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Reader comment on item: The End of American Jewry's Golden Era

Submitted by bob buck (United States), May 3, 2004 at 09:33


enjoy your web site very much. i do have 2 questions not related to this article posed by someone to whom i forwarded an article written by lev navrozov for the washington times. i am not a writer and this question and your comments are not intended for publication on the web site. i'd like to know if this article is accurate.

if it is, then it certainly appears that the solution to the problem is not ostensibly what's being addressed as one by any government, unless i'm missing something(which is possible)?

and #2, if this is accurate and the suicide bombers achieve martyrdom and the benefits thereof as described in the article, e.g. specifically the 'eternal virgin'. how does the koran, the iman/mullah address this situation with regards to women. is their intended benefit the same, a 'reverse' eternal male virgin. can the crux of the problem be fundamentally as simple as described in the last couple of paragraphs of the article and these folks are being used by the powers that be as well as their religious institutions....

the article is below.

in August 2001, shortly before 9/11, the well-known CBS documentary program "60 Minutes" interviewed an Islamic (Palestinian) terrorist about the motives of those who blow themselves up in order to kill infidels (Israelis in
the present case).

What prompted Islamic suicidal terrorists to sacrifice their lives? The great future of Palestine? How unlikely! "Palestine" is not even an Arab word. The word is Latin and was given by the Roman Empire to their Jewish colony when no one had heard of Arabs there, and Islam originated many centuries later. Is the motive the destruction of Israel? How can the destruction of Israel be worth the destruction of the ONE AND ONLY LIFE a Moslem (a human being) has?

However, the great future of Palestine and/or destruction of Israel are at least historically imaginable.
But what was the motivation of 19 Moslems, including 15 Saudis, in the killing of about 3,000
Americans? The great future of Saudi Arabia cannot be thus created in North America, and the destruction of the United States does not come
closer as a result of decrease of its population in 2001 by one-thousandth of one percent.
The Western officials, including the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, dealing with Islamic suicidal
terrorism, refuse to understand even its motivation. They have assumed that it is political — like meetings or demonstrations in the West.
They have also regarded suicidal terrorists as tools of an organization, such as "the Islamic organization Hamas, which has claimed
responsibility for dozens of suicide bombings
against Israel," as a report of Aug. 23, 2001, put
it, describing the "60 Minutes" interview.

The phrase "has claimed responsibility" is
noteworthy. A suicidal terrorist carries out a
terrorist act in which he sacrifices his ONE AND
ONLY LIFE. Hamas "claims responsibility," that is,
brags of it. Accordingly, Sharon bombs Hamas in
2004 and kills its two top officials. Well, next time
Hamas officials will not brag, or, if they do, they
will hide like Osama bin Laden.

Similarly, the United States got rid of the Taliban,
"captured" the living corpse of Saddam Hussein,
and is trying to capture or kill Osama bin Laden,
who "claimed responsibility" for the death of about
3,000 Americans on 9/11/01 and has also been
bragging that he will kill all Jews and Crusaders
(Christians). If all Westerners are killed (by
Chinese molecular nano weapons), Osama will
"claim responsibility" for their deaths.

Actually, a suicidal terrorist (to say nothing of 19
suicidal terrorists) may plan and carry out a
suicidal terrorist act without any Hamas or
al-Qaeda, claiming responsibility. HE will be wholly
responsible for his terrorist suicide. Period.

An organization, be it a criminal mafia or a
democratic government, can control a person in
two ways: rewards and penalties. A suicidal
terrorist is impervious to either way. He is to die
at his own will. Hence he may seize Osama by the
scruff of his neck, and despite the boastful
coward's piteous pleas for mercy, smash him
against the wall.

Members of organizations like Hamas or al-Qaeda
may run into millions and be absolutely harmless.
One suicidal terrorist is a mortal danger on his
fearless own and without any organization.

Instead of making an expected political speech,
denouncing Israel, the terrorist explained on "60
Minutes" in 2001 that the Islamic suicidal terrorists
are motivated by their wish to go to the Islamic
paradise, where each of them would deflower 70
houris — beautiful virgins whose virginity is
renewable, that is, while a former suicidal terrorist
deflowers, say, the seventh houri, the first
becomes a virgin again, and thus the deflowering
may go on eternally, since the former terrorist's
ability to deflower a virgin will be as renewable as
her virginity.

Those who have read "The Arabian Nights" will
recall that its main protagonist was rich and
powerful enough to have a new wife (a virgin, of
course) every night, and the paradise rationalizes,
sublimates, and ennobles this historical aspect of
Islamic life "at the top"— harems.

The "60 Minutes" interview produced a storm of
indignation among some American Moslems. Dr.
Maher Hathout, an American Moslem specialist in
Islam, declared that "there is nothing in the Koran
or in any Islamic teachings about 70 virgins or sex
in paradise. This is ridiculous."

Many Western Moslem specialists in Islam have
assumed that anything in the Koran differing from
the Bible or from the United Nations Charter would
"defame" Moslems since it would suggest that they
are different from Judeo-Christian and
agnostic-atheistic Westerners. After the suicidal
terrorist act of 9/11/01, American Moslem
specialists in Islam kept saying in the U.S. media
that the word "Islam" means not "submission," as
the Arabic-English dictionaries indicate, but
"peace," as in the relevant Geneva conventions of
the past 150 years.

Ignorant as the West has been re the Islamic
world, the Western Moslem specialists in Islam
have constituted a solid wall, preserving that

Fortunately, there are copies of the Koran in
English in the branch libraries of the New York
Public Library, and so there is no need to believe
the Western Moslem specialists in Islam that
houris, deflowered by male paradise-dwellers, is a
"60 Minutes" invention, intended to defame

The word "houri," which my Webster's defines as
"one of the voluptuously beautiful virgins that in
Muslim belief lives with the blessed in paradise,"
came into English from Arabic in 1737. The word
exists in all languages. Is this an international
conspiracy of many centuries to defame

The Judeo-Christian paradise is spiritual (recall
Dante), fleshless, and certainly asexual. On the
contrary, Adam and Eve were banished from it;
you know what for. Voluntary celibacy was
widespread even in earthly Christian life — the
celibacy of monks, nuns, and Roman Catholic
priests. The Islamic paradise offers in
mind-boggling abundance what the poor do not
have in their earthly life:

Wealth, such as precious stones and other items
of luxury,

Water in springs, fountains, and swimming pools
(there was a dearth of water in Arabia).

Wine in "rivers of wine," "delicious to those who
drink it." Yet "it will neither dull their senses nor
befuddle them" (Koran 37:40-48).

Fruits. This is another
dream-in-an-Arabian-desert of the Islamic poor in
their earthly life.

The deflowering of houris, beautiful virgins. This
is in response to the kind of poverty — mass
sexual starvation — that does not exist in
Christendom with its monogamy: one husband –
one wife. The Islamic rich can have up to four
wives. Hence the poor often have none. Imagine
the resulting male sexual starvation and the
maniacal vision of the deflowering of houris — a
kind of eternal bridal night.

Let us now take a sample year, say, 1997, and
see that 3,559 American males from 15 to 24
years old and only 627 American females of the
same age committed suicide in that year. This
does not mean that American males from 15 to 24
years old are worse off than Americans females of
the same age. This means that suicide is genetic.
Women are, genetically, more attached to the
family, children, procreation, and human life.

In the Islamic world, whose statistics I will not
quote because I do not trust it, the proportion of
males wishing to commit suicide can well be
expected to be much greater than in the United
States since the males unable to marry because
the rich have up to four wives are less attached to
life than married men.

But a genetically suicidal Islamic male can enact
his suicide as martyrdom for Islam and thus
ascend to the Paradise of super-earthly wealth
and other super-earthly splendors, and first and
foremost, of beautiful virgins to be deflowered in
an eternal bridal night.

Those of us who have encountered a virgin in their sexual biography know that the encounter may be psychologically moving, but sensually it is next to nothing for a man and an acute pain for a woman. But owing to the inability of the Islamic
poor to have a wife, the sexually starving section of the Moslem population have sexual-hunger
visions close to maniacal mental states.

In Christendom, universal school education undermined the universal belief (of Dante, for example) in the physical or material existence of
Paradise. An Islamic terrorist explained to "60 Minutes" in 2001 that Islamic suicidal terrorists
are motivated by the Paradise of super-earthly splendors they were deprived of in their earthly
life, and, above all, of those super-earthly beauties, "top-breasted," "black-eyed," and virginal
again and again in the eternal bridal night.

For information about the Center for the Survival of Western Democracy, Inc., including how you can help, please e-mail me at

your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

thanks and regards,

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