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God Said "Let there be light" and there was light Harrak

Reader comment on item: Sudden Jihad Syndrome (in North Carolina)
in response to reader comment: The USA made so called Iranian Opposition and the USA lost war- American Isolation in Display

Submitted by Mark Baratto (United States), Mar 17, 2006 at 22:14

""Taheri-azar is probably the son of one of the garbage Shah's regime elements that the USA counted on to form an Iranian opposition abroad.""

No, he is a Muslim terrorist. I attended college with Iranian Muslims who'd grown up under the Shah's regime. They were gentlemen, honest and respectful of other religions and cultures.

""I think the USA should realize now that the message they are sending out is full of unreasonable ideas. Be it the message on morality, democracy, human rights etc.. the truth is revealed now and more Michael Moores exist than ever thought of. ""

Unreasonable to whom? Reasonable to the majority of the world who wish to live in peace free of Jihadist backwardness and ignorance. Michael Moore has no influence on US policy – never did, never will.

""Funny how the USA has set up a budget of 70 Millions to overthrow the Iranian regime by what they call encouraging democracy! They must be stupid.""

Actually, you are stupid to believe it – can you not recognize a decoy? The US will overthrow the Iranian regime the good ol' American way - by force! Remember we have the power, we have the nukes (lots of ‘em) we have the might, we have the funds, we have the technology, we create the weapons, the science, the medicine, the education, the wealth. The Muslim world has only ignorance, depravity and despair. They must be very jealous.

""Iran gives to Hizbollah only CASH 500 Million dollars every year. That is without counting the arms and materials transfer that is gifted from the Iranian Military Industrial Complex. That is how stupid the American policy makers are. They want to throw a regime by paying electricity for Stupid Shahist Channels that show Cartoons about Iranian officials and Iranian play boys.""

$500 million is chump change. Oh and by the way, where do you think the $500 million came from? The Iranian steel industry? Or maybe it was the advanced Iranian high-fashion industry? Health care? Agriculture? Education? Science? Technology? Nope, I believe they got it from the infidel-devils in the West in exchange for some black gunk they had just laying around. And they couldn't even get that out of the ground without the West showing them how. Not one Iranian did a day's work for any of it.

BTW, the US just budgeted another $80 BILLION (that is 160 times $500 million) to continue kicking Islamofacist butt in Iraq. And there's plenty more where that came from (money AND butt kickin') to deal with the rest of Islamist butchers. These lowlifes need to learn some humility - I think we should give Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and whatever other 'istan' to the Jews!

""The idea here is to show a pattern where the USA has lost the media and intelligence war against its enemies. Especially under Bush, American foreign policy has one word to describe it: FAILURE"".

Sorry hakmam, but the real world doesn't buy your self-serving definition of foreign policy.

""The following are where they lost the war so far:""

A little dose of ‘where they lost the war' reality from the Infidels:

America booted the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan, killing most of the leadership in the process. The Taliban no longer controls Afghanistan politics, we do.

America caused Libya to give up its nuclear program after seeing what we had done to Saddam.

America killed Saddam's murderous sons, arrested and jailed Saddam, and took political control of Iraq

America has divided the other 2 Satans, Syria and Iran. They will soon wish they had never heard of George Bush.

America took control away from the UN cowards to do this - God Bless George Bush!

""1- Political Islam (Iran) ------which will nuclearize regardless of American barking. We have said that the Pitbull does not bark. US ambassador to Baghdad is asking the Cleric al Hakim to ask Iran to come over to talk about the situation in Iraq..what a victory!""

Iran will not be allowed to develop a nuclear bomb – count on it. Maybe you didn't hear Bush's declaration on pre-emption. I suggest you and anyone else thinking of hurting American citizens listen to it. Do you really believe we won't do it? Why are the Iranian Mullahs buying property in Dubai? When it happens, I think anyone in Iran not wearing SPF 5 million is gonna have a Real Bad Day!

""2- Militant Islam (Wahabists) -------these guys have bought 10% of America, they pay the US presidents 10 times more than the tax payers do to keep the status as is. Long live the King!
I heard in the news that Kharzei Hamid -US puppet- now has stretched his hand to Taliban for peace, so did his head of parliament Mujadidi. Taliban gave a straight answer to them by trying to kill Mujaddedi 2 days ago.""

If you believe the Wahabiist own 10% of the US and pay off our President, you've been smoking more than camel dung in your hookah.

""3- Moderate Orthopractic Islam: --------Those who are up to date with world evolution but still practice Islam by going to the mosques and do sermons and hadj etc..they have already learned that they are attacked in the Media and in the US public policy. They built a barrier agaist anything American -especially culturally speaking-. One does not eat from the hand of his enemy I can say.""

One does not eat from the hand of his enemy??? The Arab & Persian world has been eating from our hand for 100 years. They have no wealth of their own, they don't create, they don't educate, don't build. They contribute nothing to the world but violence, death and hate. As far as building a barrier against anything American, what are you conveying your words on right now? I don't remember any Islamist country involved in creating the internet...nope it was America. Are you a hypocrite? You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own facts.

""4- Moderate Orthodox Islam: ----------Those who believe and do not practice much as they have shaped a reason related form understanding their faith. Others in this segment are those who believe but have no time for practice..also those who believe but not believe in all. The USA has lost this portion of Muslims because being reason based, who for god sake have reason somewhere in his brain would not laugh or cry when saying Bush giving a speech! He is totally a joke to never forget..

It is also funny to hear Condolezza Rice saying that Iran is Isolated. I want to know how! Iran has embassies everywhere (But America and its husband Israel) Iranian officials travel every where no problem. But Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice are all NOT WELCOME. Show me one place they visited where there was no demonstrations!! Even in England British say go home to Bush and his Gang...I do not know who is isolated really..The USA led by these crazy Messianic mystics will lead the Americans to starvation.""

You may believe Iran is not isolated – in your world it may not be. But in the world that counts, Iran is a pariah. Iranian officials can travel without protest because they are insignificant to the real world, powerless and ignorant. What they do or don't do doesn't matter because they are impotent and easily controlled. America's great power, on the other hand, can only be controlled by God, not men. All great nations and men are loved and feared at the same time. It is fear that causes little men to reject America and the power it represents, just as it is fear that causes the Islamofacists to deny the futility of their struggle.

Starvation in America? We feed the world. If America starves, so does everyone else. Is that your goal, to starve Muslims? Oh wait, many of them already starve (unlike Americans), so in your mind it probably doesn't matter. After all, it is disproportionately Muslims that die at the hand of other Muslims in your backward Jihads. Did Allah command you to kill Muslims in the name of Allah?

It is not Bush who will lead America to starvation, it is the Christian God that will lead the entire world to peace. The end is already written (Revelations), and Christians win, hailing Jesus Christ as King.

May God have mercy on you.

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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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