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Our dear Deb agrees that the Qur'an says that Jesus is God read and laugh

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Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jul 6, 2010 at 20:53

Our dear Deb the wannabe Arab wrote

>DNM the slave of the AIPAC

For the readers: When Muslims have nothing to say they go after the Jews

Oh those pesky Jews

Oh would Aipac pay me for making your likes appear as fools? You know what? You can tell them that I would do it for nothing

>is trying to set his own rules when it comes to proving the authenticity of the letters of the Prophet Mohammad to the Byzantine and Persian emperrors.

Hello: we kuffar say that it is who he has a claim is the one that has to prove such claim and we kuffar can watch you making a fool of yourself again and again

So let me help you: You told us that Abul Qasim sent those so called letters then where is your evidence?

>Let me tell you then I also have my own rules. Following will not be allowed as sources of evidence :1. Any mention or reference from Hoyland Survey2. Any mention or reference from Gerd Puin3.

Oh so did you find Hoyland survey? and di you read about Puin? Let me guess you did as you will find a lot about both in the pakistani web site islamicawareness

>Any mention from any Islamophobe and anti-semitic (here I mean anti-Arab) sources like Ba'at Yeor , Ayan Hirsi Ali , Ibn Warraq , Robert Spencer , Hugh Fitjerald , Pamella Geller , Nonie Darwish , Lisa Daftari , Mark Steyn , Barnard Henry Levy , Taslima Nasrin and Salman Rushdie.Following will be accepted :

Mr ignorant: how many of the above names know anything about the history of the religion of the Arabs or can read the sources in Arabic and Syriac or even study history Let me help you non of the above but I can something that you cannot do

Oh and islamophobia? Oh spare us this one

But let us have a deal: delete all the hate in the Qur'an of the Jews and the Christians and the Hindus and the Buddhists and the atheists and of women and we will stop going after islam! Deal?

And how do you except anyone to prove a negative but again Greek logic is beyond you and beyond your Allah

Hello: you need to stop posting your drivel and take a class as basic as History 101 ...

It is you and not any of those above kuffar that has to prove that these bogus letters existed now do you get it?

Now do you see what happens to people like you that are not original in their thinking

So where is your evidence that these letters existed? And let me help you

1. The bogus and tendintious islamic historical tradition

2. Hoyland survey

3. The extant literature of non Muslims that did witness the Arab invasion of their lands and you will find it in Hoyland

Now it is your chance to shine

>1. Reference from real historians like Karen Armstrong ,

ROTFL She is a historian? She is ignorant and she said several times that she is not a historian and she cannot tell the difference between her elbow and you know what.

>John Esposito and others.

He is just as ignorant

Oh and where would i find in either one gobbledygook books that these letters existed hard and solid evidence

>2. Reference from Edward Gibbon's works.

Oh so Gibbons say that Abul Qasim sent letters? Sobhanallah where? And what evidence did he provide and remember it is you that have to tell us I can watch making a fool of yourself again

3. Any other authentic Islamic source.

Oh sources that you cannot read in Arabic right? It is you that have to check these sources and provide us with the exact references in Arabic and no translations will be accepted and why such reference is sahih aw laysa sahih

>I would prefer for using English sources since I do not know Arabic or Syrian languages.

You have the guts to ask for translations? No we kuffar do not make it easy for ... like you

But the Qur'an says that Jesus is God would you like to know more? Then ask.

>My Answer : Yah , prove it to me.

I'm glad you did and I did prove it to you before but the Qur'an that you cannot read in Arabic says

1. Jesus created life by breathing air into clay birds albeit biidhin allah right our dear deb? And I'm sure that the only thing that can create a life must be a God then congratulations our dear deb but 3Issa or yasoo3 al-maseeh or Jesus is really your allah. Oh the bidihin Allah? Well you see our dear deb your Allah tells you to go out and spread his religion and to qatil fi sabeel allah? How come Allah cannot do that and he has to ask mere human beings like you to qatil fi sabilihi? So what is wrong if one of allah's aqaneem ask another uqnoom for help? You tell us our dear deb!

>My Answer : Quran supports the claim of what you mention

Oh that Jesus is God we know that! I just told you so. And you know what and thanks to Luxenberg the Qur'an also tells us about Easter and surat al-qadr is really "Christmas in the Qur'an" Do you want to know more?

> (remember your Bible also do not support that)

But our dear Deb your Allah says that al-nasarra harafu al-injiil right mr ignorant? Then why do you quote a corrupted book right our dear Deb so never use the Bible to make a point

> but hey Quran does not tell Jesus is God. You are just showing one example from Quran and trying to intepret it in your own way for justifying it .

Well your masters the Arabs tell us "al-tafseer lel sahaba wa al-ta'weel lel 3ulama/fuqaha/jamee3"

Which means that you or I can guess what the Qur'an must be saying. These are not my words these are the words of your masters the Arabs and if you do not like it then get rid of your Islamic books

The Arabic? Well you know by now that I do not translate Arabic for wannabe Arabs like you

>Remember to be God you must fulfill certain criterias to be God.

Says who?

>Here are four below criterias :1. You must not have any beginning or any end.To make it easy you shall not be born or you shall not die. Does Jesus satisfy that ?

Sure he did not die and your Allah is makkar and he can pretend that Jesus had a beginning but it was all makr! Oh makr? You can ask your Mullah to tell you what it means

Then congratulations our dear Deb but it seems that Jesus is really your Allah

Oh and you still did not answer my question who really created your Allah? Any guesses?

>2. You must not be limited to any particular place in the earth , i.e. you should be able to move everywehre at the earth. Can Jesus do that ?

How do we know that he did not? And Jesus aka Allah being makkar he can be any place now

But wait I just came back from a trip around the word in 80 days does this make me a god too?

Then congratulations our dear deb but the Qur'an says that Jesus must be God aka Allah

>3. You must not be bound by anything that mortals feel bounded to . Jesus supposedly loved his disciples so that is too human , for my viewpoint.

Well Allah loves you too right? and may be because Allah aka Jesus is makkar then he can pretend that he loves when he does not

I'm not the one that describes himself as makkar it is your Allah that says so

>4. You can not be compared to anything on heaven on earth. Allah is incomparable.

Allah? you mean Jesus?

>Can Jesus or any human being for that matter satisfy that ?

He must as the Qur'an is saying that he is really god remember?

Sure what is wrong with that?

2. Jesus did not die and Allah al-makkar (he who decieves) rafa3ahu ila al-sama' which means that yasoo3 al-maseeh aka 3Issa aka Jesus did not die and I'm sure you agree with me that the only one that does not die is god therefore I must conclude that Jesus is your Allah

>My Answer : I have given you my four criterias.

And my answer is the Qur'an is saying according to your criteria that Jesus is your Allah

>If Jesus or anyone for that matter satisfy those criterias then I have no problem in accepting his or her as Allah.

It seems that he does so congratulations our dear deb but Jesus is really your Allah

>3. Jesus cured the leper and the blind and we know for a fact that Jesus was no doctor and 2000 years ago the only one that can do such tasks must be god therefore Jesus must be your Allah

>My Answer : There were multiple faith healers before ,

Faith healers can cure leprosy and blindness? Sobhanallah and more Gods

>during and after the time of Jesus. And there were many doctors during the time of Jesus.Moses made many miracles which were also remarkable. So do you want to tell that Moses was also a God ?

Sure why not the more the better but wait did Musa also create life?

>As per as the miracles of Jesus Moses and other prophets are concerend they were able to perform miracles since Allah wanted them to perform those miracles.

Sure and your Allah cannot spread his little religion without the help of mere mortals like you so your Allah without Muslims would have no power to spread his little religion right our dear Deb?

> They did not have any power over those miracles.

And neither does your Allah have the power to spread islam without Muslims right? which means that your Allah is not even omnipotent right?

4. Allah is makkar therfore he can have aqaneem right? Then Jesus must have been one of his aqaneem! Oh and Jesus cannot be god because of the lame excuse that he ate food right? Well Jesus aka Allah is makkar then he can pretend to eat food when he is not eating right our dear Deb? Then congratulations our dear deb but the qur'an says that jesus is really your Allah

Sorry I'm not the author of this poor theology

>My Answer : You are again interpreting the things in an incorrect way. Allah indeed deceives but he deceives only those who are trying to harm the messengers of Allah. Allah does not need to deceive his loyal servants.

Hello: your Allah describes himself as the biggest makkar oh makkar it means he who decieves

>No where in Quran it is mentioned that Jesus ate to deceive people.

Well let me see

1. Allah is makkar

2. The Qur'an says that Jesus is really must be Allah

3. Therefore Jesus must be makkar

4. And being makkar would mean that he can pretend to eat food when he is not eating

See? your worst enemy is not us kuffar but it is the poor islamic theology that fools like you accept and spread to more ignorant Muslims in India and Pakistan

5. Oh I forgot the Tirnity: Your Allah says that the trinity is Jesus Allah and Mary and that it is wrong right our dear Deb? But wait: Christians tell us that their Trinity is God, Jesus and the holy spirit right? But it seems that Allah never tell us that such Trinity is wrong! So I must assume that your Allah has no difficulty with the Trinity as defined by Christians

>My Answer : Show me the exact chapter in Quran (the translation of Picthall is preferred)

No I do not use translations by another wannbe arab who was stupid enough to be converted to the religion of the arabs by stupid tablighees

wa idha qala allahu ya 3issa ibn maryama inta qulta lel nasi ittakhidhuni wa ummi ilahyan men doon allah

>where it is mentioned that the trinity is Jesus Allah and Mary.

Read the above Arabic and how come you did not know that the Qur'an regerds the trinity as Jesus Allah and Mary? Could it be because you are ignorant or could it be that you hoped that we kuffar do not know? So which one is it?

Hello: you know that I'm right mr fake

Freedom to think and debate is what this great civilization is all about

>My Answer : OKK , remember Gallileo. He used his freedom to think beyond the imaginations of his world and what did your western civilization did to him ?

Oh and he also proved that your Allah's little falt earth is wrong as in

wa al-ard ba3da dhalika dahaha

Your Allah is saying that the earth is flat! What a joke

> Even now look what happens to people in west like Noam Chomsky , Norman Finkelstein

So what happened to them?

> and Tariq Ramadan when they use their freedom to think in the ways they believe is truthful. So much for freedom to think and debate.

Tariq Ramadan's grandfather Hasan el-Bana was a fascist who loved Hitler and wanted to see a "final solution" for what he called the Coptic problem he is a fake

My Answer : Too bad , if I contact some of your friends in the Bible belt that this crusader Dhimmi no more does not care about Jesus , you know what is going to happen to you , right ?

Oh sure go for it and I do challenge you to do so But you know what? You are not even original

>My Answer : Answer me this simple question can you survive in the Bible belt if you deny Jesus ?

Have you ever been to the Bible belt our dear deb?

Vanunu broke the law and here in the west you pay when you break the law

>My Answer : Which law did Vanunu Broke , can you kindly specify. I do not know whether he broke any law. Wait a minute , your ex-president G.W. Dubya lied to the world about WMD-s in Iraq. Now I think telling lies while being the president of the USA is considered breaking the law , right. But nothing happened to him. So what happened to your statement "in the west you pay when you break the law".Wait a minute. I forgot that Vanunu was a non-Askhenaji Jew. Was that the matter that he got jailed for being a non-Askhenaji Jew ?

i'm not interested in a chit chat with a tablighee about the rule of the law

> By your own logic , the founding fathers of the USA are world's biggest imperialists since they annihilated and destroyed the millions of native Americans to build the USA . Now are you ashamed of that ?

Oh sobhanallah a tablighee who worries about al-hunud al-humr

>My Answer : I understand now that you do not have any answers for that. You accept that your founding fathers were the biggest mass murderers in history.

Let me repeat it a tablighee who worries about al-hund al-humr sobhanallah

And it was the muslims that killed 90M of your own people the Hindus remember?

>My Answer : What is the proof of that ? Show me the proof .

One word Durand oh go and write a book and prove him wrong

>Remember the USA alike Greece and Rome are founded on greed , violence and mass murder

My Answer : Hey we are talking about Western Civilization not Arabs right ? Do you accept that Western Civilization was based upon greed , violence and mass murder or not ?

> slave of AIPAC ?

Better than being a slave of CAIR

My Answer : SO , finally you admit that you are an AIPAC slave.

Oh I thought we are all slaves of Allah so is AIPAC also Allah? Oh those pesky Jews ...


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