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Why didn't you support Trump from day one?

Reader comment on item: A Reluctant but Unhesitating Vote for Donald Trump

Submitted by TL Winslow (United States), Jun 4, 2020 at 11:08

... I on the other hand knew the second Trump announced his candidacy that he would win, because he's a winner, and is always several moves ahead of his competition.

Case in point. You say you like his actions but not his word choices. I guess you never watched "Big Time Wrestling" on TV, where one wrestler plays the Heel, and the other plays the Face, only to switch roles a year later. This was seen in the film "Rocky III", where Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan) says "That's the name of the game". It's about salesmanship, i.e., selling tickets, which is what made American great. Trump's Big Time Wrestling speeches are designed to inflame leftist snowflakes who run the MSM, causing them to give him millions of free publicity. His competitors like Jeb Bush flushed big bucks down the toilet trying to buy the election, while Trump rarely wrote a check from petty cash. From day one he played them like a fiddle and watched them guarantee his election. You fell for it like they did, not separating his substance from his stage act. He would be worshiped as a god by P.T. Barnum, Prof. Marvel, Elmer Gantry, or any other American who has tried to harness the power of salesmanship, recognizing the power of the American people to get what they want, not what they want for them. The U.S. defeated the Soviet Union because of salesmanship. Ironically, Facebook and Twitter made it big with salesmanship then turned on America because they were letting leftists brainwash them. I predict they'll fall and America will prevail.

All along, Trump has taken his oath of office to the People seriously, and has done what he promised, namely, MAGA, making him maybe the greatest U.S. president of all time since Washington. It's his opposition that is always several moves behind in the big chess game, and is setting him up for reelection daily. If Trump would get reelected with a majority in both houses of Congress, he would pass a golden basket of legislation in his first 100 days that will take the leftists a century to reverse, if they can.

He talks like a non-PC throwback with a thousand "--ist" stamps? So what does Trump say that's so bad? Men hear it every day in locker rooms, where they are still free of the leftist PC police.. He's just saying what most people are afraid to say, and that makes them love him more because they prefer to live in a free country with no PC police to make them fear for their jobs for a verbal slipup. If a Democrat wins the White House, he/she will plunge the U.S. into a new Dark Ages, and the days of Trump will seem like Camelot. Not to mention that he/she will cut Israel loose, leading to Armageddon.

The biggest irony is that Trump took a big pay cut to work in the Oval Office, and if he leaves office he will go back to his swinging billionaire lifestyle where every leftist sucks up to him to get donations. Right now there is simply nobody else who can fill his shoes.

"You have been the greatest friend that Israel has ever had in the White House." - Bibi Netanyahu



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