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Arab-Mongol-persian tribalism and it's aftermath!!

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Submitted by Muslimk*** (United Kingdom), Jul 18, 2010 at 07:34

Deb's tribal and brain washed thinking obviously never changes and keeps rolling mohamed's quranic commands,which are of no use in the modern world except for desert living tribals and their illegitimate products across Asia,central Asia and baltic states and of course suicide bombers and brain washing Madrasas growing like seaweed with wahabi funded petrodollars.Here are my answers to Deb's unintelligent and possibly brain washed tabligee influenced comments!
1)the genocide of millions of native Americans by founding fathers
In those days of colonisation it was natural for any race to migrate for prosperity and live in foreign lands in the same way arab -mongols invaded foeign civilized lands to propagate their savage,inhuman and barbaric CULT and loot property,gold and silver and women and sell them to harems across converted lands.Europeans didn't bring Amerindian women to Europe to start harems unlike savage tribals from Arabian desert.
2)The political dominence and interference against many of small number of south American countries through Monroe doctrine
Monroe doctrine was for security of US to prevent sabotage by South american states ,which were reeling under dictatorships.It was perfect in those days to make nascent democracy in US to prosper without interruption.

3)The genocide against philippinos by Teddy Roosevelt
It was a war and during the war atrocities happen and it is natural to happen on both sides.But it is not genocide.Most of the people in Philippines don't see US as their enemy unlike Hindustani population who see the Arab-Mongol-Persian axis,who converted Hindus,Jains and Buddhists iinto tribal cult all by force and rape which are dictated by their quran!!

4)The mass killings in Dresden during second world war and rest of atrocities against innocent Germans
It was perfect for the allies to bomb dresden and other cities in Nazi Germany to prevent mass production of war materials and to destroy the infra structure so as to win the war and shorten time of the war.It is not comparable to the atrocities committed by Axis powers Arab-mongol- Persian savages during middle ages in their campaign of conversion of civilized people into their tribal cult all by force,intimidation,coercion,rape and jajia tax and most of all rape which was sanctioned by mohamed's quran.

5)The use of nukes against Hiroshima and Nagasaki and continuing occupation of Okinawa islands against the will of the Japanese people
Japanese were fanatic people and keep on fighting even though they were loosing the war.US had no alternative but use nukes to shorten the war.US doesn't have to apologize for that event during the second world war.Japan is not a colony and moreover 2nd biggest economy in the post war world and they are proud that US helped them in post war reconstruction of their country.They got US bases to protect them from agression by Soviet now Russian and Chinese hegemonic empires.Whenever US forces commit crime they are punished by court marshal in US bases and they are not subject to Japanese laws as it is privilege enjoyed by" victorian" forces.

6)The slaghter of innocent koreans during korean war
Atrocities were committed by sides during korean war,which is a byproduct of war itself.but atrocities committed by trbal axis of Arab-Mongol -persian in the middle ages is much worse.Our Hindu,Jain and Buddhist mothers and sisters were gang raped by those tribal ,illiterate and fanatic savages including your ancestors.They are still doing it in Mongolistan aka pakistan.Do you have any remorse for our sisters in Mongolistan,who are being converted by force and being evicted from their homes for drinking cold water from a mosque water cooler beacause Hindus made the water dirty and became impure! Do you have any remorse for my teenage sisters of Civilized Hindu religion,125 of them ,abducted by tribals in Sindh province of Mongolistan and married off to muslim tribal boys by force ?And those atrocities are happening every day in mongolistan and all tribal and converted countries.In Malaysia another converted mongol state a Hindu can't build a Mandir and converted native tribals do take processions by holding a cow's head,which is insulting to all Hindus.Have you got any remorse Deb?

7)The genocide against vietnamese and cambodians
As I said before atrocities happen during the war on both sides.At the same time I stress that inhuman deeds committed by arabs and their "products" on civilized world during their invasion and conversion are much worse and they should face international criminal court of justice for their crimes against humanity for their past sins.At the same time wahabi kingdom of Saudi Arabia should face the same justice for mohamed's invention of tribal cult and wahabi's propagation of their cult by petro dollars.

8)About Iran
All companies are established for profit but not to bank roll the native population.Shah'regime was far better than Mossadegh or the latest version of tribal cult of islam (sic) Ayotallas or Muslim dictatorships.Islam tribalism doesn't believe in democracy but only in medieval sharia,emirate or theocracy.

9)Helping Sadam Hussainn to kill millions in Iraq-Iran war
Nobody has to help Sadam to kill his own people and after all he came to power by killing his own cousin brother in a bloody coup,which happens in all mongoltribal countries and it is the norm for them to rule by military coups!!Sadam wanted to get rid of his Shia population (him being sunni) and that is the reason he stated war with Iran thinking that nascent ayotalla's regime wouldn't fight back.In the event they fought back well during re-enactment of 1st world war.

10)killings of millions in Afghanistan and Iraq
US is perfectly right to invade Iraq to get rid of inhuman dictator,who killed millions of his own kind and to invade alien taliban ruled Upaganistan to save the population from the savages and two legged sub human animals ruling in the name of cult,which was invented by an illiterate caravan raider in the arabian desert.
Al Qaida and savage taliban are killing more people than the civilized coalition forces.Any civilized person should have no regrets for the sacrifices coalition forces are doing but praise and help.In fact we should encourage Hindustan to participate in the war against tribal infidels in Upaganistan and Iraq to take revenge for converting Civilized Hindus,Jains and Buddhists into their cult by force.

11)killings of millions in the third world by American multinational corporations(Bhopal gas tragedy)
It is the fault of Hindustani government for not having strict industrial safety laws to protect it's population from industrial accidents like Bhopal tragedy.It is also the fault of Hindustani government for not looking after affected people and not compensating them for the tragedy but not waitng for handout from the American company.It is a case of vote bank politics in the Hindustan subcontinet.Anderson apologized for the tragedy of Bhopal gas tragedy.
Summary: There is nothing to learn from tribal culture of desert lands except rape,occupation of civilized foreign lands by force,conversion of humans into their rotten cult and bribing to convert onto their cult.Historically Judaism,Christianty and Hinduism gave the world civilization,political philosophy,innovation,modern comforts and most of all the DEMOCRACY,which is cherished by all civilized human beings except tribals in desert lands and their products across asia and middle east.What islamic tribals gave to the world -tribalism,fanaticism,suicide bombers,taliban,Al qaida,brain washing,Madrasas,segregation of their infidel tribes,Hijab,niqab,sharia law! and plotting all time to destroy civilization of the civilized world and to establish their own form of tribal cult in the world and intention dominanation of the whole world and convert all civilized human beings into their Umma,their deluded lot,which will never happen.Probably All civilized countries may have to use nukes to destroy the this rotten cult and their followers from havoc heaped on the civilized world in not too distant furure.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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