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Our dear deb and the very long version

Reader comment on item: The Temple Mount's Indian counterpart
in response to reader comment: My answer to DNM

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jun 23, 2010 at 18:30

I wrote

What does the holocaust have to do with our little chat? Surpise me with an answer! al-Yamaniyuun selected him because he knows his Arabic"

>My Answer : Ohh common , you ... Do not you know something called analogy ? I compared the findings of the so-called Arabist Gerd Puin with the holocaust deniers in the West since both are liars . Now do you get it ?

A tablighee who worries about the Jews! Oh spare me this one

>"And I care"My Answer : Ohh , you care ???? I thought it was the job of your masters in AIPAC to care and you just follow their orders.

What does AIPAC have to do with your masters the Arabs and their history?

I'm here to dismantle the foundation of the religion of the Arabs

>My Answer : OK common. Your western civilization foundation is based upon a heap of lies. I would like to expose them.

Then exopse it we are not worried here in the West about being "exposed"

1, Why would the first attested Arab in the saga of islam have an Aramaic name and not an Arab name as Mu3awiyya means in Syriac the weeper any guesses?

>My Answer : What do you mean by first attested Arab ?

mr careless reader: I wrote the first attested Arab IN THE SAGA OF ISLAM

>What do you mean by an Aramaic name ?

Hello: the name Mu3awiyya is an Aramaic/Syriac name and it is not an Arabic name

>Say your name is DNM . Now is that an American or a Zionist name ?

Oh Zionist is it because I use CE instead of AD? As your Arab masters would say: Wa minkum nastafeed

And this is sarcasm

>There is no such thing as an Islamic or Aramaic name.

ROTFL ...I wrote it is not an Arabic name and never said Muslim because he was not Muslim

2. Why would the inscriptions in the gadara baths have the name of Mu3awiyya with the sign of the cross next to it?

>My Answer : It does not mean anything.

I read this that you have no answer

>What is the proof that the Muawiyya you are talking about is the Muawiyya bin Abu Sufian ?

ROTFL Pakistani Arabic

For the readers the bogus islamic tradition tells that in the 3rd century of Islam the the weeper's name was really Mu3awiyya ibn abu Sufian

>What is the proof ?

What proof? Hello: It is in the inscritptions at gadara and the dam at Taif

3. Why would Mu3awiyya select his capital as Damascus anot not miserable Mecca unless he was a Syrian Arab and almost all of them were Christian?

>My Answer : And why did the so-called founding fathers made their capital in Washington DC and not in Athens , Rome or Jerusalem if all of you are descendants of the so-called Greco-Roman civilization. If you get this answer then you will not ask that question that you asked above.

No I'm asking you about Mu3awiyya so why did he select Damascus as his capital and not Mecca? Surpise me with an answer

4. Why would Mu3awiyya select his cultic center as Kanisat Yuhanna al-Mi3midani and not Mecca? Any guesses?

>My Answer : What Muawiyya you are talking about ? Is it Muawiyya bin Abu Sufiyan or someone else ?

Oh let me guess you have no clue what is kanisat yuhanna al-mi3midani right?

5. Why would the coins minted have the sing of the cross on them?

>My Answer : Barack Hussain Obama has "Hussain" and "Barack" in his name. Does it mean that he is Jew or Muslim ? Signs on coins does not mean anything. Have you heard about someone called Sultan Baybars al-Bunduqdari ? In his coins we find a lion inscribed. Now lion as you know is also a sign of the flag of the Buddhist nation of Sri Lanka. By your analogy then if crosses on coin means Christian then lion on coin must mean Buddhist. Do you want to mean that Sultan Baybars al-Bunduqdari was a Buddhist ?

Gobbledygook. So why do we have the sign on the cross on his coins? Any guesses?

6. How come we do not hear about the name Muhammad for 72 years after the death of that Muhammad? Could it be because he never existed and was a late creation?

>My Answer : See the first Gospel was written down 75 years after Jesus. How can we do not see anything about in the meantime.

Well your Allah says that al-injiil inahu kitaban muharraf

Oh this is not Syriac it is Arabic! But you know what? I do not translate Arabic for wannabe arabs like you

> Does that mean Jesus was a late creation and never existed ?

I care less if he did or did not exist

So are you saying that if he did not exist so what is wrong with the fact that Muhammad never existed? Right?

> Bye the bye we also do not find any mention of Paul Revere in the writings of any of the people like Ben Frank , Tom Jeffey and so on. Does it mean that Paul Revere never existed at all ?

I care less if paul Revere existed or not I'm after Abul Qasim you so called prophet

You still did not answer the question so let me ask you again: How come we do not hear about Muhammad for 72 years after his death?

>Who told you anyway that there is no mention of the Prophet 72 years after his death ?

Hello: read Hoyland survey

There is not a single word about Muhammad for 72 tears after his death so where was he?

>Have you not bothered to read the letters the prophet wrote to the kings of Byzantine and Persia , Heracles and Khosru ?

ROTFL his name was HERACLIUS and gasp! The stories of the letters of Muhammad is no more than a qissa that never happened

Oh and you forgot the little bogus letter that was sent to al-muqawqas

>Ohh I forgot you even do not know about the names of Heracles or Khosru .

OH I forgot you even do not know about the name of al-muqawqas and the so called mariyya al-qibtiyya right? Another bogus letter and story

7. And why would Abd al-Malik build his cultic center in Jerusalem and not Mecca any guesses?

>My Answer : What is the relation of this Abd al-Malik with Jerusalem ? Who is this Abd Al-Malik anyway ?

You do not know who is really Abd al-Malik right? so why not google his name?

>There have been hundreds of Kings with the name of Abd Al-Malik . Which one you want to name ?

Hello: he is the one that built the Byzantine church of the umayyads

>8. And who would his cions have the yegar sahaduta on them?

>My Answer : Who gives a damn about what you are talking about ?

One word ignorant
9. Why would Abd al-Malik use the very Syrian and Christian term Muhammadan abd allah aka Jesus?

>My Answer : One minute how do you tell me that Syrian and Christian term ?

It sure was

>There is no such thing as Syrian and Christian terms.

Hello: your masters the arabs have many syriac words and terms in the Arabian book of ignorance including the fact that the word Allah is the Arabized Syriac word for god or Alaha and Allaha (Nestorian) how come you did not know that?

>Another point from where do you get this term "Muhammadn abd allah aka Jesus" ?

Because the blessed abd Allah is Syriac christianty was Jesus

>There is no such term as the one you are talking about since Allah can not have a child .

How do you know? Remember our little rule: where is your evidence? hard and solid

But wait Allah created you right? Then he must be your papa and yo mama too

> So kindly check before you post. And how do you say allah aka Jesus ? Jesus cannot be equal to Allah . Do you get it ?

Then prove it!

>Another point You claim to know Arabic.

I know Arabic and you do not

>Then you should know that the word Jesus does not exist in Arabic.

Mr ignorant in Islamic Arabic it 3issa and in Christian Arabic it is yasoo3 al-maseeh

> Then how do you say that Allah aka Jesus

But the Qur'an says that Jesus is God would you like to know more? Then ask.

10. Any why would he tell us that Jesus died and was resurrected unless he was indeed Christian!

>My Answer : Who is saying what ?

Hello: You will find it in the inscriptions of al-masjad al-aqsa

>Everything you are saying sounds rubbish to me.

Not it is the painful truth

I urge you to abandon Islam and stop being a victim of the arabs and their imperialism there ain't no Arabian allah and the idea of al-tawheed is a bogus idea that can be defeated by Greek logic 101

>My Answer : What is Greek logic 101 ? Remember if you say al-tawheed is a bogus idea then you are putting the whole Judeo-Christian civilization into Zeopardy.

Well I'm a Meccan pagan and I care less about the religions of the sky god or gods

>Since according to every Judeo-Christians in this forum Judeo-Christianity means al-tawheed aka monotheism. So if your so-called Greek logic 101 defeats al-tawheed ,

So this is straight from the sira: "if Allah created this creation then who really created your Allah?"

Oh those pesky Jewish Rabbis

So who really created your Allah?

>that logic also defeats your very old Judeo-Christian ,


> Western civilization.

Freedom to think and debate is what this great civilization is all about

"This time it will come to a crashing end just like the other religion communism remember?"

>My Answer : But your so-called Greko-Roman civilization is already extinct, right.

Not is it not it is the foundation of our Western civilization

>Who gives a damn about Greko-Roman Pagan civilization now days ?

We here in the West care

>Look around the world. If Islam is crashing down then how is it making a strong comeback in countries like Turkey and Egypt , the bastions of secularism ?

And what goes around comes around and Islam will crash again because it is no more than fascism

I said : "Here are some of them , St. John of Damascus , Dante Alighieri , Martin Luther , Tom Jeffy (Thomas Jefferson) , Winston Churchill , Jerry Falwell and so on. Now tell me what happened to this fellows ? Who gives a damn about these peoples' views on Islam now days ? Same is going to happen to you ."

You said : "What will happen to me?"

>My Answer : Your name will go down in the dustbin of history like the mentioned above. Nobody gives a dog's worth now days to St. John of Damascus or Tom Jeffey or Jerry Falwell remember that. Do you want to have the same fate ?

Gobbeldygook shame on you

"they were no more than imperialists "

>My Answer : Do you even understand the meaning of the word "Imperialists" ? Do you even understand the word imperialism ?


> By your own logic , the founding fathers of the USA are world's biggest imperialists since they annihilated and destroyed the millions of native Americans to build the USA . Now are you ashamed of that ?

Oh sobhanallah a tablighee who worries about al-hunud al-humr

How about your own ancetsors the Hindus that were brutalized by Islam? you see our dear Deb charity starts at home

"Hello: the foundation of our heritage is Greco-Roman and it ain't Arab thank the Gods for sure"

>My Answer : Ohh you have a foundation and heritage , too ? What foundation you are talking about ? The foundation of mass murder ? Remember Greko-Roman Civilization can be considered as a murderous and barbarous civilization since it was Alexander who butchered millions to create his empire , it was the Romans who destroyed the beautiful Carthage and enslaved everyone.

And it was the muslims that killed 90M of your own people the Hindus remember?

>Remember the USA alike Greece and Rome are founded on greed , violence and mass murder.

And so was Arabian imperialism


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