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Seek the Truth on Islam, Not Just Turkey, Mr. Godfrey

Reader comment on item: Is the Middle East "Freer, More Hopeful, and More Promising"?
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Submitted by der Alleswisser (United States), Dec 30, 2008 at 09:49

You ask an extremely important question, Mr. Godfrey, but you must understand that Mr. Pipes cannot answer all these posts in detail, and what he has told you most succinctly here is very true, you must read books, you must seek the truth. You will not get the truth by watching the CBS Evening News, or PBS, ....only at Fox will you get this, and it will be by necessity, skimpy. This intellectual bankruptcy is pernicious, indeed I fear that 4 November 2008 will be recorded as the day the door shut on the American Empire. The Beginning of the End would be 20 January 1977, the day that James Earl Carter took office, and the Democrat Party of FDR, HST, JFK, .... became the Dhimmicrat Party of Carter, William Jefferson Clinton, and let us hope not, Barack Hussain Obama.

Carter had idiot feckless advisors who told this horrendously inept president that the Shah should be cast aside in favor of Allatoyla Khomeini. Go to page 128 of "The Final Move Beyond Iraq" by Mike Evans and read about Ambassador William Sullivan's telegraph to Carter calling Khomeini "a Ghandi - like personage, a MODERATE, and a centrist who would not PERSONALLY INVOLVE HIMSELF IN THE POLITICS OF IRAN." Then see how that "James Bill, a leading (???) expert on Iran, proclaimed in a Newsweek interview on February 12, 1979, that 'Khomeini is not a high - ranking mujtahid,....but a man of impeccable of impeccable integrity and honesty'" ???? Wow, reread that, and look it up yourself if you do not believe it.

So what does this have to do with Turkey, you ask. According to Serge Trifkovic, in "The Sword of the Prophet," and its sequel, "Defeating Jihad," it is quite likely that the sequel to Carter's Islamic Republic of Evil that he gave us in 1979 is the Islamic Republic of Turkey. (Read these two books, Mr. Godfrey, and you will be sad, but at least you will know the truth, not all the phoney Dhimmicratic lies.) So you say, "Carter may have made a mistake, but everyone makes mistakes." And, most unfortunately, I must reply, November 4th, look at what the American People did on that day, in droves they voted for the Bringers of Freddie/Fannie, Nancy Pelosi, do you have a sister Nancy? Harry Reid, can we clone you, I want my youngun to grow up to be just like you Harry, even though you aren't quite Dirty Harry. (Another excellent read is "Inquiry, Integrity, Intelligence, and Inspiration: The Four Horsemen of Effective Governmental Function," by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. And also read "My Corps: Why I Would Never Embarass the United States Marine Corps," by John Murtha.

On November 4th, the American People voted him back into office. But, I have just realized that I am assuming that you know who the Bringers of Freddie/Fannie are, that you know Barney Franks, Frank Raines, Maxine "California Freeloading" Waters, Gregory "I am so angry at people who would waste the taxpayer's money" Meeks, .... all these pristinely honest and informed people the Dhimmicrats have blessed the American People with, and so were rewarded by the grateful American People on November 4th. And assuming that you know that, I realize, is a HUGE mistake, because as evidenced by what happened November 4th, and not by any close margin, the election was just a perfunctory thing that everyone knew the outcome of. Nevermind there was an honest man running, one who was a POW, and even thought he is 71 years old, does have the right values, and is a man of honor. Not saying I agree with everything about his ideas, but honesty and integrity I can work with. So let me introduce to you, the American People, these wonderful people you so admire and trust, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs

And of course the Dhimmicrats will equivocate & prevaricate to claim it was not their fault, and apparently the American People are quite the soft touch, as evidenced by what happened November 4th. And it does not escape me that the real blame is not on Carter, Clinton, and the above - mentioned people, it is on the Indolent American People, those shallow ones with the mental acumen of a fifth grader, yes all GW Bush's fault, we want change....well you are indeed getting a change from the likes of HST, FDR, JFK, and even the immensely unpopular LBJ. He may have micromanaged and bungled the Viet Nam war, the war conducted so as to not hurt anyone's feelings, but not corrupt like the Dhimmicrats of Clinton and his Sandy Burglers (what were you trying to hide Sandy, is it related by Bill's outrage about insinuations that he did not take out bin Ladin?????), and not stupid like Carter, the one who started all this CRA (google the Community Reinvestment Act, see that Carter started it, Clinton make it worse, and the BH Obama involvement in it, and find out what Acorn is, and how it was related to the CRA, do not be fooled by all the lies, but of course we see on November 4th that you obviously were fooled. Find out about the $800,000 that Obama gave to Acorn to "Get out the vote," yes, dead folks, Mickey Mouse, and most importantly, black folks. Another great read is "My Struggle and Futility in Trying to Win the Black Vote," by Barack Hussian Obama.

Now, page 134 of The Final Move Beyond Iraq, "When the head of the French Secret Service, the Count of Maranche, suggested to Carter in 1980 that Khomeini be kidnapped and then bartered for an exchange with the hostages, the president was indignant. 'One cannot do that to a holy man,' he told the French super - spy. In fact, the Carter - appointed ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, asserted that the ayatollah would 'eventually be hailed as a saint.'". American People, your doom is your indolence and intellectual bankruptcy, you cannot continue to elect corrupt idiots like this, like you did for two terms of WJ Clinton, and God help us, we are indeed doomed if you elected another corrupt Dhimmicratic idiot November 4th. If you did, then, be gracious, know that you were the greatest nation on Earth in the twentieth century, the Marshall Plan, the Berlin wall coming down, neveming the Europeans deny Regan had anything to do with it, as did the Dhimmicrates, but you must now hand the baton to China and India, hand the baton over, America, be gracious, unclutch that baton....

Now let us go to page 199 of "Defeating Jihad," and read about how Carter and Brzezinski decided to "support hard - core Islamists in the insurgency against the Soviets in Afghanistan. As we now know, that decision was a strategic mistake of the highest order: it prompted the release of the Jihadist genie from a bottle that had remain sealed for almost three centuries after the siege of Vienna." American People, meet the "Afghan Blowback," courtesy of Carter and the Dhimmicrats. And in case you do not know about Vienna, see http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2008/05/counterjihad-vienna-2008.html That's right, American People, the Islamic Conquest of Europe was halted at the gates of Vienna on September 11th, 1683. Yes, it was September 11th, and this conquest of Europe did not end in 1683, only delayed, so now read "America Alone," by Mark Steyn, to understand and perhaps be a bit frightened by this. Back to page 199, "The fruits went beyond the jihadists' wildest dreams. Brzezinski will go down in history as the man who did for bin Laden what the Kaiser did for Lenin by providing him with that sealed train from Switzerland to the Baltic in 1917....."A series of 'liberal' interventions on the side of the Balkan Muslims (Bosnia, Kosovo) ensued in the 1990s (WJ Clinton time). The most tangible result fo promoting 'common ideals and interests in this globalized world' by NATO bombs is the existance of a vibrant jihadist base in the heart of Europe that has had a connection, one way or another, with every major terrorist attack in the past three years, from Istanbul to Madrid."

Did you catch that, American People? Yes, Clinton and the Dhimmicrats bombed the wrong people in Bosia, pandering to Islamics in the hope that suddenly they would "like" us. Totally and Terminally Stupid. I would make these two Trifkovic books mandatory reading in high school, but will this ever happen, no, sadly no, so I try to spread the word, but know that it is likely futile, lost in the tsunami of indolence of an American People who are sailing into oblivion, going the same way as the Romans, Spaniards, due to rot from within, with the Dhimmicrats at the helm. But I can tell you one thing with confidence, if everyone had read the two Trifkovic books, November 4th would have been very different. And just maybe, I would have some help throwing select Dhimmicrats thru the nearest window for destroying my once - proud nation, a Defenestration of the Dhimmicrats, if you will. Let us all hope that the second time Michelle Obama was proud of her country is not the first time the American People would not be proud of their country. That word hope, it is all that remains.

And my good man, Mr. Godfrey, I know you think I do not realize that this question was all about Turkey, but that is not so, I have tried to put it into a larger context in the perhaps futile hope of attaining an acceptable level of awareness as to what we face. Turning to page 200, we have "As for Iraq, although the deception was no greater than Clinton's claim that the 1999 Kosovo war was waged to stop 'genocide,' its immediate cost in American lives and treasure is far higher.

But contrary to what could be expected on the basis of their rhetoric about the Iranian threat, the proponents of the war in Iraq are remarkably forgiving of the transgressions by Pakistan and Turkey, two of the weakest links in the Global War On Terror. They accept General Musharraff's farcial elections as legitimate. His past support for the Taliban is forgotten, his duplicity over Kashmir glossed over in silence, and his claims to have been oblivious (think Reverend Wright here.....) to Dr. Khan' nuclear proliferation network are taken seriously. The same people call TURKEY an 'indispensable ally' (Paul Wolfowitz), accept at face value the 'post - Islamic' character of its government, readily forgive its ostentatious refusal to help in the Iraqi war, and insist on the necessity fo Turkey's joining the European Union. They pretend to be indignant of the warnings that the country - more than nine - tenths Asiatic, and 90% Muslim, is not 'European.' In reality, TURKEY IS A SEMI-DORMANT ISLAMIC VOLCANO that may erupt at any moment, with virulence unseen since Iran in 1979." Now take all that boatload in, and just hope Mr. Trifkovic is wrong. Meet Mr. Trifkovic by renting the dvd "Islam: What the West Needs to Know About Radical Islam."

I will now direct you to see the Enemy Within, yes, they are here, but not in the numbers in Europe, The European Islamic Anaconda is much larger than the American Islamic Anaconda. Right now, the European Islamic Anaconda has maybe the rear hindquarter of Europe in its mouth, this Anaconda has the facade of Muhammod Atta, the most evil face I have ever seen, those cold killer eyes, the demonic evil behind those eyes, that face that is not just from Hell, that face is now IN HELL. See http://www.womanhonorthyself.com/?p=4177 to better understand this, how brave Americans right out of high school hit the Normandy beaches and died by the thousands there and afterwards so that the French would be free to not offend Islamics, and so the good people of Brussels would be free to not be able to observe a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11, as this offends Islamics, nevermind they claim that Mussad of Israel did it, or that GW Bush did it.

Another great read: "The True Story: What Really Happened on 9/11," by Rosie ODonnell, and "Love At First Sight: How I Knew That Rosie Was the One for Me," by Donald Trump. The American Islamic Anaconda is much smaller than its European counterpart. It is perhaps 10 feet away, as its Atta facade has a slight smile as he gazes at us. But the American People, in the spirit of "All Religions are peaceful and tolerant, Islam is a religion, Islam is peaceful and tolerant," not being aware of the dichotomy of the Believer and the Unbeliever, and that Islam has a theology, doctrine, and legal system that mandates perpetual warfare against the Unbeliever, feckless, clueless, gullible, trusting American People, do not question the need for a large Muslim diaspora in the US. They fail to understand that an estimated thirtyish percent of Muslims are of the hard core fanatically demonic types, and that the remaining sixtyish percent of Muslims remain silent, out of fear, tacit support, or a combination of the two.

The true victims of this religion are the Muslims, especially its women. A Crusade is needed to save them, but I do not think we have it in us, viz. November 4th, and what we see in Europe, the British, French, Spanash, Romans, people whose glory exists now only in history books, they of decline. The American Islamic Anaconda, with the arriveal of every one of the demonic thirtish percent of Muslim immigrants, gets a bit larger, and the smile of Atta it has fades a bit, the Anaconda grows, the smile fades, ....grows.....fades.....gulp. Page 167 of Defeating Jihid is titled "Jihad's Agitprop." It begins "A major exploiter of the opportunities provided by the liberal mindset has been the Council on American - Islamic Relations (CAIR). This group has been able to bully and intimidate American institutions, forcing them to adopt an insiduous spirit of self - censorship regarding Islam. It scored a major and highly alarming victory in August 2005 when WMAL, a Washington DC talk radio station (WMAL, you lucky heroic brave Americans, you shall get a copy of this, in fairness to you, and so will Rush Limbaugh, although his Screener Monkeys may never let him see it) succumbed to its pressure and fired presenter Michael Graham for his comment on the link between Islam and terrorism. He said: 'Because of the mix of Islamic theology that - rightly or wrongly, is interpreted to promote violence, added to an organizational structure that allows violent radicals to operate openly in Islam's name with impunity, Islam has, sadly, become a terrorist organization. It pains me to say it. But the good news is it doesn't have to stay this way, if the vast majority of Muslims who don't support terror will step forward and re - claim their religion.' The Disney - owned (Disney, you get a copy of this too) station terminated Graham both for this statement and his subsequent refusal to apologize for it. In doing so it has caved into CAIR's equation of all critical analysis of Islam with 'Islamophobia.'"

At this point, I at least submit, Mr. Godfrey, that I have at least tried to address your concerns regarding Turkey. I have also tried to tell you where to look to find the truth, it will not come to you, you will be lied to and do more ill - informed actions as the likely fatal one of November 4th. But WMAL, Disney, .... know you well that if you continue to surpress First Amendment rights and indulge in all this Politically Correct stupidity, then you will indeed feel the Sword of the Prophet. Allah Akbar!

"Islamists understand that their most powerful secret weapon is the Liberal Mindset, while despising it at the same time." Serge Trifkovic, "The Sword of the Prophet"

"Tolerance of Intolerance is not Tolerance," Mark Steyn, "America Alone"


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