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To all- I said... GET OVER IT !

Reader comment on item: Too Many Mosques?

Submitted by Truth-Teller (United Kingdom), Oct 1, 2007 at 22:38

There's something many of you are missing... the estimates are based on YOUR OWN figures, ask Daniel Pipes, better still ask Mark Steyn.

SS - You actually believe in liberating the people of the world. Well golly! Last time I checked it was your people who "liberated" North America from the erm... oppression the Native Americans were putting themselves under... oh hold on ... that doesnt work does it. Darn!

Well maybe the way that your people liberated the Vietnamese.... oh oopsie. That doesn't work either does it?

In fact, truth be told for a change, the CIA, British Intelligence service terrorists and the black ops that the West has perpetrated (whether that is under the guise of Britain or the US) has created more oppressive regimes and military dictatorships then ever known before on the planet. The blood is on your hands my boy. Do the body count... Central Americas, South America, Israel, the wider Middle East region, the Philipines, Vietnam, Korea... the list goes on and on. And where has it got you. There is a fantastic WHITE western journo from Australia known as John Pilger to has been documenting these atrocities for years. Google Video him. He's no sand monkey, so you might take his AWARD WINNING journalism seriously.

You see, you are suffering from short termism... populations grow, they resent your imperialist and genocidal oppression, they hate you and then what... you claim you won the ideological battle! Someone needs a couple of vicadin and a lie down... lol… "…relax tell me about your mother…."

So in the face of all the irrefutable evidence, provided by your own people, your answer is a maniacal rant.. ".. yeah…we will kill you all..." I love it. The truth really is a red rag to a bull isn't it!!!! Look, whether you like it or not, you cannot out-populate Iraq, all you can do is set it back a few years economically... I mean it is not as if they are not going to be able to re-establish their state is it now. Wait until Iran set up the Oil Bourse and the Saudi's (who own most of your economy) start selling of their $$$s like they are going out of fashion (which they are of course). Watch everything fall down around your ears. Petrodollars??? Lol… House prices, inflation, here cometh the 1920s... trust me the world is glued to their televisions awaiting the collapse of the Truman Show that is the American economy…. It will be Katrina multiplied by silly.

If there is one thing Muslims have over the West is that they are a patient people. They are a non-violent people... well as long as a non-violent people can be non-violent until someone comes knocking on your door to kick 7 shades of ... out of you :) Is it never ok to fight back? Either way, Muslims are a patient people, and time will be the great leveller because God has predetermined all of this. All you have done in Iraq is galvanise the Muslim world and their opinion and to bring us friends from all corners of the world. Kill who you want. People can be replaced.

And to your threat of genocide... well then there is no doubt who acts as the right hand of Satan. Killing of innocents.... invasions, spreading war, death and destruction... can you not see, are you really that blind? I cannot believe that you have an education and can think for yourself... more likely you DO know but your hatred, racism and Xenophobia gets the better of you. Don't you get it... you ARE the wrong side, you always have been, the values of moral decrepitude you stand for are the Satanic values... READ your Bible if you are unsure... the cowboys were the BAD guys, not the Indians. Just ask Chavez and Ahmedinejad. Better still, just ask the world.

So who else.... oh yes...

Donaldo - You are misinformed but reality doesn't care whether you accept it either. You are welcome to your own bubble. Muslims are at 2bn and growing. It is without doubt, the world's fastest growing religion. Singularly, the world's largest PRACTICED religion. It is the fastest growing religion in terms of conversions (or reversions) from WHITE AMERICAN women aged 14 - 45.

Stay in the 3rd world... no my amigo.. i am right here. 400,000 Muslims in Texas, how many in other states... ask yourself... be paranoid, be very paranoid... lol... or just chill the f*ck out and accept it. How about that eh? All Hallows Eve in a so-called Christian land... maybe you should look in the mirror...try googling "occult" for Hors D'oeuvres.

Shayna - Ashkenazim Khazar Eastern European ... do you know the meaning of those words.. please enlighten me. In fact enlighten us all. It is a fact that almost no Jewry currently resident in Israel has their roots there. Virtually none of you are Sephardi. You have about as much right to live in Israel as you do to live in Ireland... after all Oliver Cromwell the Great Lord Protector invaded Ireland and committed ethnic cleansing of Catholics to hand over property and land to Jews well before the Zionist agenda was kicked into gear in the 19th Century. Do your homework girl!

I don't hate freedom .. I LOVE IT. I love the freedom to pursue happiness, to live and breath clean air. Its nice to be able to sleep in a bed without fear of foreign invasion, without carpet bombs falling from the sky and killing small children in their beds, without fear of towns like Fallujah being razed to the ground where biological and chemical weapons are used indiscriminately. Want to see a picture of dead kids "asleep" in the street with five year olds curled up in the foetal position with their skin burnt off by US chemical weaponry? No, i didn't think so. Please ask... please... I dare you. I don't think you could handle it.

I love freedom. Freedom to practice my own religion without fear of persecution. Wasn't it the European Jews who invaded the Holy Muslim lands, PRE DATING the world wars, who then oppressed, killed and exiled peoples from their lands?

The Torah forbids ending the exile of the Jews and the establishment of a state and army until the Holy One (blessed He, in His Glory and Essence) redeems the Jews. This is forbidden even if the state is conducted according to the law of the Torah because arising from the exile itself is forbidden; Jews are required to remain under the rule of the nations of the world, as is explained in the book VAYOEL MOSHE. It is exactly because of the oppression of the Hebrews that Jews are clearly COMMANDED that they are not to oppress anyone else. When the people you oppress fight back, how is this terrorism?

Like I said, do your homework girl!

So, who's next....

Pepe - You say Truth Teller (ie. me) "obviously lives in the ideological nuthouse built by warped, frustrated, ignorant, inferior, hate-filled islamic lunatic mullahs, muftis, and ayatollahs, who, no doubt, will inevitably be dispatched forthwith"

Its all the Emporer's New Clothes... be honest.. .we all know. The picture you are painting is not the picture that Muslims know, especially those in the West, and it is CLEARLY not the picture of people who interact with Muslims each day. Herein lies your paradox, the more you peddle these myths, the more .. when people realise they are BOGUS and NOT TRUE.. the more the people move towards Islam, whether that is by befriending, tolerating or best of all, BECOMING MUSLIM.

Remember, post-911 conversions to Islam have reached record levels... that's conversions, not births (although Muslim's do have the highest birth rates too... but i wont hit you with that club just yet... i can see you are in pain)

A challenge for you: go to your local mosque and ask anyone inside if they feel "islamic intolerance, oppression, brutality, and psychopathology " .. offer them the chance to 'break free'... just like Kevin Bacon in Footloose... you can go jiving down the street together... go find out.. I DARE YOU... no in fact, let me use more universally understood advocacy... I DOUBLE DARE YOU.

Itsik - Shame on you… were you sick the day they taught World History in school? The invading marauders from Europe did their best to genocide the tribes of Central and Southern America. Funny that for the previous 500 years, Muslims had been traveling from Delba (Palos) in Muslim Spain to the Caribbean and Central and Southern America.. living alongside, trading and intermarrying. For the avoidance of doubt:

During the rule of the Spanish Muslim Caliph Abdullah Ibn Muhammad (888 - 912 CE), a Muslim navigator known as Khashkhash Ibn Saeed Ibn Aswad of Cordoba, sails from Delba (Palos) in Spain in 889 CE. He crosses the Atlantic reaching ‘Ard Majhoola' (the unknown territory) and returns with ‘fabulous treasures'. This is recorded in a book written by Al-Masudi (871 - 957 CE) called ‘Muruj Adh-dhahab wa Maadin al-Jawhar' (The Meadows of Gold and Quarries of Jewels).

A renowned American historian Leo Weiner from Harvard University wrote a book called ‘Africa and The Discovery of America' in 1920. He wrote that Columbus was well aware of the Mandinka presence in the New World and that the West African Muslims had spread throughout the Caribbean, Central, South and North American territories, including Canada, where they were trading and intermarrying with the Iroquois and Algonquin Indians.

Upto 20% or more of the slaves brought to the Americas from Islamic Western Africa were Muslim. It's the kind of thing that Speilberg conveniently forgot to mention in his white-wash Amistad, or that Bill O'Reilly forgets when he calls the US founded by Jews and Christians… yes on Muslim blood reddening the soil beneath their feet.

Islam started with Prophet Adam the first man (pbuh) and the first place of worship known to mankind… the Ka'aba. It includes all of the prophets and makes no distinction between them: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Soloman, Jesus and the seal of the prophets, Mohammed (pbut). In fact, Islam in its purest form is the globe's oldest religion; Judaism and Christianity are unfortunate off shoots. If you want to talk Vedas and Upanishads, be my guest.

Donvan – Simply put Islam is not doomed. It was here before you and me and it will be here after we are gone. It is growing and will not abate.. regardless of the Western wars waged on grounds of economy, proselytisation, military, ideology and capitalism.

Do you know who REALLY owns your economy? It is for this reason the dollar backing MUST revert to the GOLD standard because at the present your fate is in the hands of Saudis and Emirati princes. Capitalism… ever heard of a country running an overdraft? The Banking system is DESIGNED to increase debt to keep money circulating. If its not too much of an intellectual stretch do the research for yourself.

TO ALL… I said it before and ill say it again, get over it. The Muslims are coming whether you like it or not.


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