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President Trump - America's Watchman

Reader comment on item: A Reluctant but Unhesitating Vote for Donald Trump

Submitted by M Tovey (United States), Jun 6, 2020 at 20:00

The response to Dr. Pipes' observation here, that while he has had a multitude of misgivings about where the country, indeed, the world might be heading if President Trump were to be given any concessions about how America needs to find its direction on circumstances very few people, especially not any politicians, really understand. Among many of the responses found here, the continued vitriol about President Trump extends beyond the normal rational opinions one would hope to find in these extenuating situations of political hyperbole, points of views being expressed going well beyond civil discussions and taking on the perspective that if democracy is to survive, ultraconservative ideologies need to be exterminated and replaced with passive-aggressive recognition that America as a republican forum and expression of the freedom of the people is passé; modern political expression now being promoted as the way and means to move American society forward. In other words, democratization needs to replace the republican form of government.
If this were really true, it would mean that the perceptions of President Trump taking on some form of monopolistic control of the government (like someone said elsewhere, something Putinesque), might have some validity. But this is merely one expression of a political firestorm that has plagued the American electorate since candidate Donald Trump announced he would run. Who knew that would be the undoing of politics as usual in America for the foreseeable future? Certainly, the previous administration was caught unawares; they have yet to concede their best laid plans are unraveling as the next election is being targeted again.

That the Trump presidency is considered still as an enigma by some that have understood President Trump is not here really to extend his presidency for political purposes, but for reasons that are as elusive as understanding a bull market in the troubling times of COVID-19 and issues of lawlessness, reasons that are barnstorming America in ways never seen before. What is being witnessed is that the circumstances of where America is now headed cannot be explained by typical reasoning, neither in secular humanistic rationale, nor in religious terms, as some might try to do. Seriously, if social establishments like restaurants and bars are given consideration for opening in pandemically challenged times, why not churches, which serve in their own appreciation for good times. President Trump knows that, as well as millions that were sidelined by arbitrary edicts against religious gatherings by secularist governmental operatives. Let them open, he declares.
Therein lays a distinction not easily discerned; whom does President Trump serve? Strangely, there is an answer, but not one that many, if any, not even religious observers dare posit. What if the American paradigm is now, tragically, not going to return to where is once was, even as pundits point to a fantastically positive economic comeback that is hoped for to be the determinant for November. If the unrest that seems to have been caused and exacerbated under the fears of the COVID-19 panic into a rebellious lack of recognition of the safe distancing proscribed by the medical institutions, no matter the tragedy of improper police tactics, continues, where does American society now turn? Politically charged government seems incapable of make the transition back, which as it appears, is cause for wishful thinking for some opportunistic entities and individuals to desire the direction much of the lawlessness is taking.

We mentioned religious overtones earlier; it is here that such thinking may take a clue; such lawlessness indicated above actually has a Scriptural basis and therein is a basis of where things are going. Societies have been warned about collapse if basic spiritual observations, like Biblical warnings are ignored. Biblical Ezekiel is all about that. It has happened in ancient times and in more recent tragedies as the world cannot seem to get clear of mass genocidal tendencies of imperialistic and totalitarian governments.

Be clear, it is all about to take on new meanings if America does not get clear of the lawlessness that is about to overtake her. It is here that the religious influences of President Trump now take on new meaning: he is a watchman in the form of Ezekiel's warning in Chapters 1-4, and Chapter 33. Ezekiel continues in later chapters about the fall of nations, including under pandemics (38:22). If this seems hyper-religious, understand that protecting the believer is just as noticeable in these troubling times as other sectors of society. Standing in front of a burned-out church with a Bible is the witness of that.


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