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The state of the States -- and the rest of the world.

Reader comment on item: Another Voice Predicting Islamism's Doom
in response to reader comment: The Brexit monkeywrench and the Globalist machine

Submitted by Michael S (United States), Jul 7, 2016 at 13:17

Thanks for the response, Daniel.

It's difficult to separate Middle East commentary from Big Power politics; because every major power seems vitally interested in the area -- from Japan's massive dependence on ME oil, to China's "Maritime Silk Road", to India's deep involvement in the Arabian Peninsula, to direct Russian, European and American military involvement in places like Syria. While you are observing the developments in Europe and the UK, let me just voice some of my concerns:

1. China. Most of my family lives there, so I am deeply concerned. Under President Xi, China is undergoing a MASSIVE political upheaval:

"More rising political stars have fallen off the ladder to top Communist Party jobs [in the past 3½ years]... than in the previous 91 years of party history."

-- http://www.scmp.com/frontpage/international

Xi is engaged in a widespread "anti-corruption" campaign. Since everyone in China is corrupt, including Xi himself, this can be interpreted as a massive purge of political enemies. The Chinese leader has been getting paranoid of suspected enemies, both at home and abroad; and this is not good for the world at large. He has especially targeted the Christian churches in China, tightened Party grip on the Internet, and squelched democracy movements in Hong Kong and elsewhere. He is risking war with the US, Japan and nearly all his neighbors, with his assertive expansionism into sovereign waters, and he continues to claim Taiwan as one of his provinces -- threatening armed invasion to obtain it. China may not be in Israel's immediate neighborhood; but with 20% of the earth's population, it cannot be ignored. Oh, and by the way, China's economy has gone sour. This is not good, considering the above.

2. Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. All three are "Western" powers in the Orient, having values and political practices that resemble those in Europe and the US. All three are also capable of developing nuclear weapons programs, any time they decide to do so; but all are afraid to do so. All three feel threatened by China and, in the case of Japan and S. Korea, by N. Korea. All three are militarizing, some with advanced indigenous military industries. All three, also, have defense agreements with the US, though none feels certain that the US will come to their aid in time of need. If China does decide to attack them, therefore, under the watch of President Obama or possibly President H. Clinton, there is a good chance that they will quickly capitulate as the Americans turn tail and run. This will not be good for Australia and the rest of the world, including Israel.

3. India. Having long been skittish of Big Power politics outside of South Asia, India under PM Modi has begun to flex its muscles. They are quickly developing towards a military base on a par with China's, complete with submarine-launced, nuclear-tipped ICBMs, two aircraft carriers and advanced joint military projects with Israel and Russia. They have been active in anti-piracy operations in the Middle East, where millions of Indians work overseas; and they have begun asserting themselves in Vietnam and the South China Sea. They are continually threatened by terrorists, and by the possibility of yet another war with Pakistan; and they have recently contended with China over their NW border region. They have also made incursions into Burma, purusing rebels in their eastern states. India is right next to the ME, just off the mouth of the Gulf of Oman; so, like China, it, too, should not be ignored.

3. Europe is going to Hell in a handbasket. What more needs to be said? I await your report, on how things are going there.

4. The US. I, and many of my friends, are eagerly waiting for December to arrive, and we at least do not have to put up with SPECULATION about the presidential election, and all its attendant BS. I don't know why we should have to put up with this stuff. There isn't a news network, including Fox, that even bothers to give accurate, honest news anymore; so outside of local news, weather and sports, the rest of the world may as well not exist -- especially Washington, DC, which seems to be located on another planet. Of course, I am hoping Donald Trump will get elected and wipe the walls with Establishment butt; but people like Daniel Pipes are trying to keep this from happening. Alas! Meanwhile, I get my US news from the Cambodia Times.


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