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My reply to Muslimkush

Reader comment on item: The Temple Mount's Indian counterpart
in response to reader comment: Arab-mongol settlements worse than European settlements

Submitted by Debanjan Banerjee (India), Jul 17, 2010 at 02:53

1)The genocide of millions of native Americans by founding fathers
ANSWER: Even though substantial number of natives were killed in the process of settlement of Americas,there is no comparision of civilized human beings killed by animist tribal Arab savages across Europe,baltic states,central asia and of course in Hindustan and forcible convesion,rape of women with ... their descendends across Hindustan including northern keralam.At thesame time those savages established HAREMS to cater for the invading armies of converted persians and other Arab descendents in now arab countries and arrange for continuation of convesion of " products" into tribal cult.

My Answer : You are again trying to divert the topic. The issue here is that whether the white English-speaking colonists who call themselves "Americans" have any right to settle in the Americas by displacing and mass murdering the native Americans or not ? I ask you are you for or against that ?

2)The political dominance and interferece against many number of small number of small south american countries through the immoral Monroe doctrine
ANSWER:When evil forces were threatening existence of U.S it is imperative to promugulate precautionary measures to secure country of settlement.It is not comparable to threat by Sadam Hussein to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia which triggered the 1st gulf war.

My Answer : ... the issue regarding Monroe doctrine is whether or not the white English-speaking colonists who call themselves "Americans" have any moral or political right to intervene and dominate the small,tiny countries like Panama , Nicaragua , Honduras,Cuba and Bolivia ?

I request you to read the whole thing about "Monroe doctrine" and come back to me then with your answer. Biased , unintelligent arguments wo'nt convince me.

3)The genocide against philippinos by Teddy Roosevelt
The genocide on native civilized Hindu,Jain and Buddhist population by the invading arab -mongol
savages and massacre of 100 million is unparelled savagery anywhere in in then world since history of mankind began.

My Answer : Again diversionary tactics. The question here is Teddy Roosevelt a terrorist , criminal by murdering thousands of innocent Philippinos and the subsequent brutal colonization ?

If you know anything about American atrocities in Philippines , then answer my question.

4)The mass killings in Dresden during second world war and rest of atrocities against the innocent Germans during second world war
ANSWER:It is true that there was immense loss of life in Germany during the last war.IT was the only way to teach brain washed Germans by Nazis at that time in sameway muslim suicide bombers and bigots are waging war against civilization at present time.If there was no bombing of German cities during the last war Nazis would be waging war for many years instead of 1945.

My Answer : My .. fellow , your argument puts you on the side of those who were responsible for 9/11. Remember the perpetrators of 9/11 also said that their attack on USA is to teach it some lessons so that USA does stop it's war on Muslims. Your argument that killing innocent Germans in Dresden was required to end the Second World War , puts you in the same line as of those who did 9/11.

5)The use of nukes against Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the continuing 0ccupation Japanese islands like Okinawa against the will of the Japanese people
ANSWER:The Japanese were war mongers and ruling clique at that time brainwashed the population to acquire bigger Empire.they are good warriors with tendency to HARAKIRI.U.S tried various ways to subdue the Japanese including destruction of their Navy and bombing of Japanese cities.It was a last resort to use Nukes to end the war in the pacific theatre and eventually in Europe.The U.S base in Okinawa is held with the consent of Japanese Governments since the end of the in 1945.Unlike Arab-mongols Americans didn't convert Japanese into Christianity by force,didn't rape women or didn't start Harems for comfort of their soldiers.More over Americans didn't absorb Japan into their "empire" unlike Arab-mongols,who converted whole of central Asia,some Baltic states,southern lands of Russia,persia,upaganistan and of course Hindustan to claim their share for their descendants in Mongolistan and Bangladesh and occupied Kashmir.

My Answer : You are again ignorant here. Every sane human being which includes Albert Einstein the man who gave us (E=MC2) personally apologized to the Japanese people for helping in developing the atomic bomb. Only bloodthirsty American war-mongers and their brainwashed , pliant slaves like you can support Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

On the issue of post-war Japan , your mentioning that America did not incorporate Japan into it's empire , is to put simply a terrible and despicable lie. Do you know there are laws in American-written Japanese constitution which tells that an American can not be punished for running down a Japanese man or raping a Japanese woman ? The existence of these laws in Japan prove to us that JAPAN IS AN AMERICAN COLONY SINCE THE END OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR.

6)The slaughter of innocent koreans during korean war
ANSWER:U.N authorised a force to couteract invasion of south korea by communist north,which was mainly shouldered by U.S forces,who repelled communists from occupying the south.Loss of life was invetable in those circumstances even though regretable.

My Answer : You call the killings of innocent Koreans as "regrettable" !!! I think you needed to be a korean to lose his family members in an American napalm or get your wife or sister to be raped by an American marine to understand how atrocious those thing were which you call "regrettable".

7)The genocide against Vietnamese and cambodians
ANSWER:U.S tried to prevent communist north from absorbing south but could not prevent it.They should have lesson from the French experience in the past.

My Answer : Accept the facts you ... The historical truth is that the proud and independent-minded Vietnamese people fought and united their country against the American and French colonialists and their puppets.

8)The intervention in Iran by overthrowing Mossadegh and installing a puppet regime which brutalized and torched millions of iranians
ANSWER:Mossadegh regime was removed because of unpopularity.At the same time people were free under Shah regimes and they were not forced to Mosques and Madrasas unlike theocratic,dictatorial regimes of Ayotallas.Millions were and are being killed by the Ayotallas since they seized power in 1979 in Quran and madrasa uprising.

My Answer : Mossadegh was unpopular ? Are you kidding or what ? Read the history. The British Oil companies were looting Iranian oil profits , so Mossadegh nationalized the oil industry and kicked those British companies out. He was the most popular leader in Iran at the time. He was removed in a coup by the British and Americans so that they can continue to loot the Iranian people's money.

The question here is what right those Brits and Americans have to overthrow a foreign leader like Mossadegh ?

You are a liar when you say that people were free during the time of the pro-American shah regime in Iran. Have you heard something called SAVAK ? This was the secret police of the Shah regime which killed and tortured millions of innocent Iranians.

9)Helping Sadam Hussain to kill millions in Iraq-Iran war
ANSWER:. ... Sadam acquired arms in the open market and Iran got them by blackmail of hostage taking of Embassy staff in Tehran,which can be done only by animist uncivilized tribal countries of arab -mongol regimes.

My Answer : ... Saddam was given arms by American leaders like Donald Rumsfeld and Jessy Helms. It was the Americans who provided all the weapons to Saddam including those nerve gasses which he used on the Kurds on Hallabjah.

10)Killing of millions in Afghanistan and Iraq through illegal ways
ANSWER:All arab regimes are happy that Sadam's regime has gone and so the people of Iraq and Kuwait.They are free now and recently voted in elections,which is anathema to sharia law of arab -mongols.Regarding Upaganistan NATO forces are encountering difficulty because of double game by Mongolistan aka pakistan,where there are two parellel governments,one Military and the other civilian the former dominating and running terror across the border in upaganistan and sending terrirists into Hindustan via Nepal and occupied Kashmir.Taliban savages are killing more of their kind in Upaganistan than coalition forces,whom are concentrating on killing Muslim terrorists.That war should have finished long time ago but for pakistani double game and following of Human rights law by coalition forces.

My Answer : Everyone knows that the pro-American regimes in Iraq and Kuwait have been kept in power through the power of gun and these regimes are without any political support among their own people.

If you say that Iraqis are happy because the USA invaded and destroyed their own country , then I have to say you are a lunatic.

Bye the bye , I am happy that the Afghans are fighting the American designs in Afghanistan with full vigor. This is good since it tells the world as well as to those Americans that they are not invincible.

11)Killings of millions in the third world countries by American multi-national corporations(Bhopal gas tragedy)
ANSWER:Tragedies of industrial accidents can happen anywhere in the world.It is not confined to American multinational corporations but many companies of different countries like Nuclear leak in Ukraine and chlorine gas leak in the docks in Mumbai.

My Answer : Yes industrial tragedies can happen everywhere but what I point out is that the American multi-nationals do not do any preventive measure or pay any compensations to the victims as well as their treatment of the lives of people in the third world with utter disregard.

Let me tell you that why did the Americans did not apologize to the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy ? Why did they not pay any compensation to those victims ?

SUMMARY&MORALS: Rabid anti Americanism doesn't help to continue dialogue and discussion in any setting. One has to become civilized and modern and think properly than quran and medieval mentality inset and brain washing thinking and arab-mongol savage civilization,which is outdated in the present day modern world. Deb should abandon that tribal civilization and embrace modern thinking and civilization.

My Answer : We need to learn modern thinking and civilization from the Americans ? Come on ... Let me tell you this thing Westernization or Americanization does not mean modernization or civilization. Instead Westernization or Americanization means barbarism and decivilization.


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