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Yes, much blood let in the "name"of all religions ...

Reader comment on item: PLO Acknowledges: Still at War with Israel
in response to reader comment: KMAN

Submitted by kman (United States), Dec 6, 2008 at 18:49

Very easy to get turned off of the whole batch of them as I did in my early years. I hated the hypocrisy and indifference of people who were upposedly "Christian", and really only cared about themselves and their very own little country club.

When God turned me from age of atheism from about age 15 to 28, it was mind blowing. I read the Bible for the first time in my life as He directed me. The totality of it was stunning and ever growing.

Personally, in all the bloodletting, I see a gigantic difference in the amount of bloodshed committed in the name of Christianity - most in fighting back against the Islamic threat that re-ocurred every time someone had their back turned - and the wholesale slaughter from the first inception of Islam to the present day. I know I don't have teo remind you of the despicable nature of Islamic atrocities.

Any atocities committed in the name of Jesus was definitely misguided. Man always takes and turns God's words of truth to suit his own purposes. One of the many big differences is that God always re-directs those he calls his own. In the context of man's history, the short lapses of Christian wrongs are nothing compared to the staggering numbers of those who suffer and have suffered under Islam - even their own people. Islam never ceases what they do best - butcher, rape, dismember, whatever a hating mind can come up with. The only requirement is that you shout "Allah Akbar" first. After that, one may play out one's hatreds and angers to whatever extent one wishes.

The Catholics atrocities are legion in history during a few centuries of time. Even during World War II, the Pope played up to Hitler and nazism.

The protestants got off course many times including the Salem Witch hunt trials. There is a large core of a few millions in the U.S. and more in many other countries who quietly live out the words and actions of Jesus Christ. There are many who claim to be "Christian" and haven't the foggiest idea what the Christ was all about. He certainly did not tell any of his followers to kill in his name. I agree that there is a big difference between "Christian" and "Christianity". The difference is "Christian" is whatever slop any human wants to make out of God's "Christianity." The slop Christians are no better than Islam, and will be told so on the final day.

I am very grateful to you for the lessons of history that, so far, have eluded my growing stockpile of Islam's history. The barbary Coast Wars fought soon after the U.S. and Europe tried to appease the Muslim pirates off the north western coasts of Africa, were another consequence of Islam doing what they always do. Islamic history is beiing re-written now in Great Britain to favor an "offended" Islam.

I wasn't aware of the vast slaughter of Hindus, but who can keep track? Pile after pile of corpses rot under the relentless march of Islam throughout their history. The first steps are now being made in Canada and the U.S. to reign in the free speech of any who would dare to say anything publicly factual that is "negative" against Islam. They are "offended". Sorry, in my book you call a pig a pig regrdless of the religion. Truth is just that - truth.

The suffering that follows Islamic militant advances are even far more than the death tolls. I get tired of re-counting the ugliness of it.

I don't for a minute downplay any person's attempts to please "God". The word as preached by Jesus who was the Christ, has value so high, that it is constantly being grown and re-deiscovered. Those of other religions have to be given a certain amount of credit in that they do try to search out who this God is and please him. Man will always look for the easy way. The one God calls for sacrificial followers who would go as far as dying to obey the principles of truth, righteousness, love, and heavily paid for "debt" by God himself.

I wish I could retain all the history I've read. There is so much more that speaks to the ugliness of mankind, and the relentless pursuit of God to re-herd man back into what he has always taught.


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