never been apprehended.

Why do Saudi Arabia and the other Arab countries back Arafat and his Palestinians? Even though at times they might cringe at his extreme terrorism, the bottom line is the Palestinians are Arabs—part of the Arab Elite.

There is a sharp disagreement among non-Islamic writers and even Islamic clerics on the meaning of the word Jihad in the Koran. One source of controversy is at what point of events in his personal history did Mohammad write and apply certain Jihad verses. But none can deny that the military expansion of the Arab Empire was premised on Holy Jihad.

Now 10 prominent Islamic clerics of differing theological backgrounds, including the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, have publicly declared that Arafat's terrorism directed at civilians, including woman and children, is not Holy Jihad.

One of these Islamic clerics, Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi, in a video interview proves that the designation "Palestinian people" is a political deception and that Arafat's application of Holy Jihad to his terrorist killing of civilians is a violation of the Koran.


Permanent Jewish presence in the Holy Land
[ The True Identity of the So-called Palestinians ]

Whenever the issue concerning the Jewish population in Israel is discussed, the idea that Jews are "returning back" to their Homeland after almost two millennia of exile is taken for granted. It is true that such is the case for the largest number of Jews, but not for all of them. It is not correct to say that the whole Jewish nation has been in exile. The long exile, known as Diaspora, is a documented fact that proves the legitimacy of the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel, and was the consequence of the Jewish Wars of independence from the Roman Empire. If "Palestinians" allegedly are the historic inhabitants of the Holy Land, why did they not fight for independence from Roman occupation as Jews did? How is it possible that not a single Palestinian leader heading for a revolt against the Roman invaders is mentioned in any historic record? Why there is not any Palestinian rebel group mentioned, as for example the Jewish Zealots? Why every historic document mentions the Jews as the native inhabitants, and the Greeks, Romans and others as foreigners dwelling in Judea, but not any Palestinian people, neither as native nor as foreigner? After the last Jewish War in the 2nd century c.e., the Roman emperor Hadrian sacked Jerusalem in 135 c.e. and changed her name into Ælia Capitolina, and the name of Judæa into Palæstina, in order to erase the Jewish identity from the face of the Earth. Most of the Jews were expelled from their own land by the Romans, a fact that determined the beginning of the great Diaspora. Nevertheless, small groups of Jews remained in the province then renamed "Palestine", and their descendants dwelled in their own country continuously throughout generations until the Zionist pioneers started on the mass return in the XIX century. Therefore, the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel is justified not only by an old Biblical Promise, but also by a permanent presence of Jews as the only autochthonous ethnic community existing in the Holy Land. Along the centuries and under different dominations, the "Palestinian" Jews did never submit to assimilation but conserved their spiritual and cultural identity, as well as their links with other Jewish communities in the Middle East. The continuous flow of Mizrachim (Oriental) and Sephardim (Mediterranean) Jews to the Holy Land contributed to support the existence of the Jewish population in the area. This enduring Jewish presence in the so-called Palestine preceded many centuries the arrival of the first Arab conqueror.

Even though Jerusalem has been off-limits to Jews in different periods (since Romans banned all Jews to enter the City), many of them settled in the immediate proximities and in other towns and villages of the Holy Land. A Jewish community was established at Mount Zion. The Roman and subsequent Byzantine rule were oppressive; Jews were prevented from praying at the Kotel, where the Holy Temple once existed. The Sassanid Persians took control over Jerusalem in 614 c.e. allied with the local Jews, but five years later the City fell again under Byzantine control, although it was an ephemeral rule because in 638 c.e. Jerusalem was captured by the caliph Omar. That was the first time that an Arab leader set foot in the Holy City, inhabited by non-Arab peoples (Jews, Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks and other Christian communities). After centuries of Roman-Byzantine oppression, the Jews welcomed the Arab conquerors with the hope that their conditions would improve. The Arabs found a strong Jewish identity in Jerusalem and the surrounding land; Jews were living in every district of the country and on both sides of the Jordan. Indeed, the "Palestinians" that were historically dwelling in the Holy Land were no other than the Jews! Towns like Ramallah, Yericho and Gaza were almost purely Jewish by that time. The Arabs, not having a name of their own for this region, adopted the Latin name "Palæstina", that they translated into Arabic as "Falastin".

The first Arab immigrants that settled in the so-called Palestine – or, according to the modern UN conception, the first "Palestinian refugees" – were actually Jewish Arabs, namely Nabateans that adopted Judaism. Before the rise of Islam, flourishing centres like Khaybar and Yathrib (renamed Madinah) were mainly Jewish Nabatean cities. Whenever there was a famine in the land, people would go to Khaybar; the Jews always had fruit, and their springs yielded a plentiful supply of water. Once the muslim hordes conquered the Arabian peninsula, all that richness was ruined; the muslims perpetrated massacres against the Jews and replaced them with masses of ignorant fellahin submitted to the new religion. The survivors had to escape and took refuge in the Holy Land, mainly in Yericho and Dera'a, on both shores of the Jordan.

The Arab caliphs (Umayyad, Abbasid and Fatimid) controlled the Holy Land until 1071 c.e., when Jerusalem was captured by the Seldjuq Turks, and after that time, it was never again under Arab rule. During all that period, Arabs hardly established any permanent social structure of their own, but rather governed over the native non-Arab Christian and Jewish population. Any honest observer would notice that the Arabs ruled over the Holy Land three centuries less than they did over Spain!

In 1099 c.e., the European Crusaders conquered the so-called Palestine and established a kingdom that was politically independent, but never developed a national identity; it was just a military outpost of Christian Europe. The Crusaders were ruthless and tried by all means to remove any expression of Jewish culture, but all their efforts ended without success. In 1187 c.e., Jews actively participated with Salah-ud-Din Al'Ayyub (Saladin) against the Crusaders in the conquest of Jerusalem. Saladin, who was the greatest muslim conqueror, was not an Arab but a Kurd. The Crusaders took Jerusalem back from 1229 to 1244 c.e., when the City was captured by the Khwarezmians. A period of chaos and Mongol invasions followed until 1291c.e., when the Mameluks completed the conquest of almost the whole Middle East and settled their capital in Cairo, Egypt. The Mameluks were originally Central Asian and Caucasian mercenaries employed by the Arab caliphs; a medley of peoples whose main contingent was composed by Kumans, a Turkic tribe also known as Kipchak, related to the Seldjuqs, Kimaks and other groups. They were characterized by their ambiguous behaviour, as Kuman mercenaries were often contemporarily serving two enemy armies. The Mameluk soldiers did not miss the right moment to seize power for themselves, and even after their rule was overthrown, they were still employed as warriors by the Ottoman sultans and at last by Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 1517 c.e., Jerusalem and the whole Holy Land were conquered by the Ottoman Turks and remained under their rule during four centuries, until 1917 c.e., when the British captured Jerusalem and established the "Mandate of Palestine". It was the end of the Ottoman Empire, that owned all the present-day Arab countries until then. Indeed, since the fall of the Abbasid caliphate in 945 c.e., no Arab political entity existed in the Middle East for almost a millennium!

By the beginning of the XX century c.e., the population of Judea and Samaria – the improperly called "West Bank" – was less than 100,000 inhabitants, of which the majority were Jews. Gaza had no more than 80,000 "native" inhabitants in 1951, at the end of Israel's Independence War against the whole Arab world. Gaza was occupied by Arabs: How is it possible that in only 50 years it has increased from 80,000 to more than one million people? Are all those Arabs of Gaza so skilful as to procreate children in a supernatural way? Mass immigration is the ONLY plausible explanation for such a demographic increase. The Arab occupation between 1948 and 1967 was an advantageous opportunity for Arab leaders to promote mass immigration of so-called "Palestinians" (a mishmash of Arab immigrants) into Judea, Samaria and Gaza from every Arab country, mainly Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. In fact, since 1950 until the Six-Day War, under Jordanian rule, more than 250 Arab settlements have been founded in Judea and Samaria. The recent construction of the Arab houses is quite evident by the materials used for building: concrete and cinderblock. The Israeli government admits to have allowed over 240,000 workers to enter Judea and Samaria through the border with Jordan since the Oslo Conference – only to have them stay in those territories as Arab settlers. The actual numbers are probably higher. If hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern migrant workers are flooding into the Judea, Samaria and Gaza, why should Israel be required to provide them jobs? In fact the reverse, by supporting their economy while these people refuse to accept Israeli or Jordanian citizenship, Israel is only attracting more migrant workers. Saudi Arabia in a single year expelled over 1,000,000 stateless migrant workers. Lest anyone think that these are all "Palestinians", taking account of the definition of "Palestinian" according to the United Nations: all those Arabs that spent TWO YEARS in "Palestine" before 1948, and their descendants – with or without proof or documentation -. This definition was specifically designed to include immigrant Arab settlers (not Jewish settlers!).



Who are the Palestinians? by DarcyReed A fact-based explanation on the origins of "Palestine."



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