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Reader comment on item: Hating America's Success
in response to reader comment: Ashamed of Success

Submitted by David Lammermeier (United States), Oct 22, 2006 at 22:06

No one is jealous or hates America's success because there is no success as of late. This country has rapidly deteriorated in all facets of society. The only truth in your article is that, yes, America is a better place to live compared to third world countries. But this is obvious and the issue that I have with this article is that the person who wrote this... is only contributing to America's downfall because he doesn't know any better.

You can sit back and write an article like this once America has actually become a free country and is a leading role model for other countries to follow. Unfortunately, that time has not arrived and we are drifting ever so far away from this time. America has great potential and it simply isn't living up to it at all. Compared to other developed countries, we are at the bottom of the list, so there is no reason for you to sit back and brag, because I don't even understand what you are bragging about. Your article is full of fallacies. You act as if our doors are open to immigrants. Besides winning the green card lottery or entering illegally, it is extremely difficult for an immigrant to come here to live and work. Work visas are hard to get and only last for a certain amount of time before you are sent back.

The only way for someone to become a citizen for the most part would be to either win the green card lottery or to marry a U.S. citizen, but even that is not easy. Believe me, my fiancée is German and the whole process is a pain. Another way would be for you to come here pregnant and then give birth here. Basically, in general, the doors are shut, so there won't be a mass migration such as the one you write about.

Another issue I have with your article is how you assume that the people who protest the government think they have it bad. I don't think this is true. These people are protesting because, like I mentioned above, they see the potential of America and they are upset that America isn't living up to its potential, and they are ever so correct. The students aren't hypocrites at all, but they are the leaders and brains behind a desperately needed movement for a better America. They can't even be hypocrites to begin with because most scholarships don't even come from the government. But even if most scholarships did come from the government, please don't make it sound like this is a feature that sets America apart from other nations, because it really doesn't. In Germany, EVERY student gets money for college.

In America, it's mostly the bimbos on the football field running around with helmets on their heads protecting their pea-sized brains. I don't think these are the students who are out protesting the government. So, you are way too content with America at this given moment, during a time when much change is needed. As I will illustrate in this article, I think you should put away your arrogance and bragging rights for the moment until the necessary changes with our society that I will explain below are met.

So, as if it wasn't clear from reading this person's article, Americans are quite naive, ignorant, and apathetic in nature and our entire social structure is in complete shambles. People here believe we are the freest country on Earth. I can name at least 15 countries, such as Germany or France, for example, that are freer than us. And, contrary to what you say about how they use to have the best of the best, well, they still do. Germany does at least, perhaps not France. France definitely has deteriorated much like America because they are both extremely arrogant countries with large immigrant related problems.

But compared to America, German cars, food, beer, police, roads, transportation, fashion, and most importantly, people, are all far superior. Their streets are spotless and practically crime free. Their police use discretion in a given situation and they aren't out preying on people to arrest like they do here. Germans are some of the best drivers on Earth and are some of the smartest people. Their hospitals are just as developed as ours, but they don't have doctors not wanting to come into the hospital to operate on high risk patients in fear of getting sued. You can thank our lovely lawyers for this. Our lawyers and justice system here are ridiculous. I'm sorry, but a group of 12 ignorant, gullible, and naive Americans is not a jury of my peers. If I was on trial, it would be foolish to let these fools decide my fate. I mean, you don't have to look far to see all the fools in America.

Who else would buy an SUV when they are one of the most unsafe vehicles and they eat up gas at a time when gas prices are high and at a time when we should be conserving? Americans compose 5% of the world's population but they use 25% of the world's resources. Why would an American public buy such large, stupid looking vehicles when they know not only what I just stated, but additionally that we have a serious problem with traffic congestion. Big vehicles take up more room on the road. That's a fact. Thus, the line at the red light will be longer in length than in Germany and will move much slower for two reasons. (1) These big Americans vehicles accelerate much more slowly; thus, fewer cars make it through the light. (2) In Germany, the drivers are better and more alert and the light turns yellow before it turns green. So, the minute the light turns green, the car has already started moving. In America, the light will be green for seconds before the fool in his Ford pickup decides it's time to go. But you almost can't blame the American people, but rather, blame our schools. German elementary and high schools are in another world compared to under funded and overcrowded American schools with a school curriculum that would be Mickey Mouse in Germany. With a curriculum that is a complete joke, these students are still having difficulty making passing grades as the majority of them don't even take school seriously, which is much in contrary to German students.

The U.S. media is absolutely out of control for the news here is limited, biased, and has way too much influence over the naive American public. Americans are a bunch of lost sheep and the media is their sheppard. In Germany, the news comes on periodically throughout the day and they have a guy holding a paper in front of him just strictly reporting what happened for the day. There are no analysts or experts who come on to sway the news in a given direction. There's not even much of a change in the tone of his voice and all the stupid up and down head movements they always do in the U.S. are non-existent. He just reads the news to the public in a monotone voice as video of the events illustrates and collaborates what he is reporting. Then he says, "Goodbye and have a nice evening," and then an educational documentary plays instead of someone like Bill O'Reilly coming on giving his spin on the news you just heard during the previous hour.

In Germany and much of Europe, they value quality over quantity, unlike America. Americans are cheap and they practically want things for free. They want the most for the least. To an American, a 24 pack of some disgusting piss water for $12 is a much better buy compared to a 12 pack of high quality beer for the same price. In Germany, Budweiser is illegal for the most part because it isn't even considered a beer because Budweiser uses cheap ingredients such as rice because they know they can pass this shit over a scummy American public knowing that they will buy it because no one cares about quality. Germans even protested against Mercedes after they merged with Chrysler because the quality of Mercedes plummeted. Wal-Mart in Germany failed because Germans won't accept a store filled with cheap crap on their soil.

As I mentioned before, countries in Europe are much much freer than America. In Germany, you won't get arrested for simply drinking a beer in public because it's legal and what is the big deal about drinking in public. What's the difference if I drink a beer in an outside enclosure of a bar or take one step over on the sidewalk and drink it there? Well, in America, you'd get fined or arrested. In Germany, there is no difference because why should there be? The drinking age is 16 in Germany and as a result, they have fewer problems associated with alcohol. Prostitution is legal and as a result, the business is much cleaner and safer then it is here in America.

Prostitution is the world's oldest profession, so if all the previous generations haven't stopped, why does America the almighty think that they can stop it by having all these undercover stings or what not? They only make it worse by doing this. Germans can travel to Cuba, but America, the land of the free, prohibits its citizens from traveling to beautiful countries such as Cuba. In Germany, you can be nude on the beach or in parks. In America, you'd be arrested and then your photo would be on the internet and you would be listed as a sex offender. Pornography is in the daily newspaper in Germany and is seen regularly on cable television at all hours of the day and night. In America, the newspaper or television station would get sued or you'd here complaints all week long about it from some fascist Christian group. But in Germany, they have far less problems with sex offenders since the children are exposed to porn at a young age which thus doesn't make nudity or sex a big deal like it is here.

The more mystery you create in something such as sex, the more it causes people to become curious and more willing to be sexual, whether this just involves consensual sex or rape. Why hide it until that talk with Dad and make it into something bad and make it into a big deal? All these people here in this country promoting abstinence are fools because they know damn well people are still going to have sex, so why no provide them with sex education? Soft drug possession is tolerated in Germany and also not turned into a big deal like it is here, because the drug war here leads to violence and gangs and once again puts a tremendous burden on an already overly burdened justice and prison system. Our children our raised on paper thin ground as they are becoming more and more superficial and undeveloped and uneducated. Have you seen shows such as "Sweet Sixteen" where these 16 year olds are spoiled by their parents as they are given not just one, but two cars for their stupid birthday as if the $300,000+ their parents spend on the party itself isn't enough. These parents should be arrested for child neglect (abuse) because they are neglecting to raise their child properly. The children have no substance to them, yet they think they have it all. And this trend is happening more and more in America and the media is largely responsible for this.

For a country who claims to be free, why does it only give its citizens two options when it comes time to vote? Most countries in Europe have 8-10 different political parties to choose from, and thus, there choices are so narrow and limited, but in contrary, much more open and free.

Much of this freedom in Germany doesn't just reside in the fact that it has far fewer laws and the laws it does have are far less strict, but its social freedom far exceeds America's. For example, when you go into a restaurant in Germany, you can sit wherever you want. You don't have to deal with some dinky hostess who will walk you around the restaurant all day long until she finally acquiesces to your demand to be seated where you want. In Germany, you can practically sit in a restaurant all day and the waiter will only bring the bill when you ask for it. In America, you are rushed out and the bill is brought to you before you even get done eating sometimes. Just in general, the whole dining process in America is just way too formalized and rigid, making it less free. A waiter in America comes up sometimes before you even sit down to either tell you he will be with you in a second (who cares!!!) or sometimes he might even ask what you want to drink before you even get a chance to open up the menu. Then he comes back with the drinks and assumes that you should be ready to order already. Sometimes he'll read the specials on the first page of the menu to insult your ability to read. Why would he read something to me in the first place and why should I sit there and listen to him read something to me that I might not even have any interest in or like? After ordering, the food comes out, and 1 minute later, the waiter is back again asking if everything is okay. He might do this several times throughout the meal. If it wasn't okay, I would tell him, and I wouldn't be eating it. Why does he have to come around and interrupt my conversation to ask me such a rhetorical question? Then after eating, he tries to sell you dessert or whatever. If I wanted dessert, I would tell him. Why does he ask such a stupid question? If you don't want dessert, you can expect your bill to come the next minute. Such a dining experience is more like a business transaction. You are in and out and you can't converse with your family or whoever because the waiter wishes to interrupt every moment he can get. Soon enough, the bill is already on the table and paid and you wonder what the hell just happened. In Germany, you control the waiter and you order when you want and you get the bill when you want and you can stay as long as you want. It's WAY more relaxed. This is social freedom and this exists in all facets of German society, not just in a restaurant.

Now, I used Germany as an example because it is one of the superpowers of the world with a leading economy with a leading social well being. Germans understand what life is because they have more everyday freedom, money isn't the most important thing to them, and they have an open mind and they just know how to take things easy. Now, I hope you aren't one of those super naïve Americans whose only comeback to what I have said is something along the lines of World War II and the Nazis. This of course did happen 60 years ago in Germany but it also ended 60 years ago. It is a part of Germany's history, but it is no longer a part of Germany. There are many more neo-Nazis in America and there are very strict laws in Germany that keep this terrible era out of the public view. You can't display the swastika anywhere. You can't buy Mein Kampf. You can't deny the Holocaust existed. You can't do a Heil Hitler salute. All these are arrestable offenses. I just want to make this clear, because Americans always like to use this comeback when they can't think of anything intelligent to say. It only proves to me how little they know.

So, considering how we are less free than many other developed nations and considering how we have tremendous problems with all facets of our society, what success are you talking about? Please don't tell me to go to Europe to free up space here in America. I was born in America and I am an American and this is my country and it takes people like me to bring out the FAILURES of America. If anything, I wish people like you who have no business voting would move away from America because you are destroying this country, and I am here to protect it. I hate when people tell me to move if I don't like it. As I said before, I am an American and if I were to move from my country, I would only be allowing people to destroy it further. Does this make any sense? NO!!! Much of this knowledge is acquired while traveling, and since only 8 million our of 300,000 million Americans have passports (this is pathetic), I can see how they might not have this knowledge. American propaganda is in the media and in our schools and is one reason why people are uneducated and naïve to the world around them. I remember one song from school that they always made us sing that goes something like this..."I'm proud to be an American, because at least I know I'm free (false). I won't, forget, the men who died, who gave that right to me cause I'll gladly stand up, next to you, and defend her still today (I won't, because I would be fighting as a puppet for a government run by banks and corporations), because there ain't no doubt I love this land, God bless the U.S.A." Well, the song does make one good point. Yes, God, please bless the U.S.A., for we need all the help we can get.


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