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Who is GW Bush?

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Submitted by der Alleswisser (United States), Dec 22, 2008 at 09:51

My good man Mr. Rubenstein, are you perhaps related to Vic Rubenstein, who has a similar but indispensible blog as this at www.bigpicweblog.com go there as well as this one, and then you go down that road to TRUTH, because if one does not have the truth, then just what does one have? And understand well what Will Rogers told you, "It is not what you do not know that will hurt you, it is what you know that ain't so that will hurt you." This along with some other gems as "how did I get over the hill without ever reaching the top," and "you do not want to be drinking from the creek on the downstream side of the herd."

Those were A-6s that brought Quadaffi to Jesus, off USS America from VA-35, or Attack Squadron Thirty Five, I believe. And they were USAF F-111 from Mildenhall, England, and they had to fly thousands of miles out of the way because the Isalmic Butt Kissing French would not allow them to overfly their precious airspace so that these brave French heros would not offend Islamics. They of course forget that sixty some years ago young Americans right out of high school and others hit the Normandy beaches and died by the thousands to give them the freedom to not offend Islamics.

Yes, these brave French, who had such a charming economic arrangement with Saddam, and who have throughout their history understood the evil in Islam, but have tried to play kissy face with Islam in the spirit of "We play sweethearts with this evil and the terrorist acts will happen elsewhere, we can tame this evil and sic it on others." You may be cowards, French ones, but you cannot be stupid, as you had your Hector Berlios's, Louis Ampere's, ... so I suspect that you are finally starting to understand the Islamic Blowback that you are getting, and the evil that is in your nation in alarming numbers.

Read "Eurabia: Land of Dhimmitude, the Euro-Arabia axis", by Bat Y'eor, to get a better understanding of this French and others in Europe duplicity of cuddling up with Islam, via the EAD, or European Arab Dialogue. The evil is now among you in frightening numbers. France, for you is Karma, or "What goes around comes around." And you charming Belgium puppies, you of Bastogne where the Americans held out in the Snow Christmas 1944, until Patton's Third Army rescued the beleagured Americans.

You are now free, you brave Belgiuseers, you have the freedom to not be able to observe a moment of silence on 9/11, what stand up people you are. I can't do this justice, so go to http://www.womanhonorthyself.com/?p=4177 for a different rendering of this heroic thing you have done.

And France, one last little thing for you. Your national anthem is truely a wonderful piece of music, I dare say that in my opinion, it may just be the very best one for its inspirition and musical traits. It ranks right up there with "God Save the Queen." GSTQ appears in many places in classical music, from Beethoven's Wellington's Victory, Weber's Jubel march, Henry Purcell, and most prominently in Muzio Clementi's "Great National Symphony." GSTQ with different words was the de facto national anthem of the US in the 19th century, and this remarkable piece of music, whose author is unknown, is actually the national anthem of nations other than Britain.

But Hector Berlioz, France, if you do not do an about face and take DRASTIC IMMEDIATE MEASURES, he will still be the author of your national anthem, but it will not be the Marseillieuse, it will be "March to the Scaffold" the signature piece of that most impressive Symphonie Fantastic. Drastic, and immediate.

I think George S. Patton, Field Marshall Montgomery, and all the others, if they could somehow see what was to come, I think they would have just went home. And another charming read for you brave Europeans would be "America Alone," by Mark Steyn. Read as to how it was not just Hitler who sought to destroy the Jews, oh no no no, it seems that only I think Denmark tried to protect and hide their Jewish brothers and sisters, you succumbed to this evil of sending the Jews to perish, did you not? At least most of you, I do understand how easy it is to sit here in front of a computer in safety and scorn you. But overall, this is what you as nations did.

And in "America Alone," read as to how, in Mr. Steyn's humble opinion anyway, that in one of history's very cruelest jokes, it is you French, Belgiuseerrs,...you are the Jews this time around, and the Islamics are the Europeans of the 1940s here in the early years of the twenty first century. Just charming. And I want you to do is to rent the dvd, "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West," and I call your attention to one segment in particular, that of the Grand Mufti of Palestine Hussiani, the most powerful man in Islam during the second world war, see how he met with Hitler and provided him with huge numbers of Islamics (Battalion??) to put on German uniforms and be part of the torture and evil against the Jews as part of the Final Solution to the Jewish problem. S

hame on you, Europe, for having these Islamic murdurers among you, your weak multicultural politicians catering to their every whine, in their most impressive way at being offended about anything that is not Islamic. You give up your values to appease them, this is cowardice.

But Mr. Rubenstein, back to Libya and who is GW Bush. This from books I have read, is how I understand it. Sometime in the 1990s we intercepted a North Korean freighter bound for Libya. It had nuclear weapon materials, and the manifesto was a smoking gun in the hands of none other than Mummar Quadaffi himself. And him being perhaps evil but not stupid, realized that this is the time to come to Jesus. He is aware of the alleged suitcase nuclear bombs of which perhaps forty cannot be accounted for by the Russians. Those Russian generals who like money (See the Nicholas Cage movie about selling AK 47 and all kinds of stuff, Lord of War??).

And perhaps he is also aware of bin Laden remarking "Oh, those go for about $20 million each." And then he realizes that when these are used in America that it just could be that the talking is all over, and 5 - 4 - 3.... And then he knows that the top of the heap for total destruction on that list is Iran of Akmadesadshitjad, but that Libya is what, second, third? This is the way I have read about it, I of course cannot verify its veracity, but it does sound spooky spooky true.

And folks, this is not a movie, and John Wayne does not ride off into the sunset and everybody lives happily ever after. No, not the Americans who will die, or the Brits,...and not the Islamics who will be completely and utterly destroyed, unless Harry Reid and the other Dhimmicrats save them. Oh let's go talk, Israel does not need Palestine, just give it to them and we can all be safe. Yes we can. Sure we can. I mean, all this fourteen centuries of agression by Islamics against Unbelievers, did not someone write a book about that, what was it, oh was it "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore, yes, that must be the book....

Islamics, you had better hope the Dhimmicrats save you when this comes to pass, because if it is someone like me, there will be one and only one more 9/11 from the Battalions of Allah. Oh, run and hide in those mosques and I would thank you for this, you may think you are safe there as it has worked well for you before. But a very rude shock for you, I will flatten every mosque on the face of the Earth, and I will have every Quran I can find burned. And banned, forever. Your worst dreams, Islamics, if anyone remotely like me ever is in control. Send your contributions to the Dhimmicratic party. No cave deep enough for you Osama, no more Peshwar, Wurzistan, Demonicstans, you will all go.

And finally, what I was really trying to tell you. GW Bush. The DHimmicrats like to call him stupid, they even have this calendar with pictures of him with stupid faces and he and other Republicans making stupid statements, which I find HILARIOUS. A true story for you, last week, in the lounge warming my coffee, and I see this Bush calendar. So I go get the person in charge, who is a WOMAN, Islamics, that's right, my boss is a WOMAN and her boss is a WOMAN, and get this Islamics, Governor Sarah Palin is a WOMAN. And these would be very smart WOMEN, Islamics, and Sarah Palin is not the the only WOMAN governor. And you brave Islamic men who beat your wives, Allah told you so, you are such brave Allah Akbar types. You put your women in those horrible black burkas or whatever they are, take a look at these strange looking creatures walking in those horrible things, their eyes peering through tiny slits and that is all you brave Islamic men will allow to be seen of them.....and it looks far more frightening than anything in any of those invasion from outer space movies. Be forwarned Islamics, you had better hope there are not many others like me, because if I ever have my say, there will be no more Islam, never, gone, vanquished, banned forever. You throw away half of your people, WOMEN, this alone dooms your civilization, their honor, intelligence, never allowed to contribute because you brave Islamic men are so very afraid of them. Covered up since, what, the age of EIGHT??? And Muhammod's first wife was NINE. Shame, just utter shame on you Islam. Gone, forever.......Now, back to the calendar, I show it to her, and she says, "I will have it removed if you desire," and I reply, "No, no, I do not agree with any of it but I find it HILARIOUS!" As a matter of fact, I have told many to go see this calendar to get a good laugh.

GW Bush, I think is not as dumb as some of you pretend. He knows that the only thing the Dhimmicratic party has going for it is Hate Bush, change meaning no more Bush. Shallow, empty, utterly corrupt. (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs ). He knows this, but also knows what his convictions are, and so with all the hatred, the shoe throwing,....he does what he feels is the right thing to do. Stupid??? Really, just who is it that does not understand the threat of Radical Islam???

Just which party brought us the Islamic Republic of Evil in 1979? Need a history book, google it??? And just what party treated the first World Trade Center attack in 1993 as maybe a murder case, drawing up an indictment in the War Room as a response?? I cannot do this one justice, you MUST READ "Willful Blindness, a Memoir of the Jihad," by Andrew McCarthy, the lead prosecutor of this case against Satan-on-Earth Blind Shiek and the other terrorists.

And after you have read this book, and really understand what happened, the truth not being something you will see on the CBS Evening News or any other place (except Fox), after you understand what happened, then this for you: Flashback to the presidential debates, with Barack Obama telling you, and quite eloquently telling you at that, "Boy, we caught those WTC 1 bad guys and we prosecuted them and we put them in jail, yes we did, and just what a glowing success story this is, this is what we want to keep doing, would someone show us the ending of one of those John Wayne movies where he rides off into the sunset and everyone lives happily ever after as we have preserved the American Way, and they play Happy Trails, or was that Gene Autry......"

Folks, do you not realize what a horrible distortion of the truth this is, apparently you do not as we saw what you voted for in DROVES November 4th. Repeating myself, read the book, and then you will finally understand what lies you are being told, and worst of all, in this day of Google, TV, books books books that you fail to read, the very worst thing of all is that you are lied to and you believe it. What happened to Abraham Lincoln and "You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time"? WHAT HAPPENED, where did our values go. You get told this eloquent lie and you believe it, you fail to understand that the first WTC attack as handled by the Clinton adminstration was a Triumph of Evil. READ THE BOOK!

So GW get shoes thrown and all the other stuff, when what he is trying to do is to give the Iraqi people the gift of freedom, he in my humble and perhaps misinformed opinion is trying his very best to make the life of Islamics the best he can. But is this possible? We think that Islam is just another religion, we just hope that if we can give them a jump start that they will somehow cast off their entire history since Muhammod started his Believer/UnBeliever Evil dichotomy, and somehow become like all the rest of us. Noble, I submit, but likely to succeed??? No, I am afraid not, I am truely sorry and hope that I am wrong on this, but I think we all must understand, this is not a Should Be world, this is an IS world, and Islam is what it IS, as defined by the unchallengable words of the Quran, the book which Islamics are forbidden to even try to interpret, the book which was not even created, it has always existed?

Islam is what it is, it is not what you think it should be, nor what you hope it is. No John Wayne happy endings this time, I fear.


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