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Self-Hatred will doom you, you must know who the enemy is or you will perish

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Submitted by der Alleswisser (United States), Dec 31, 2008 at 07:30

This is in response to a discussion on http://www.bigpicweblog.com/exp/index.php/weblog/comments/what_the_koran_really_says_about_non_muslims/#4592 if you would like to see the leadup to what I am putting below for you. But your words disturb me, you do not seem to realize what Islam is, and this is a danger to you, your children, and your children's children. You must educate yourself or you and yours are doomed. My input to Good Man Vic Rubenstein's blog follows:

Houran, if only it was that simple, it is not, it is divinely ordained lying, it has a name, and that name is al Taqiyya. You will hear this over and over, stuff like "If you kill a single human, then you have killed all of mankind." You, the world, are my laboratory, as I pretend to know nothing of Islam, and although, thanks to Political Correctness, I am forbidden, as are you, to discuss these most important matters at work, and that is where we are the most of the time, I can talk to fellow travelers going my way, at shops, malls,...

And Refuse to Submit, good man, you know the truth, and you know that it is your duty, morally and righteous, to spread the truth, quash the lies, as we Americans are a very indolent people, choking to death on Political Correctness. Our media, except for Fox, spreads nothing but PC Scrubbed drivel, our academic institutions are utterly useless, populated by feckless liberals, and so the man on the street has this fairy tale myopia as to the world he lives in. Lies, and dooming their spawn.

Last week, I go into a grocery store, and the cashier is Kavita. I ask, "Kavita, where are you from......India......Is everything ok over there, have things calmed down......It is very bad over there (head shakes, sad....) ....who is doing this?......The Muslims, they just want to kill everyone." I play my little version of al Taqiyya, I ask leading questions, in the spirit of the Scientific Method, I have a hypothesis, and I seek to validate its veracity by conducting experiments, and the people I meet, strangers, you are my data. The same grocery store, three days ago, is Rahat (?) who is behind the same counter, she is talking to the bagger, who asks "How long will you be here.....6....Who relieves you.....Kavita..." I ask, "Rahat, are you from India.....no, I am from Pakistan.....why all the trouble between Pakistan and India, this is not good, Pakistan has nuclear weapons....we used to be the same country, but in 1947 we split (I know but do not say that Pakistan was created simply as a state for Muslims, and do not say what I know about the Islamic Conquest of HinduStan, see http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/32812 )...

So why do you not get along, why just not let these problems go (of course, I know it is the Quran, but feign ignorance, just a country boy who just fell off a turnip truck)...no, it will always be this way (sad, head shakes), they will always fight". Two days ago, at a huge local mall, multilevel parking lot, and I am trying to figure out how to get down to the level my car is parked (you need GPS to find your way out of this thing to find the highway), and an Islamic man approaches, and I think, yes, they are here, is this man a threat?

But this man is smiling, and it becomes apparant to me that this is a nice man, and then I see that he has the uniform of the mall on, he is there to help me find my car, as it is clear to him that I am lost, "Can I help you....I am trying to find the stair well to the the second level....It is right over there (points)...thank you, where are you from....Morocco....Is that a nice country ....(shakes head, smiles)....no, it is not.....The Muslims?...yes....So good for you, you escaped...(smiles, nods his head....the Muslims, the 60ish percent who are not the hard core fanatically demonic, especially the women, no contributions from them but their bodies, their intellectual assets ignored....

This single fact, ignoring all the other horrible things about Islam as such, as defined by the Quran, this one thing dooms this as a failed civilization, and they know it, and resented the twin towers as a symbol of American dominance and superiority, likewise Hollywood, as it flaunts in their faces our civilization, and they know they have no Teslas, Newtons, Beethovens, and they have shame, and they hate us for it, they are unable to look inwards and see that it is their religion that dooms them.)

Then there is Zara Clothing above, and over and over in other places on this blog, on www.danielpipes.org blog, in the streets, saying this peaceful stuff about Islam, they are encouraged by what they see of Americans, the indolence, the political correctness, the feel good drivel that they hear and see on the CBS Evening News, and elsewhere, they see November 4th what the American People did, and they feel emboldened, so they say stuff like Zara says over and over, al Taqiyya, It is ok to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to the Unbeliever, but not so to Believers. They are almost illiterate, sometimes, and pretend to be good people.

But, although I have not been in a mosque, and I am aware that there are fourteen verses of the Quran that forbid becoming a friend of the Unbeliever, and so I know I will not hear anything but deception from most Muslims, I suspect very strongly that in those mosques, they are taught al Taqiyya, to tell Unbelievers these peaceful verses of Mecca, when Mohammed was not strong, so he practiced dar al Sulh, telling these peaceful verses, but fully knowing that they were abrogated by the Verse of the Sword. Divinly ordained lying, by the Quran, and us simple mostly good generous people, the Americans, nod our heads, yes, all people are good, multiculturalism, they do not understand that there are many good Muslims, the majority, in fact, but that demonic 30ish pecent, they the hide - in - plain - sight Islamic Trojan Horses.

So maybe a month ago, I encountered al Taqiyya, in a Muslim - owned and operated restaurant, take out sort of thing. I do not tell them that I have read book after book on Islam, they can try to deceive me, and I just smile and grin and nod and grunt pleasantly, that little ole country boy that just fell off a turnip truck schtik, they probably would tell me that if my IQ ever reaches 50, then I should sell. I just let them tell me whatever they wish, and they do seem to be quite charming and nice folks, and maybe they are.

But you do know what Winston Churchill said about Islam, do you not? "The greatest retrograde force in the history of mankind is Islam....while individual Moslems may show splendid individual qualities, all who follow this religion fail to progress socially..." For the exact quote, and while you are there, read the quote from John Quincy Adams on Islam, and then get your arms around two things that have changed since their words were spoken: Petrodollars and the world's highest birth rates. They tell me "In Islam, the Quran tells us that to kill a single human being is to kill all of mankind." They do not suspect that I know, and I also know that they know this as well, that in Islam, they have two books of the Quran, the earlier book of Mecca, and the much more violent and truculent book of Medina.

And so all this prattle and pablum like cited above, this is from the first book. But in Islam, there is no possiblilty that anything in the Quran can be wrong, the Quran to them is not an INTERPRETATION of the words of god, it is the actual word of god, it cannot be interpreted, it can only be obeyed. Absolute. And so when there are contradictions between the first and second books, and there are, since the word of god cannot be wrong, this is handled by the principle of Abrogation, this meaning, the latter verse, chronologically, supercedes the earlier. And the very latest chapter, just like Beethoven's final symphony, that would be Sura 9, and the Verse of the Sword, the "Convert, or Die, or submit to Dhimmitude" verse, that is sura 9:5.

So, Refuse to Submit, and Vic Rubenstein, and Daniel Pipes at www.danielpipes.org you are doing a wonderful thing, a critical thing for survival. I close by giving you these few words from Serge Trifkovic's "Defeating Jihad," the sequel to "The Sword of the Prophet." Here it is for you, and you must tell everyone you know of this, as we Americans and others are committing suicide due to indolence, Pollyannaish naivity, and intellectual bankrupcy.

From page 42:

"All conquered lands were duly transformed into the HOUSE of ISLAM, where umma has been established, while the rest of the world belonged to the House of War inhabited by harbis. As for remaining unconquered lands and cultures, the House of Islam is in a permanent state of war with the lands that surround it. The never ending war can be interrupted by truces, but peace will only come with the completion of global conquest. There is an intermediate stage known as Dar al Sulh – when the Muslims are a minority community and need to adopt temporarily a peaceful attitude in order to deceive their neighbors. Mecca before Muhammad's move to Medina is the model for which the Muslim diaspora in the Western world provides contemporary example. The model was provided by Muhammad, who accepted a truce wth Mecca when he was in an inferior position but broke it as soon as his recuperated strength allowed. Then he offered his pagan compatriots the choice of conversion or death. The final objective all along is Dar al Islam, where Muslims dominate and infidels are converted or massacred: "But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them: for God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful (9:5)." This "the Verse of the Sword" allows only one way out for pagans to be spared from being slain: to become Muslims. Islamic scholars agree that this single verse abrogates 124 earlier verses – the ones that are quoted most regularly by Islam's apologists to prove its tolerance and benevolence as a ‘religion of peace'".

And finally, some great thinkers on Islam, in the vein of those not knowing history are doomed to repeat it:


"I studied the Kuran a great deal … I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammed."


"Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Many times I have observed in my travels that fanaticism comes from a small number of dangerous men who maintain others in the practice of this religion by terror. To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him."


"Over a billion people believe in Allah without truly knowing what Allah supposedly stands for or what he really demands of them. And the minority that do understand continue to be Moslems because they have redefined their morality and ethics to fit within the teachings of Islam, which are floridly lacking in morality. They therefore redefine what is good and evil in order to fit their lives into what is preached by Islam, instead of examining Islam to see if it fits within the good life. Backwards thinking, imposed by a backward religion".


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