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The coming world, with or without Trump or Hillary

Reader comment on item: Blowback from Criticizing Trump

Submitted by Michael S (United States), Aug 8, 2016 at 13:37

Hi, Daniel

I just read your July 25 addendum above,

"And speaking of distant possibilities, I take consolation in Mike Pence as the vice presidential candidate; for should Trump be elected, Pence would make it that much easier for the Congress to impeach Trump. This makes me slightly prefer Trump's election...
I hope that those of you on the other side of this tactical divide can accept this difference without accusations and without it harming our relations."

If our relations are ever harmed, I dare say that it will not come from me because of your 2016 Election stance. I am indebted to you, because your blog is the only place on the Internet where I have been free to express my views without being continually attacked by trolls and biased "moderation". You and I also share a deep commitment to Israel and the Zionist cause. As Ari Ben Canaan's Irgun uncle told him in the movie "Exodus",

"Your tactics are Hagganah, but your heart is Israel!"

I'm glad to see your sidewise endorsement of Donald Trump. It is true, that a VP Mike Pence provides a possible safety valve, should there be a need to impeach a President Trump. We have no such safety valve, in the case of Crooked Hillary taking the helm and giving us Four More Years of Obama-Clinton disaster. In fact, a President Hillary will likely stack the Supreme Court for the foreseeable future with legislating-from-the-bench liberals -- a very unsafe situation for the US, Israel and the world.

I could go off now, on a discussion of Trump's (1) proposed economic policy and his (2) proposed NATO policy. Both of these are areas about which you expressed concern. If it weren't for the clear and present danger to this country posed by Hillary Clinton, I would encourage such a discussion; but in my mind, such talk would seriously detract from the task at hand of stopping her.

A few quick notes, on how I see the world situation:

1. Turkey. Erdogan sees the coup crackdown as his "Attaturk moment", in his megalomaniacal dream of becoming the second "Suleiman the Magnificent". Recall that Suleiman was stopped from capturing Vienna by the Polish cavalry -- which belies the fact that Suleiman was not as "magnificent" on the world stage, as he was in the more limited Middle Eastern context. The same applies to Erdogan. He will be a perfect fit for "Gog" in Ezekiel 39 in the Bible, once he brings the Iranians into his camp -- an event that could happen suddenly, and sooner than any analyst thinks. When that happens, he will certainly attack Israel; but he will lose.

2. China. I am personally more concerned with China, I believe, than you are; because I have family there. There are certainly economic problems there, which have already impacted my kin. What concerns me more, is the political climate: President Xi is going on an "anti-corruption" campaign that is mildly reminiscent of Erdogan's actions in Turkey;


The very notion of an "anti-corruption" Communist Chinese President is an oxymoron. More ominous, is what Xi himself calls this campaign: a "party discipline" campaign. Part of that "party discipline" involves the worst crackdown on Christians since the Red Guard days.

China is also in danger of going to war with the US over its overseas claims in the South China Sea. With Hillary Clinton (Obama III) in the White House, such a war is likely. US boots, of course, will not touch the ground (we may be barefoot by then).

3. Japan and Europe. I lump these two together, because both are approaching historical watersheds: Emperor Akihito's putative retirement in Japan, and Brexit in Europe. Both powers also are considering mega-trade deals with the US: TPP for Japan, and TTIP for the EU. Those two deals could create an imperial "Beast", controlling 61% of the world's GDP. This is a MAJOR objective of Emperor Obama; and I dare say that Slippery Hillary is also a closet advocate (as she was openly, before Bernie Sanders appeared). The dystopic ramifications of such a powerful entity, controlled by a handful of globalists, cannot be overstated.

4. Armageddon. I read that the Islamists are trying to force a "Battle of Armageddon", in which the US and other Western powers are destroyed. Indeed, the Bible prophesies such an event, which will also destroy Islam and the rest of the known world order (Zechariah 14). I see Armageddon approaching, but consider it a futile effort to try to stop it. We are talking about a battle here, between Michael the Archangel and the many-headed Dark Side of the Force. I am somewhat assured by the Bible that I will rise from the dead then in some new sort of sexless, immortal body. I don't know what to make of it all.

5. Russia, India, Brazil, etc. No predictions. I don't consider them terribly important.

6. The 2016 US Presidential Elections: I tend to believe that Trump will win. He certainly has the momentum against Hillary, despite her post-Convention blip. Nearly everyone has forgotten by now, who the Khan family even are, and I expect the campaign to get back on track to a discussion of economics and integrity (both awful for Hillary, sans smoke and mirrors). Hillary may win. Either way, I see the US ultimately being the head of a globalist nightmare power, the likes of which the world has never seen. This will ultimately be very bad for Israel as we know her.

I know how the story ends: "God wins". Therefore, I do not consider myself a pessimist.

God bless and keep you and yours.

Shalom shalom :-)


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