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I warn the western women, what you fear will happen if you do not get real and protest and vote against islamists

Reader comment on item: In Europe, Remorse Has Turned to Masochism

Submitted by Hatred of the West- Self Hate by the West (Australia), Aug 26, 2010 at 06:04

By Tess McNamara

B.A. Women's Studies

B.A. Family Studies.

In the past thirty years, a relatively unknown phenomenon has been happening by stealth, largely unnoticed by the general population until it was too late to protest, and by complicit western government's support and encouragement, which was the immigration by Muslim men and women to the west, numbering in the post 70's to the multi- millions- currently over 57 million Muslims in Europe alone.

With this came many social problems facing the west, of social discord between people of the opposing faiths, demands by Muslims for special privileges and special status, and governments appear unable and unwilling to make any decisions to solve the problems inherent with a culture and ideology which is antagonistic to the western ideals of freedoms, democracy and women's equality in all ways in society and the law as well as the laws of domestic violence made to protect western women from relationship abuse in particular.

Islam, now often referred to by Middle Eastern Scholars and Islam Experts such as Robert Spencer, and Walid Shoebat as the "Islamo-Fascist" geo-political, Arab expansionist religion, which was all encompassing of every facet of a human being's life, it was being "sold" and whitewashed to the west as something that stood for an inner struggle, or the inner/lesser Jihad, and to the world as being a religion of peace, tolerance, and something not to be feared after all, despite their 1400 year, Koran ordered, eternal, declared war, on all non believers, or non-Muslims which are referred to in their Koran as " Kuffars".

Today words such as Jihad, Islamic Terrorists and linking the acts of Muslims to their religion, has been attacked by the political correct mobsters as being "racist " or "bigotry" and not allowed.

In what world, do these political socio politically-correct fatally naïve politicians and their supporters really live in, I ask myself.

Not the same world, of truth and realty, it would seem.

Not when there has been literally thousands of terrorist attacks committed by Islamic people against non Islamic people throughout the entire world, since that fateful day on 911, 2001.

Yet, it would seem that Western Governments, under the influence of Muslim apologists and "useful idiots", have been lulled into a "politically correct" denial of the reality, and truth of these attacks.

These post 911, thousands of genocidal murderous terrorist attacks, against non Muslims, by Muslims, through out the entire world. are what devout Muslims have committed, all the thousands of terrorist attacks against non Muslims have been carried out in the name of their God Allah and their religion called Islam.

The terrorists themselves in their own words, left behind in videotaped diatribes, their final wills and justification for murder, and claimed that they committed the Jihadist attacks against the west and non Muslims in strict adherence to the commands by Muhammad in the Koran.

For those whom do not know anything about Islam, Muhammad believed that the revelations to him which formed the Koran, were dictated to him, by an angel Gabriel from his god Allah, a God worshipped by his tribe, his pre deceased Father and Grandfather before him, in Mecca, in the middle east.

Muhammad is described in the Hadiths, as being rather fat, a very pale white skinned man with red hair, whom used henna frequently on his hair and beard. He also claimed that Abraham went to Mecca and built the Kabaah, the previous site of pagan worship in Makah, which had historically housed 360 pagan idols of Gods of the Arabian area.

Makkah, was a centre of commerce and pilgrimage, and earned a lot of money for merchants in the city now called Mecca, when the Pagan people would travel to Mecca and bring with them of course, trade and wealth to the Quaraish tribe of which Muhammad was member.

For those whom are not aware of the fact, the Hadiths is a collection of sayings and descriptions of what is claimed, Muhammad either said or did during his life, which were recorded after his death initially by "Bukhari" over 150 years after Muhammad's death but are considered by most Muslims as the most authentic of all Hadiths..

In the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, Abraham fled to Hebron in Israel to leave Biblical Ur, in Iraq, an area of historically Pagan worship. It is claimed by many archaeologists that Ur was dedicated mainly to a pagan deity "Sin the Sun Goddess", whom married "Allah" the Moon God, and had three daughters. (remember that Salman Rushdie , an ex Muslim and profound author and literary genius, was sentenced to death for daring to reveal about the Satanic Verses in the Koran, and write a fictional book based on those satanic verses in the Koran).

That death Fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini , the fanatical and murderous Theocratic Shiite Clerical ruler in Iran, is still in place to this day and serves as a terrorist warning to all whom would dare to write on Islamic subjects if the clerics decide for some reason they do not like what has been written, truthful or otherwise.

It is Voltaire the French Philosopher whom wrote:

"Those who make you believe absurdities will also make you commit monstrosities. "


The entire right to freedom of speech is still endangered to this day, in the West, by such murderous threats by Islamic Clerics, whom wield enormous power over life and death, and whose reach is far beyond their Arabic lands.

These Theocrats are unelected by the general population, and are the real power in Iran, and Islamic nations, these same Theocratic representatives

Whom do not have a formal, world wide leadership hierarchy, for example as the Catholic Vatican. The fact that there is no real formal hierarchy makes it possible for Clerics to issue at will any religious decree which is binding on Muslims.

It is important to also note, that it is recorded in the Holy Bible, in the Old Testament, that Abraham left Ur and went to Hebron, with his entire family tribe, and there he died, in order to follow his God named El, known to Jewish people as Hashem and Christians as Yaweh.

The British, American and Australian Government's since that genocidal madness of the attacks of 911, by Arabic Muslim men, the so called "Magnificent 19" , a term which is used on Al Jazeera, and Palestinian television, Jordan Television and Saudi television constantly, in fact, the entire Middle eastern television frequently, disregard all that has been learned from the attacks of 911 and the motivation of the Muslim terrorists which were the perpetrators of that act, still proclaim Islam as a religion of peace.

This statement, in itself, is something which cannot be taken as truth seriously, by those whom have truly studied the Koran and Hadiths, and have come away with a deeper understanding of the threat which is very real, and very immediate to Democracy, due to the intrinsic Islamic denial of the rights of the individual to freedom to choose, and in truth a threat to our very existence as a free, open and equality conscious civilization which is based in the use of science technology and logic.

The dualistic nature of Islam, is such, that when you study the Koran, and Hadiths, it is claimed by many apostates on such web sites as www.faithfreedom.org, that no modern logic or science, is actually found there, and most of it has been said by Critics of Islam, to be based it appears on myths and legends, in the Arabian area in the 6th century, and some, like the Buraq animal, half woman came directly from Zoastrian mythology.

The West allowed such unchecked migration, of people from historically an ideology which hates the western freedoms, women's equality and ideals.

This was, until the western world shook in a collective horror and fear, witnessing the genocidal madness of the attacks by Arab devout Muslim men. These 19, mostly Saudi Arabian nations, devout Islamic adherents, attended local mosques in the USA,, it was later discovered, in the 911 report, that these men were mostly, in the USA on easily obtained, temporary student visas, and had arrived in USA, specifically to carry out the attacks. They had used the freedoms and the openness of the USA democracy in order to get into the USA, fraudulently committing taqqiyeh, intent to kill as many Americans as they could.

These terrorists lived in the USA posing as students, were chosen by Bin Laden and leaders of Al Qaida, and when the time came after planning and doing dry runs, carried out the Koranic religious call to violent jihad or what is called the Greater Jihad, during America's September 11 terrorism- this was not by criminals, this act was carried out by Islamic adherents, whom hijacked planes, and murdered thousands of people.

This is the unpleasant, confronting and disturbing reality, of what those Islamic terrorists as devout Muslims, carried out, the practicing Taqqiyeh, ( the right to lie to non Muslims, and live in deceit) knowing they were going to die, and were to kill as many Kuffars ( non believers) as possible.

This religious Islamic ideology based, genocidal and evil attack, by Muslim Saudi Arabian men, in turn, affected directly many thousands of people more, bereaved families, emergency service workers, hospital workers, police and firemen whom bravely tried to save others, and in doing so, lost their own lives, every single person, whom went in to try to help save lives, they were all directly affected, to say nothing of those whom were bystanders, on-lookers through the use of mass media television and international broadcasts through out the western democracies.

Islam is a "real and present danger" to those who can see, and understand and recognize, the "wolves in sheep's clothing" in the West, whom are not lulled into semi comatose naivety, by politically correct governments and media. Islam is an extreme religion, a serious, and very real danger, which poses a very real threat to the continuation of Western Democracy, and our individual constitutionally protected rights, which we women, our mothers, and grandmothers fought for.

Some of these hard won legislative women's rights include the right to an abortion on demand, the right to refuse to marry and have children, if a woman should so choose, the right to have a career and advanced university based education.

Western women have rights which were desperately fought for, such as the right to freedom from patriarchal tyranny by family male members such as those faiths of a more Arabic tribal nature of power dynamics, the right to feminist ideals, to real and tangible full equality with men, and the right to choose our own destiny and be in total control over our own life.

In the West, modern well educated women cherish our rights, under the law, and under the various Western Constitution's, and will not easily submit to an ideology of which vocal adherents to the Bronze Age Islamic Ideology seeks to remove those rights. Those whom would remove those essential and core Women's Rights include the Patriarchal Imams's such as Hilally, a Muslim non English speaking Cleric, based in New South Wales, at a Mosque even though he has lived in Australia over 25 years and refuses to learn English. Such Patriarchal Clerical devotees to a essentially established faith of the 6th century pan Arabic religion of Islam have been ridiculed by women and others, for his revolting remarks claiming that all women should be veiled and any unveiled women were like exposed meat. This caused a furor in Australia and overseas by women appalled that such a man would gain entry into Australia, let alone live in Australia over 35 years and refuse to learn English, the official language of Australia.

This showed an arrogant and total rejection of the Australian way of life and culture by an immigrant, especially the fact that he was an influential cleric is alarming.

Western women won the right to be equal. Western women won the right to demand not to be beaten, raped and murdered, by criminal men, and to not be blamed for being the victim -as what is the case for poor rape victims in Iran and other Arabic countries.

Those Islamic and non Islamic Rape Victims are hung, shot, or killed for being the victim, for it is seen by the extremely patriarchal culture of Islam, that any women whom is raped, it was their own fault for being there and not being accompanied by a male minder or protector. Again the dualistic nature of Islam is shown, by such callousness of opinion, and bizaare jurisprudence to blame a victim of a crime, for simply having been there, under Shariah laws, which is an extremely different belief, and absolutely unacceptable to a western democracy.

Then, in Iran, these innocent victims, they are killed for so called "acts against chastity", which is ridiculous.

Western Women are raised in a western based democratic society, which values freedom of the individual, above all others, and whom live in a society which cherishes a wide range of women's rights and freedoms.

They are very lucky indeed.

It is their "sisters" whom live under Islamic and Patriarchal domination and oppression, and control, which are the ones whom now, need to be liberated from tyranny.

Western women won the right to not be controlled by men, who dare to think that they own us or can use some theological madness, to deprive women of their rights and freedoms, under western democracy.

The separation of Church and State, for democracy, was a turning point in history, and allowed the West to truly move forward in a conscious manner, and become more humane and compassionate.

It also allowed women to be truly liberated from the tyranny of Patriarchal and Theocratic abuses in all is forms.

Once the Titular, and Theological rulers were removed from power over all society, that is when science, the arts and the rights of women truly advanced. Our western women's right's, is something which the western Governments and people, are collectively proud of, and also includes our open and free society, where the individual is respected, and individual right to choose ones life path is paramount.

Our hard won, western women's right's and freedoms, must be protected from those whom would use our open society and our voting rights in order to deprive us of the very same rights to vote, and live fulfilled and happy lives within our western democracies.

We as a en masse, collective, a "sisterhood" of women must protect these sacred rights, and save these women's rights for our daughters and our granddaughters, and so forth,

This enemy which threatens all women's rights and freedoms by theocratic means is the Islamic Theology.

Islam attracts mainly the disenfranchised, the poor, the angry, the naïve, the poorly educated in theology and the teachings of the Old Testament and the New Testaments, and those whom never bothered to study closely the life which Muhammad lived.

If they had closely studied the Koran , Hadiths, and the real history of Islam, including the documented and proven genocidal slaughter of over 60 million people in Islamic expansionist history, over the past 1400 years, would think twice about conversion to such a Bronze Age, tribal origin, Arabic, de- constructionist and gender reductionist war like theology, especially if one studies the actual events and acts carried out personally by Muhammad, and his devout followers, a specifically how badly he treated women, and how poorly his opinion of women was, they would further discover details of horrific actions and teachings during Muhammad's life.

Muhammad, the often claimed, as an illiterate camel caravan trader, later war lord, and then self proclaimed Prophet of Islam, tried to re write his own version of Biblical History, teaching numerous incorrect references which were grossly inaccurate to the real Biblical history.

He claimed he was the last Prophet of his God Allah.

The Jews and Christians, who refused to convert to Muhammad's religion, had only 3 options. Surrender to Muhammad and pay the Jizra or Infidel tax, convert or die.

Those same options are the only three available to the entire human race, and the non Muslim " non believers" today, for the teachings of Muhammad are just as relevant and just as strict in the interpretation of them today, by the adherents of Islam, especially in the Middle East, and Africa and Asia, as they were 1400 years ago in history.

Nothing much in Islam Theology has changed in 1400 years. Especially I might add where the treatment of women in Islamic Theology and practice is concerned.

When studying the actual life of Muhammad and what actions he carried out, the special focus we need to study is Muhammad's treatment of the Jews and Christians. Most refused to convert.

The Banu Qaraish Jewish Tribe, were slaughtered in mass murder, in one night, referred to as the "Battle of the Trench" in the Hadiths, including the Banu Quaraish tribe.

In a systematic genocide, Muhammad and his followers slaughtered one by one, some 800 men and boys and women whom had their throats cut and heads sliced off, one by one, in front of Muhammad, whilst he sat on a chair in front of the spectacle of mass killings, and Muhammad clapped and laughed.

The Jews and Christians refused to convert to this new religion of Muhammad's, they truly proffered to die, rather than convert to his teachings, believing that Muhammad was not speaking for their God Yaweh or Hashem, when they cross checked his claims against their Holy Scriptures and decided that it was not correct what Muhammad was saying or preaching. They decided not to follow Muhammad, and decided he spoke for a completely different God entirely, named Allah, who the Jews and Christians decided, based on their profound knowledge and scholastic, mainly life long study of the Holy Bible New Testament and Old Testament, was not the same God of either the Jews or the Christians and so they became the victims of Muhammad's anger and revengeful slaughter for daring to not believe his claims to Prophet-hood.

The same fate has happened to over 60 million souls it is estimated, whom have refused to convert to Islam, over the entire course of the last 1400 years and died for daring not to convert to Islam. This is historical fact.

Hence the reason Muhammad became enraged, that the Jews and Christians stuck together, they would not follow him, and when he went to Medina, this is where the later Koranic Surah's (mostly the Chapter 9 The Sword) were revealed.It is the violent and revengeful Medina Suarahs of Chapter 9 of the Koran, which spoke of eternal war against them who were refusing to convert, the non believers, and Muhammad called Jews and Christians "apes , monkeys and pigs", were given to him by the Angel he believed was named Gabriel. These teachings today are valid to Muslims, and are just as real, and just as God given, they believe, today as they were 1400 years ago.

The teachings of Muhammad and Islam are in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and Judaism, in fact the sheer number of theological and distinct inaccuracies and historical errors where he referred to events and characters in the Holy Bible, completely out of time and events, was why the Jews and Christians earne3d his wrath for not converting.

It raises the question, and it has to be asked of Islamic adherents, then why it is considered that Muhammad was the best example of a man in history by his followers.

There are estimated to be a billion of Islamic adherents in the world today.

Muhammad's teachings on women are still used to oppress and control women in Arabic and Muslim societies as well as Muslim families adhere to this teachings here in the West.

Muhammad was a man whom had such a demonstrably low opinion of women, it is his teachings about women in the Koran and Hadiths which are used in this very day and age still. These Islamic teachings about women, are still used today to oppress, control, terrify and haunt women.

The barbarism of Female Circumcise ( Female Genital Mutilation) and Infundibulate women as babies and children mostly and, they are used to justify "honour killings" which is the murder of women which their families have decided to kill -because they have offended, or been seen to offend, their tribal sense of family honor.

These horrific and unjustifiable murders of innocent women are growing in numbers, as the immigration of Muslims to the west increase.

What is horrific to the western civilization is common in the Middle Eastern countries, and reportedly in African Islamic countries, "honor Killings" occur frequently in Islamic families, even in Australia, America and UK, where Islamic migrants have gone seeking a better economic life. Newspapers report such killings with sad repetitiveness.

Mass immigration by increasing number of Islamic adherents has seen documented by various government and police agencies, as perhaps contributing to the increasing" honor killings" today.

The Hadiths, which are reportedly, the sayings and actions of Muhammad, which allows and calls for female circumcision of all women to maintain chastity, are often carried out in secret by women themselves against female children, illegally or the female children are taken overseas, to undergo this traumatic and life threatening horrific abuse.

Islam is a threat to every western woman. Do not doubt it for one moment.

Indeed, the rising numbers of women converts to Islam and the marriage of western women to Muslim men is a trend which is very disturbing considering the lack of full comprehension by women converts what it is that they are actually getting into when they marry a Muslim man and become Muslim adherents. These women need to do a great deal of independent study of the sayings of Muhammad and his life actions as well

as the Shariah laws which control the custody of any children of such a marriage, and the fact that there is no choice of the children, whether or not they are Islamic, if they have a Muslim parent, they automatically are considered Muslims.

If they leave Islam they are killed as Apostates. An apostate has 3 days to return to Islam or be killed. That is the law of Islam -no one ever gets out of Islam alive. It prevents anyone ever having the freedom to choose which religion one wishes to be.

What is a very real concern, to many western people, especially in Political Parties, such as in Denmark and UK, is the mass building of new mosques in the west, that is being allowed to continue vastly unchecked by western governments, with no right whatsoever of reciprocity, by Muslim countries, to the Christians and Jews to build Churches and Synagogues.

Women must worship in areas apart from Islamic men, unlike in Christian and Jewish faiths where families pray and worship together, in Islam women are sent to pray separate from men behind veils or screen or curtains, hidden away as if they are in some way shameful and needing to not be seen.

In Islam, there are many Koranic Surah's or verses, which teach the hatred of Jews and Christians, and such a poor opinion of women, if one should get hold of a copy and actually study the Koran. Indeed many countries which are Islamic ban entry into their country of any Jewish person which is unbelievable in this modern era such anti-semetism still runs rampant in the middle east, through both propaganda and the deliberate building of thousands of mosques through out Europe Asia, and Australia, America and allies.

Women in the West need to realize that our very core rights are potentially at risk in the next generation by adherents to the faith of Islam. Women need to teach their daughters well, to respect and appreciate how good the western women have got it in terms of quality of their life, when compared to women in the Middle East and Africa and any Islamic nation. It is for our forgotten sisters in Islamic lands we must remember to strive to keep all our freedoms and rights, to inspire our sisters in the Islamic lands to start to protest and voice their opposition to the way that women are treated within their Islamic lands.

The End.


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