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Don't fall victim to anti-İslamic propoganda

Reader comment on item: The Enemy Has a Name
in response to reader comment: We have sufferred just as badly as " The other 2 Abrahamic Faiths"

Submitted by Khaled Al-Mutairy (Turkey), Jun 30, 2008 at 06:19

I just hate it when the so call moderates and "secular"? muslims ( like you are trying to project yourself to be) use phrases like " Misinterpreted Quran" "Distorted history" "Hateful tirade of Islamophobics" etc.. Are you so blind to historical facts /

İnteresting that this should come from someone in İndia –which claims to be a secular and ‘world's largest democracy'

İ am glad you joined the Daniel Pipes band-wagon. For the record, we here in the Gulf have MİLLİONS of your indian labourers who work hard and don't seem to share the same preposterous views that you do. İf you are any less educated than they are, then you shouldn't even be on the internet. İ mean, honestly...

ISLAM IS ALL ABOUT PEACE AND ITS ONLY THE HANDFUL OF MISGUIDED INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE RESORTING TO VOILENCE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION" (please note that the apologists and taquiyyah practicing muslims just love the word misguided ).

İ think you do not really know about the concept of Taquiyyah. You speak with authority but you are mistake (again and again). Such is the truth however –İslam is a religion of peace and too much credence is given to the fundamentalists who are not representative of İslam. Need İ discuss hindu extemism? Look no further than the Tamil rebels who are devastating Sri Lanka –once a paradise! Many elements in İndia are supporting them.

Mr Khaled, its not only the other 2 abrahamic faiths who have suffered the wrath of Islamist Agenda but remember the fate of Hindus and Buddhists in India too.. We had suffered for 750 years from the islamic raiders who looted our heritage and plundered & destroyed our temples and still continue to suffer the consequences of a "few misguided individuals " who regularly plant bombs on our metro rail and religious places..

Actually, while indians love to portray their country as some vast, safe, wealthy paradise ---there are in fact HUNDREDS of seperatist rebel groups in your impoverished country. İ believe that most of the terrorist attacks in india are carried out by Maoist rebels, and Sikh seperatists. Please don't make me lecture you on your own country. (İsn't your President Abul Kalaam a Muslim?). Don't use İslam as a scapegoat for the miseries of india --(largest # of AİDS-infected people, 700 million people living under $1/day, terrorism etc.).

Most of the sectarian violence took place during partition when Pakistan would finally become an independent country (still bitter about that, aren't you?). india has some serious problems, and İslamist terrorism is definately not one of them. Maybe if your indian workers would stop flooding the streets of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, bringing drugs and prostitution to our country --and instead fixed their own country --things would be better for you.

These handful of misguided individuals are mysteriously present in every major conflict in the world , how is it Mr Khaled?

İ beg to differ. Please elaborate.

Muslims Vs Jews ( Middle east )

İt is not a conflict over religion. İt is a conflict over land (israel).

Muslims Vs the Christians ( European Conflicts )

There are no conflicts. But Muslims are a huge minority in much of the EU and there happens to be occasional mutually-shared miscomprehension with which they view one another. Hopefully things change for the better.

Muslims Vs the Hindus ( India )

You are the first indian i have ever ‘encountered' who is not proud of india's attempt towards secularism. As for Kashmir –many believe it belongs to Pakistan since it is predominantly Muslim territory, and there are many movements in india for independence from indian occupation. This has nothing to do with İslam.

Muslims Vs the buddhists ( Indonesia, Thailand etc)

Once again –not a religious conflict. İndonesia is majority Muslim while Thailand is not –so these examples are flawed completely.

Muslims Vs Muslims ( The Shias Vs Sunnis, The shias & Sunnis Vs the ahhamedi's, etc)

Yes Shiia-Sunni conflict is not very widespread except in İraq, and occasionally in Lebanon and Pakistan. Very sad and unfortunate indeed. İt is over-hyped a bit by the media –but such conflicts have taken place. İn the end –the Sunnis and the Shiites are brothers till eternity. Once again –it is the fundamentalists who try to incite this sectarian hatred. İt truly disgusts me.

No, my dear Khaled, your enemy is not ignorant.... thanks to the net and the media we can see & hear about the agenda of the mullahs who preach to massses on Fridays

First of all –İ do not know who you are so İ am not your ‘'dear."

Second of all –

Friday prayers are compulsory (depending on how religious the follower is). The İmams only recite verses of the Quran during Friday prayer –not agendas. İn some cases, they use the Mosque loud speakers to politisize –and that is wrong (unless there is a war). İn the case of war when the country is being invaded, resistance is justified in my opinion. But this only seems natural. İf someone invaded my country –İ would definately resist!

theres is no misinterpretation there , no misquotes, just the naked truth !!!!

İ have no idea what you are even referring to man. Please be specific, or don't waste my time. And try to bring some substance to your posts (for a change).

I have a suggestion for you instead of preaching to us about how peaceful ISLAM is , go to the JEHADIS and preach them same..

İnteresting you should say that. When İ have free time off my work, İ intend to travel to London where İ am a board member of the Hoover İnstitute. İ hope to make a documentary about Moderate Muslim Voices.

İ suggest for you instead of preaching hatred and intolerance, you do more to promote peace in the world. What you and the viewers of this website are doing is rhetoric that will further divide the world –and further make it more intolerant and dangerous.

Instead of asking us not to belive in Misinterpretation of Quran, ask the rabid mullahs who indoctrine young arabs and muslims around the world to tie a bomb on thier belts and blow themselves up not to quote / misquote passages of the quran while sending them on such missions..

Such indoctrination is immoral and un-justified. But ask yourself in what cases do young un-educated men blow themselves up? İn Palestine, why do they do it? İn İraq why do they do it? İn Chechnya? Kashmir? These are all battlegrounds mind you. And these men are hopeless, brainwashed and coming from poor families. They believe what they are doing is right –but any Muslim who is educated and knows the true İSLAM –they know it is wrong behaviour.

İ don't justify any attacks on anybody. But just put yourself in these young misguided souls and ask yourselves WHY they do these things. At the same time, ask yourself why America invaded İraq based on lies, and why israel continues to illegally occupy Palestine (the settlements, use of cluster bombs, and collective punishment are illegal under UN resolutions). Why does the indian army have a very poor human rights record in Kashmir (many Muslim women have been raped and tortured by the indian army).

I would have accepted the sincerity of your posts if you would have admitted youself that the apples ( followers of Islam ) are rotten from within.. Instead of admitting that the apple is rotten , you are advocating how bad the pesticide is!

You want me to admit that İslam is a flawed and violent ideology –and that İ cannot (and will not) do –just to please you ... İ am free to think for myself. You on the other hand, are victim to brainwashing, racism and lies.

When you bring up ‘pesticide' to what are you referring to??

What İ gather so far is that you and the members of Daniel Pipes website see İslam as a religion that is violent, intolerant and a danger to the world. İ on the other hand beg to differ. İ try being reasonable and challenge you and others to prove me wrong. Every time, you fail.

Before blindly accepting what the TV, radio or newspaper is reporting, one should think critically about what is being reported. Is this being reported accurately, or is it being exaggerated or even completely fabricated? Who are these people reporting the news, and do they have vested interests to report the story in a certain way, or are they completely objective and fair? Critical thinking is very important in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to accepting the media reports about important and controversial issues.

Islam is in fact a religion (followed by 1.3 billion strong and growing) that promotes peace and understanding among people of all faiths, and it strongly prohibits all forms of violence and aggression against all people regardless of their faith or race.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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